The Problem with Society is that Men are Being Feminized, and Other Ridiculous Throwback Notions

By Michael Murray | TV | October 1, 2010 | Comments ()

By Michael Murray | TV | October 1, 2010 |

A pageant of digressions, malapropisms, lame puns and shout-outs to the Lord, Brown is a kind of Speaking in Tongues version of Forrest Gump.

But the really funny thing about this character, and I don't mean Ha-Ha funny, is that he's supposed to be in his mid 60's. To accommodate this fiction, they've given him a little grey goatee, but it looks like it was hastily dyed by a kid from the high school drama club. Further, Mann looks just as strong as hell. His bald head, far from making him look aged or infirmed, makes him look like a bullet, and there's simply no mistaking the powerful build of the guy beneath the ridiculous, and ridiculously tight clothes he's made to wear.

Beneath the cloak of humility that the Mann must assume as Leroy Brown, you can see something very different beating within. It's as if the vanity of the actor couldn't quite be contained beneath the role he plays and that he needs everybody out there in Hollywood land to know that he can play young, too.

Watching the well-oiled machine that is Mann dancing away on a recent episode, I thought of Baptist Bishop Eddie Long. A respected and powerful leader in the
African-American community, Long enjoys the reputation of a civil rights champion, but has long stood in opposition to gay rights, preaching that homosexuality is a curable disease and that gays should not be allowed to marry.

Typically, it seems, when somebody so fervently condemns something, well, it usually has something to do with self-loathing, and so it's not a huge surprise to hear the recent allegations that Bishop Long has been engaging in the very same practices he vituperates against from the pulpit, charges he has, by the way, not convincingly denied.

It's tiring, this, and it goes some way to explain why people might turn to a show like "Meet the Browns," a program where everybody is exactly the way they appear to be, and audiences always laugh on cue, never questioning the mysterious and inexplicable dancing taking place right before them.

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