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It Gets Better

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 1, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Pajiba Love | October 1, 2010 |

I’ve actually been holding onto this story because, to be honest, it’s a bit heavy. But then KBalls sent in the story about a gay Rutgers student who committed suicide after his roommates broadcasted him having sex without his knowledge (Yahoo), which is the fourth in a string of anti-gay bullying related suicides. In response, Dan Savage has started The It Gets Better Project to teach gay kids that, yes, one day it’ll get better than whatever shit they’re dealing with in High School. Hell, look at me! Thanks to my gayness, I’m now richer and more internet famous than everyone in high school who ever called me gay. See? It really does get better kids. (Savage Love)

For those of you still losing sleep over Inception’s ending, fear not! Michael Caine went on the record to say that *SPOILER ALERT* the top fell over eventually and it all took place in real life. *END SPOILER* Hey, if Alfred said it, it must be true. (Screen Rant)

Paris Hilton and her dick-of-the-week ran over a photographer the other night and drove away, because that’s just the sort of thing when your only assets are too much undeserved money and an unwarranted sense of self-importance. I may not be a fancy city lawyer, but I’m pretty sure the penalty for this crime should be death by woodchipper. (popbytes)

Here are the 15 best cinematic betrayals. Yes, there are plenty of spoilers, although if you don’t know by now that Judas betrays Jesus or that Brutus betrays Caesar, there’s no hope for you. And as an added bonus, that guy from Stacey’s favourite film ever, The Room, is on the list! (Screen Junkies)

Here are the 10 most entertainingly awful movie sequels ever. While I can stand behind the awful Jaws sequels, I’m a little disappointed that Superman IV made the list while Troll II is noticeably absent. (Den of Geek)

Name that Candy Slogan! (LitelySalted)

OH GODDAMMIT NO. The people at Fleshlight are marketing a Na’Vi pocket pussy to go along with the release of the Avatar porn parody because there is no loving God. (Agent Bedhead)

There’s now a Tea Party colouring book for little kids because of fucking course there is. Look, we get it: you’re not happy with Obama or taxes. Guess what? No one likes taxes. I dislike high taxes, but I also like driving on roads and a military and having hot guys put out my house should I set it on fire. (Zelda Lily)

So Law and Order: SVU had one of those “video games are violent and the people who play them are cuh-ray-zay!” episodes last night because it’s a goddamn procedural, so what the hell did you expect? Anyway, the entire episode was pretty much written with the express purpose of scaring your grandmother, despite the fact that everyone plays video games now. (Unreality)

So Seal has a new music video out, an- Yeah, you know, Seal. Remember him? He’s the guy banging Heidi Klum. Incidentally, banging Heidi Klum is pretty much all he does in his new music video. Well, gotta stick with what you know I guess. (Evil Beet)

Michelle Rodriguez is set to star in a remake/spoof of Citizen Kane called Citizen Jane, a story of a woman with a big fucking machine gun. I have no doubt that, if done right, this movie can fall under the “stupidly brilliant” category, but I’m honestly starting to think that Michelle Rodriguez is incapable of wearing anything other than a black tank top. (The Flickcast)

Ever wondered what Dexter would have been like if it were picked up by another network? Well, wonder no more! Frankly, if I don’t see the Discovery Channel version within the month, someone’s getting stabbed. (Cracked)

Oh fuck me with a pick-axe, Tila Tequila is shopping around not one but two sex tapes. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves poorly tattooed whore-troll vagina, which means it is perfect for no one. (Yeeeah!)

Look! More tumblrs! YEEEEEE! This one is about people looking absolutely goddamn miserable on vacation. HAHAHA! This is why I got drunk and naked on mine. Kids are for chumps. (Hatecation)

Yeah, we’re back to Dog videos. I’ll try and post music videos more often, but today is dog video day, and from there we’ll just sort of alternate back and forth. Cool beans? Anyway, here’s a dog playing fetch with a raven.

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