The Last Scene Christopher Evan Welch Filmed Before He Died Aired Last Night on HBO's 'Silicon Valley'
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The Last Scene Christopher Evan Welch Filmed Before He Died Aired Last Night on HBO's 'Silicon Valley'

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | May 5, 2014 | Comments ()


Many of you may not know who Christopher Evan Welch is. If you’re watching Silicon Valley on HBO (and you really should be; it’s fantastic), he played Peter Gregory, the venture capitalist based loosely on PayPal co-founder and Facebook angel Peter Thiel. Gregory provided the seed money to fund Richard’s start-up, Pied Piper. Like most people, I didn’t realize it until Vulture alerted us to it with this splendid tribute, but Christopher Evan Welch passed away last December after a battle with lung cancer, which spread to his brain, which led to acute myeloid leukemia, which resulted in sudden septic shock, which unexpectedly took his life even after it appeared that he’d beaten the cancer. Last night’s episode was the last one he filmed.

This was his final, hilariously bizarre scene (via Vulture).

The biggest tragedy here, of course, is the death of Christopher Evan Welch, who was brilliant in the role as a billionaire with crippling social anxiety. His storyline involved his fierce competition with a rival billionaire Gavin Belson, and he was using Richard’s start-up Pied Piper as a pawn in that game of one-upmanship. Without Peter Gregory, where does that leave Pied Piper? Who becomes their new boss? What becomes of Amanda Crew’s Monica? Will they still be pressed into the tech competition?

Welch’s role was small, but integral to the existing storyline, and his real-life death is going to throw a few wrinkles into the series. Still, Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge — knowing four months before the show premiered that he’d be without Gregory — chose not to reshoot the scenes with a different actor “The brilliance of Chris’ performance is irreplaceable, and inspired us in our writing of the series,” he told Business Insider. “But we are incredibly grateful to have worked with him in the brief time we had together. Our show and our lives are vastly richer for his having been in them.”

The show will certainly feel his loss in upcoming episodes, both in the storyline and, more importantly, as a presence on the set. He was the oddball motor that kept the show humming.

via Vulture

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  • David Nordahl

    This was may favorite scene from the season.. I had been searching online for several weeks to try and find it. I hadn't learned of his passing until the final episode. I'm very saddened.

  • Alexander


  • He was the best...

  • duckandcover

    NO. Goddamn it. He was great on Silicon Valley.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Well shit, hes got some of the best scenes in the show. Well hopefully they double down on Jared wearing pants that are to small and soaking wet so he can stand around awkwardly.

  • Daniel Lewis

    They don't have to kill off the character. The one female character's who name I don't remember makes a good go-between.

  • 'silicon valley' is still getting its legs and a bit inconsistent. welch, however, was not - he was consistently, 100% on the money (as opposed to the gavin belson character). i hope the show can continue to evolve and improve without him.

  • emmalita

    Oh no! I loved him in Rubicon. I'm so sorry to hear he has died.

  • Angie Ramos

    Nooo!! I love this show and he was one of the best parts of it. R.I.P Christopher Evan Welch

  • John W

    That sucks. His idiosyncrasy was the best part of show.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Awww, that's a shame. I've enjoyed him in this role and I had no idea he was no longer with us.

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