Should You Watch FX's 'Fargo'?
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Should You Watch FX's 'Fargo'?

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | April 15, 2014 | Comments ()


Yes. GOD yes.

I’m not going to spoil anything here, or provide you with a full-length review, but I have seen the first few episodes of FX’s new series, Fargo, and they are fantastic. You should watch this show. The pilot airs tonight. It is terrific.

Produced by Ethan and Joel Cohen (who wrote 3 episodes), the 10-episode series from Noah Hawley (The Unusuals) — with Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Glenn Howerton, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh, Adam Goldbert (and more) — begins airing tonight. It is not the same story as in the movie. They are not the same characters. It is set in Fargo (mostly), and the tone could not possibly be more similar to the film. It’s that same dark humor, splattered with violence and wryness and coldness and insanely great performances (Freeman’s Minnesota accent is jarring at first, but he will knock your socks off).

It’s good. It’s great, and it should definitely be seen, and it is the kind of show where you could be spoiled on certain plot points, so I’d also advise watching it soon rather than later. I think it’s gonna be one of those zeitgeistian shows that the Internet is gonna lose their shit over, so get in soon and be the guy who berates others to watch instead of being the guy that’s berated into watching.

More on Fargo after it airs. Here’s a trailer. Watch it. Tune in tonight at 10 EST.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    Ep 1 hit it outta the park. Can't imagine where this is heading

  • foca9

    This is exactly what I need. Another excellent tv show. This spring is extreme. The Americans, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Mad Men, Veep, Vikings, Justified, Archer are shows I'm already a bit passionate about.

    And FX, I fucking love you.

  • SlurpyDurp

    TV needs to stop coming out with so much good stuff. My social life is suffering.

  • vic

    Well, I'll be. When I saw the title of the article, I was all "No!" but then I read it, and then I was like "Oh?" If the Coens are involved and it's not trying to be a prequel/sequel to the movie, maybe I will.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Thanks for the warning!

  • narfna

    I have never seen the movie. Now might finally be the time . . . hope it's on Netflix.

  • It is! I watched it this weekend. I tried to watch it as a teenager and I couldn't finish it because I was a self-involved teenager from Minnesota who couldn't see past the fact that we don't really sound like that. I was so wrong. The movie is perfect and I'm so excited for the show.

  • TacoBellRey

    I too am a Minnesotan who is annoyed by the stereotypical accents. Now I am actually going to give this movie a try.

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