When You Are Alone, It Will Be There with You: Should You Watch "Broadchurch?"

By Cindy Davis | TV | June 12, 2013 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | TV | June 12, 2013 |

David Tennant ("Doctor Who, The Politician's Husband, Spies of Warsaw") as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy


Lead detective, brought in to head up the investigation immediately following a scandalous murder trial. Trying to hide a major health ailment and initially at odds with Ellie Miller (over whom he was chosen as lead). Tennant is scruffy and pained, panicked and perplexed, in other words, glorious to watch.

Olivia Coleman (Hot Fuzz, Hyde Park on Hudson, The Iron Lady) as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller

olivia coleman.jpg

Detective Miller has lived in Broadchurch her whole life, is married with two children and knows the victim's family; her son was best friends with Danny Latimer. Coleman is simply brilliant as this mother, detective and friend, caught in the middle of her two worlds and trying to separate her feelings as she wades through her fellow residents in search of a murderer.

Jodie Whittaker (Attack the Block, One Day, "Marchlands") as Beth Latimer

Jodie Whittaker.jpg

Danny and Chloe's mother, Mark's wife; she discovers her husband has a secret, and holds her own.

Andrew Buchan ("Garrow's Law, Cranford," Nowhere Boy) as Mark Latimer

Andrew Buchan.jpg

Danny and Chloe's father; he may have a problem with his alibi...and his wife's trust.

Matthew Gravelle ("The Bible, Baker Boys, Torchwood") as Joe Miller

Matthew Gravelle.jpg

Ellie's husband and stay-at-home father to Tom and Fred, concerned about--yet protective of--his son's strange behavior.

Adam Wilson ("Mr. Selfridge") as Tom Miller


Formerly Danny's best friend, and definitely hiding something.

Arthur Darvill ("Doctor Who, The White Queen, Little Dorrit") as Reverend Paul Coates

Arthur Darvill.jpg

Resident vicar and computer tutor to Danny and Tom, former alcoholic and considered a possible suspect by police.

David Bradley ("Game of Thrones, Prisoners Wives, Doctor Who," At World's End, Hot Fuzz, Harry Potter...) as Walder Frey Jack Marshall


Newspaper shop owner where Danny worked, Jack Marshall harbors the worst kind of secret.

Joe Sims ("Casualty, Red & White," The Color of Magic) as Nige Carter


Best friend of, and works with Mark Latimer. Has some sort of strange connection to Susan Wright.

Pauline Quirke ("Emmerdale, Missing, Skins, Cold Blood," David Copperfield, The Elephant Man) as Susan Wright

Pauline Quirke.jpg

Oddly behaved resident who may have seen something the night of Danny's murder, but remains quiet.

Will Mellor ("In with the Flynns, White Van Man," Hollyoaks) as Steve Connelley

Will Mellor.jpg

Handyman and telephone engineer who claims to have psychic abilities. Says victim Danny contacted and told him the boy was put in a boat.

Caroline Pickles ("Doctors, Land Girls," Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) as Maggie Radcliffe and Jonathan Bailey ("Groove High, Leonardo, Me and Mrs. Jones") as Olly Stevens


Town journalists; Oily Stevens is also Ellie's nephew and all around asshole who uses his aunt to get information and further his career.

Oskar McNamara (Anna Karenina) as Danny Latimer

Oskar McNamara.jpg

Also starring Vicky McClure, Tracey Childs, Susan Brown, Simon Rouse, Tanya Franks, Simone McAullay and Jacob Anderson, "Broadchurch" aired in the UK March through April and is available on Blu-ray; BBC America will run the series starting August 7, 2013.

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