The Ones Who Knock S5E3 — "Hazard Pay"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | July 30, 2012 | Comments ()


This week Dave Chen and I discuss the lure of fresh tortillas, whether Scarface is suitable for babies and who, exactly, is flying too close to the sun. As with our previous podcasts (A Cast Of Kings and The JustifiedCast), we'll break down some of the more ambiguous points from "Breaking Bad," re-live some of our favorite moments, and maybe even interview some of the cast and crew. Each podcast will be released in the week between episodes of "Breaking Bad." You can find every episode of the show at theoneswhoknock.com. If you like the show, feel free to leave us a review on iTunes or shoot us an email at theoneswhoknock@gmail.com.

Download the most recent episode or play it in your browser here. Before you hit play, beware. Here be expletives, b*tch.

Joanna Robinson was beside herself to see Landry again. Clear eyes, full hearts, vamonos pests!

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Comments Are Welcome, Jerks Will Be Banned

  • Thanks for reading my email, guys! Great episode!

  • Patrick Garcia

    Joanna, you sound sexy as hell. (sorry Pajiba, nothing witty here, it's all I got)

  • Megsie

    So, this is replacing the regular reviews? Bummer. I mean-podcasts are fine, but I always looked forward to what D had to say...

  • Daniel is still doing them. This is just a Buffy Summers bonus!

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