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The 5 Best 'How Did This Get Made' Episodes of 2016

By Jodi Smith | Best Of Year | December 29, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Best Of Year | December 29, 2016 |

I have been listening to all of the 2016 episodes of How Did This Get Made to prepare for this list. I thought for sure that I would be able to choose the best five episodes. I mean, I’ve listened to all of them more than once and surely I already have the five best in mind.

I was so very wrong. Even the episodes where most of the discussion isn’t that great will have a point where June drops some knowledge to the delight of the audience, or Paul says something crazy, or Mantzoukas does what he does best. It makes it difficult to discount any of the episodes, so please know that I still recommend that you listen to every single episode of HDTGM. However, these are the five best from the last 12 months. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, as I’m not even sure I agree with me.

1. Bloodsport: Live with Nicole Byer

This is the episode that inspired me to call my monthly tango with Aunt Flo my Lady Bloodsport. It also includes a guy in the audience doing splits, an in-depth conversation about what parts of a man’s body hit the floor when doing said splits, and much ado about buns.

2. Mannequin Two: On the Move with Steve Agee

Let me just say that the entire conversation devolves into the discussion and Googling of Barbie and Ken genitalia or lack thereof, making the entire episode that much more insane and delightful.


3. Streets of Fire: Live with Jessica St. Clair and Rachel Bloom

St. Clair and Bloom vow to get Rick Moranis on their shows and talk about his dick and blow jobs. There’s a discussion of kiss rape, St. Clair’s aversion to Howard the Duck and the insanity of Michael Paré thinking Moranis was an ugly, little asshole.

4. Can’t Stop the Music: Live with Cameron Esposito and Pete Holmes

The absolute highlight of a veritable buffet of insanity comes when Esposito insists that the dick is the most useless thing for having sex. There is also some serious talk about why Bruce Jenner, now Caitlin Jenner, chose to do a movie starring The Village People.

Oh, there is also talk of baking a gay and milk making kids gay.

5. Hell Comes to Frogtown: Live with Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero

Mantzoukas was born to discuss a movie about a dude who has his junk marked as a government asset for its ability to knock up ladies in a dystopian future. Plus frog people. And fucking.