What We Learned From This Week's Multi-Orgasmic 'Masters of Sex'
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What We Learned From This Week's Multi-Orgasmic 'Masters of Sex'

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | November 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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Freud Was the Worst — Thematically, last night’s episode turned on a finding by Sigmund Freud back in the day that clitoral orgasms were “immature,” and that the inability to achieve a vaginal orgasms were not only an immature sexual response, but it meant that a woman was frigid. And the male responsible for bringing the woman to climax vaginally? Oh, he doesn’t factor in. Apparently, Frued was under the misconception that a sexually mature woman’s vagina would spontaneously shout for joy anytime a man’s penis entered into it.

Frued’s wife would like a word.

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F*ck Yeah! C.J. Cregg! — Speaking of orgasms, the provost’s wife had never had one, which kind of makes sense: Her and her husband sleep in separate rooms, they only have sex once a year, and her husband prefers dick. I could not have felt sadder for her when she was bounced from Dr. Masters’ study for lack of orgasms. What’s a gal got to do? Apparently, find a nice boy with a broken dick who has mommy issues, like Dr. Langham, and let him initiate her into the O-Club. Dr. Langham, you are a prince. A philandering jackass of a prince, but a prince nonetheless.

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The Provost, meanwhile, still needs to see a man about a horse, and by “a horse,” I mean, his penis.

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Bill Masters Needs a Ph.D. in TAKING A HINT — Masters is so maddening, because he will occasionally betray a moment of humanity, but never in front of the woman that most needs to see it. His wife. LOOK AT HER, MAN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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All she wants is a trip to Pleasure Town, but Bill is too busy thinking about his work to take five or ten minutes to tap that. “Not now, honey. I have to save all my boners for work.”

Pop Goes the Weasel — Libby, meanwhile, tells Bill to get lost, so she can enjoy her vacation alone (perhaps enjoying a few of those “immature” orgasms), but even that is scuttled after Libby gets drunk and meets a sweet old couple, the wife of whom Libby later finds out “likes to watch” while the husband takes trips into other women’s beds. Libby tells the husband to take his bangers back to his wife’s mash.

What we do find out from Bill and Libby’s encounter with the horny geriatric couple is that old people can still have orgasms, contrary to what science had believed up until that point. This actually becomes one of the major subjects in Masters and Johnson’s studies, although it concerns me that they’re arriving to this topic so early in the series. I worry that the writers are going to burn through too much of Masters and Johnson’s life too quickly, and that concern is compounded by the fact that I found out in an interview somewhere last week that the writers has basically planned out a four-year series (which sounds perfect), but that Showtime had asked them to plan for additional years, which perhaps means diluting the Masters and Johnson biography. It’s yet another instance where Showtime executives meddle to the detriment of their programming.

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Jesus, Bill. I Hope Your Hand Is Not As Cold As Your Heart — We finally found out why Julianne Nicholson is on the show: So she could be a cold b*tch to Ginny. She asked Dr. Masters to stop allowing Ginny to act like she knows when she ain’t got the degree to back it up, and Dr. Masters implicitly told her to cram it up her cramhole by promoting Ginny from secretary to research assistant.

Ginny, who not only discovered during the course of the episode that clitoral orgasms were more powerful than vaginal orgasms, had also heard tale from Jane that it was possible to achieve an orgasm by touching your breasts. Ginny, so thrilled to be promoted, and so excited to test that theory, decided to take her top off and be a scientists, damnit, placing Dr. Masters’ hand on her boob to see what kind of magic he could make.

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He didn’t reject the idea.

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  • John W

    Dr Masters needs a smack.

    Anyone else cheering Go Alison! Go Alison! Get an Orgasm! No? Just me.

  • Sean

    The thing that was bugging me about the "research" whether a woman can have an orgasm from breast play was Caplan's breast was her tan lines. Clearly Caplan tans in a very small bikini. I don't think women wore such things in 1957. I would be happy to help her rub in fake tan to even things out.

  • e jerry powell

    For the record: at this point in the show, the Masters are still "childless." We have established that it is 1957-ish (technically December, but I have a feeling the producers will ignore that point; Peyton Place -- LANA TURNER, BITCHES! -- went into theaters 13 December 1957), and the Masters' "as yet unborn" son is five years old in the real world. I get the feeling that by the end of this season, Libby's already going to be screaming for a divorce and they're going to have to fast forward somehow to avoid having Bill and Ginny get married in the mid-sixties.

    And to absolutely no one's surprise, I'd have had a dirty three-way with Barry Bostwick in that hotel. Pop Goes the Weasel indeed.

  • PDamian

    The credits list Joan Severance, but for the life of me, I can't figure out who she was playing unless it was the lady half of the elderly swinging couple. Severance was a pretty successful model back in the 1970s and 80s, then made a segue into acting by appearing in a bunch of super-soft core, made-for-premium-cable movies in the 1990s. She was gorgeous and wooden back then, so if that was indeed her playing the sexy sexagenarian, she's improved some.

    I'm still angry about the end of this episode. Girlfriend gets a promotion to research assistant and promptly takes her shirt off. I realize this is just a TV show and it probably didn't go down this way, but all I could think was, "Oh, way to show your boss you're all business and professional-like." Dammit, Ginny ...

  • Enarra

    The older lady was Caroline Lagerfelt. Who I knew from Gossip Girl. Which is a slightly embarrassing knowledge source.

  • Erin S

    I think she was one of Mrs. Scully's friends, when she found out about the study?

  • thatstrangewoman

    This is correct. I recognized her by the eyes.

  • PDamian

    Oh, geez ... you're both right. I just watched the ep a second time. Well, at least she's getting work.

  • Sean

    I think that old sexy woman is Severance. I always had a thing for her, despite the implants. She has the most amazing eyes.

  • Victor

    For fans of "Spin city" there is kind of a reunion in this episode (they appear in separate scenes) with Alan Ruck as a psycholgist at the beginning, and then of course Barry Bostwick as the husband of the elder couple. Just for full pop culture disclosure!

  • buell

    I wanted Ginny to whip out Ulysses and show Margaret the ins and outs of just how to be a master of her domain.

  • e jerry powell

    She probably would have, had Bill not been ooked out by the thought of his boss's wife, and as such, extra-stringent about protocol.

  • Maddy

    I get that it was tricky because of who her husband is, but I expected Ginny to be a lot more sympathetic to the poor woman. Actually heartbreaking. Now Libby just needs to go get some.

  • e jerry powell

    I think if Ginny had tried to say anything in front of Bill, that would not have ended so very well for any of them.


  • Maddy

    I legitimately nearly cried at the Allison Janney scene when she got rejected from the sex study and was so happy at what happened at the end even though it was super obvious it was going to happen and slightly contrived but whatever. She was amazing and my favourite part of this episode but then I always love her in all the things.

  • PDamian

    Wasn't Allison Janney just wonderful? I knew what was going to happen the moment she ran into Dr Himbo, but she played that so beautifully that I didn't care. I was cheering my head off for her: "Yeah, Margaret! Git you some good lovin'!"

    And that red Packard (I think it's a Packard) is certainly seeing some action. The Provost gets a hand job in the front seat, the Provost's wife gets her groove on in the back seat ... I fully expect Vivian and Dr Haas to have a scene in the open trunk next week.

  • e jerry powell

    That whole thing with Austin was really too too obvious and I was literally screaming at the TV for them to FUCKING STOP IT.

  • Art3mis

    I assume Freud's wife spent a lot of time faking it.

  • e jerry powell

    Here's the thing: in all likelihood, Freud was a lot like Provost Scully, though probably not particularly active about it, and his daughter Anna wasn't the straightest arrow herself.

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