He Put A Ring On It And Ten Things We Learned From Last Night's Episode of "Justified"
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He Put A Ring On It And Ten Things We Learned From This Week's Episode of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | February 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Things We Learned:

  • Art likes foot puns. WHO DOESN'T, ART? All his arch humor asid-sorry I don't know how to end that sentence, I just wanted to make my own foot pun.

  • So it turns out that last week when Hill Person Cousin Mary told Boyd and Raylan they were on "the wrong hill," she was implying they'd find Drew Thompson on Clover Hill. Basically, the 90210 of Harlan County. I'm very, very disturbed to learn that former Sheriff Napier hosts regular sex parties up there. Here, have a visual.

  • Ava's obsessive cleaning this episode was very Lady Macbeth. I loved it. I also love the way Ellen May's disappearance is wearing on her. What's going to happen when she finds out Ellen May is alive? Does she have it in her to order the hit again? Would Boyd even ask?

  • Sheriff Shelby may well be Drew Thompson, and, ultimately, he may only be helping Raylan to help himself. But the way he tracked down "Teddy," Roz's new f*ck buddy based off of a clumsy sketch? That was some mighty fine policin'. He also made some nice use of the Ellen May ace up his sleeve. But, to mix my card playing metaphors, did he tip his hand too soon?

  • This interrogation scene was lovely, particularly the way Olyphant delivered the, "I liked Ellen May" line. But, as we all know, Walton Goggins is the king of delivery. Are we worried about Shelby? Boyd's drawled threat of "Son you are turning a corner you can't walk back around" gave me chills.

  • Yeah yeah, I fell for it last week. Hook line and sinker. Josiah Cairn is absolutely not Drew Thompson. Or...OR, he's the toughest sunovab*tch alive to hold up under that much torture.

  • So...Boyd and Arlo's lawyer was one of the kidnappers? And she went after Josiah based on intel from Arlo? What were the Detroit boys doing lurking outside? Was she working with them as well or were they tracking Josiah? Honestly, I watched the episode twice and I couldn't suss that connection out.

  • I'm not sure what to make of this plot line with Deputy Tim's army buddy Mark and the older brother from "Blossom." At one point I was all a-flutter thinking it was an excuse to see Deputy Tim strip down. At least we got to see him draw down. The writers are, I believe, setting us up for something big involving Timbo, Colt, drug abuse, PTSD and, fingers crossed, shirtlessness.

  • In addition to Napier, it looks like the writers are bringing back another familiar face in Hunter Mosley (aka Brent Sexton, aka Rosie Larsen's dad from "The Killing"). According to Josiah, Hunter (who tried to have Raylan killed) has information on the whereabouts of Drew Thompson.


  • None. Unless you count that business with the blowtorch or what Colt did to prostitute Teri and subsequently to Max, her Tuesday night regular.

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=0
  • Tim=Too many to count.
    In an episode with a proposal, this was, weirdly, the most flirtatious line. Do we remember those old "Deputy Tim is gay" rumors?

    Favorite Lines:
    Ava to Judge Executive Arnolds: "No reason to let them bear claws out."

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!: I guess I'm back on the Shelby theory. I guess...

    The Gist: I'm just going to leave you with this whole thing, which was, perversely, my second favorite TV proposal of the year. (And there have been many.) I love these two, even though I oughtn't.

    "It's a down payment on a house, Ava, anywhere you want it. Maybe it'll even be a place with a view like this. This is why we're doing the things we're doing, it's for the future. In three generations time we'll be a old family name, won't nobody think twice about their kid and a... Crowder kid playing together after school."


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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • Mel C.

      Am I the only one who remembers how much chemistry Ava and Raylan had? It's not that I dislike Boyd. I even see the value in the Ava/Boyd relationship over the past couple of seasons, but I ultimately want her to get out of the Crowder way of life. I agree with a lot of you though. I think she won't live long enough to have more awesome scenes with Raylan.

    • I don't think Shelby is Drew Thompson, but I think he knows who is. Shelby is too well known in Harlan. Remember, he was the security guard at the mine before he lost his job and had to work the big box store. Also, I want them to keep Jim Beaver around for a long time, so I really don't want him to be Drew.

    • sean

      I also think Ava is a goner. And her death will push Boyd way, way over the line. And Raylan will help avenge her death. Also, a lot of TV casting directors will be eagerly waiting to snap up Joelle Carter

    • Boothy K

      Every episode of this show has a line in it that I Tweet/post as a status 'cuz I love it so much and that "Asshole" line was the one from last night. I quote Boyd or Art the most. Love the writing on this show!

    • lowercase_ryan

      I need to make my guess right here. Shelby will make his play to get his balls back from Boyd, using Ellen May as his evidence or whatever, but it will backfire because Ava will end up in jail (after the wedding) causing Boyd to lose his shit and kill Shelby and Ellen May (after Ava gets arrested but before the trial). Season ends with Boyd on the lam and us not knowing what is going to happen with Ava in jail. (no witnesses now y'all)

    • dizzylucy

      Really enjoyed Raylan and Shelby working together. Shelby is stepping into it though, Boyd eventually is going to make him pay for that.
      Yay for more Tim! Boo for the guns coming out before he had time to follow the house rules. Let's hope those rules don't also apply to Napier's party.
      Ava had a good episode - her little digs at Arnold were great, she took charge of the situation, got to almost break down about Ellen May, and got a ring. I too fear it will not end well for her, though I could see them holding off towards the end of the series - Ava dying would unravel Boyd too much.

      No carnage? Did you not see the stump shot? Ick. I was guessing Drew was Josiah for a while, but now I don't know, either Arnold or Shelby. Hunter knows too? For a guy who was in hiding and created a new identity for himself, a lot of people seemed to know about it.

    • catagisreading

      Eh is nobody going to mention 'it's been awhile actually' in response to Shelby asking how long since Raylan has killed anyone? The wry look and delivery caused snorts of delight in my house.

      I had for gotten how good Olyphant and Beaver's on screen chemistry was, it's awesome. (Stop that, you filthy beggar)

    • Sarah Carlson

      True story: A few years back when I worked as ab editor at a paper, a foot was found in the woods outside town. My initial headline for the story? "Police stumped over origin of found foot." I kid you not, I didn't even notice the pun. A co-worker eventually did, so the hed changed. But oh, my moment of glory was close.

    • Rocabarra

      To save me from looking it up, could someone kindly refresh my memory of the plotline that Hunter tried to have Raylan killed - who is Hunter again? When did this happen? I really need to re-watch this show, I've forgotten so much!

      PS - excellent recap and accompanying .gifs :) That header pic makes me so happy inside.

    • dizzylucy

      He was back in Season 1, and was letting the Miami cartel "pass through" Harlan, same cartel who wanted Raylan dead. From what I recall, he worked with a hitman they sent (Ray McKinnon!) and then went that went bad, he kidnapped Ava and tried to bring Raylan in for the cartel.

    • Enrique del Castillo

      He was indebted to the Miami cartel and collaborated with two hitmen to kill Raylan; he turned on them, but still tried to kill Raylan and he failed. Also, he hated the Crowders. It's a mid season One episode.

    • PaddyDog

      Was anyone else gutted that Tim ignored the house rules to strip?

      When the dealer announced those rules, I yelled "THANK YOU WRITERS!" but alas, it was not to be.

    • Nadine

      For a terrible, wonderful second I thought maybe Yost had finally read all those script ideas I kept sending him.

    • PaddyDog

      Much as I loved last night's ending, I fear the end of Ava is nigh. Those two are not meant for a happy ending and since the writers would have a revolution on their hands if they kill off Boyd, Ava's going to have to be the one to go. My money is on Ellen May in the bar with the lead pipe.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I had the same thought. If there is one thing we know about Harlan, it's that nobody gets to be happy.

    • Rocabarra

      I think the show has even used that Patty Loveless song before, "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"

    • Nadine

      I think 'Rapes with a Smile' is maybe the best thing to ever come out of Olyphants mouth.
      I feel like the Josiah subplot this week as as much to get Arlo's lawywer out of the way as anything. Surely with her committing a felony, he will either be released or the deal regarding Drew will be sunk for now.

      Otherwise it wouldn't be very long before they got it out of him, or got something out of him. This way he either walks free or he goes back to jail to sit and think while everyone else has adventures. So it was sort of a connective episode rather more than anything, just a 'move pieces around the board' episode.

      I had to love how Johnny played his hand right at the beginning, boldly wondering aloud about what is his own fucking plan with Wynn. It was risky, trying to throw suspicion off like that and I'm not totally sure Boyd missed it quite as much as Johnny thinks he did. Devil said some stupid, testing-the-waters shit and Boyd either always had his number or figured out what was going on. Either way, Devil ended up in the dirt.

      Just for the record; I hate the Johnny storyline. It's a level of drama and threat I feel we don't need, especially since it is only going to end one of two ways; Either bride to be Ava will end up the victim of Johnny's misguided rage, or Johnny will get iced by Boyd or Colt before he can do any harm.

      I hate either solution. Ava was back to her wonderful old self this week, and the proposal was so beautiful and perfect. I reaaaaaally want the Crowders to make it on Clover Hill, for Ava to get the life she's always dreamed of.

      But I can see Johnny ruining all of that. I also don't actually want this storyline for Johnny. It seems like...stupid. Boyd was actively working against his father the night Johnny got shot, and I don't feel like that 'I was the heir apparent' whiny little speech he fed Wynn was enough to explain this. Just..eh, the sooner it's done with, the better, we can move on.

      I still think Shelby is up to something, he knows far more than he's letting on. He was looking at Drew's autopsy report when he had Cassie from the church brought in. He knew Drew wasn't dead before he met Raylan this week.

      But he said Drew was dead and let Raylan correct him. I have to believe he was playing dumb, trying to sniff out what Raylan knew.

      You would fucking think that by now Raylan would have learned not to trust the local law enforcement around Harlan and Bennett county, but he still chats away to this guy, a guy he knows is friendly with Boyd.

      Oh oh, Olyphant/Raylan and the Ellen May line nearly made me cry. Olyphant is one of those actors that is always excellent even when he's at like, 50% effort. This season, a few little throwaway looks or readings here and there have been so amazing. His reaction to the Arlo news last week was lovely. This week was the Ellen May line. When he said morosely 'I really thought she liked me' when Lindsey took off with his money, then 'You do like me!' when she saved his ass, all just...so tiny, so wonderful, just reminding everybody that he could probably win all the awards if he wanted.

      And since I've held off this long; TIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM. Man I am curious to see where this goes. Super curious. I like the idea Tim is the one people call if they slip, and that he was so visibly relieved to see Mark at a meeting and not high as a kite or some shit when he arrived. Jacob Pitts is just genuinely, genuinely great and he can do so much with the material he's given. I am, you guise, SO happy he's finally getting some actual plots.
      Speaking of....Mark The Friendly Veteran is SO fucking dead, I can't even. He is too happy and goofy and clearly means too much to Tim to survive for long.
      But I don't think Blossoms Brother and his skeevy rapist vibe are going to be responsible, though that douche bag will have his hand in something.
      My theory is Colt comes to Mark for a hook up and it goes to shit from there.
      Colt and Tim are going to come to blows, some kind of confrontation and I just can't wait.

      Tim was definitely flirting, and why do you speak of the Deputy Tim is Gay theories as if they aren't still rampant? Because they are. RAMPANT.

      Those that believe he is reckon he's closeted and just speaks about women to throw people off. (those that believe he is are me, for the record)

      All told, a great one. I maintain; Watch Shelby. Shelby is in the know.

    • Nathan Convey

      I had the same thoughts as you about Tim/Colt/Mark. People have been talking about how it didn't fit in with the show's main arc, but I thought it was obvious they were setting up the connection between Tim, Colt and that specific dealer. I fear Tim's fuckup of a friend will be a casualty and send Tim off the deep end.
      I have a lot of Tim feelings. He's a crack shot, snarky, flirty, loyal, supportive, protective and he'll help you settle your drug debts. His only fault is his refusal to take off his pants,

    • Nadine

      Also, I totally took Colt walking in to try and source heroin and seeing Tim was the writers drawing a direct line between the plots. I firmly believe Tim's plot will tie together with the main one. Colt didn't need to be in the same scene, really. The fact he was says they're connected. BE PATIENT, PEOPLE.

    • Nadine


    • lowercase_ryan

      I disagree.

    • Nadine

      About Shelby?

    • lowercase_ryan

      gah, you're too nice. I was just going to be vaguely contrarian to be a pain in the ass. Call it a Craug moment. I actually think I agree with you and applaud your passion for the show. Your's eclipses mine like whoa.

    • Nadine

      haha, that's actually nice to hear since I probably piss a lot of people off. I'm not sorry, those people.

      I actually also WANT Shelby to be the dark horse of the show. Jim Beaver is a gift, a GIFT. I want him to get scary and intense and I feel like he could. He's all nicey nicey with Ellen May right now but what if she tries to leave?

    • lowercase_ryan

      I predict he'd find a way to keep her around. or just tie her up in his basement. Dude wants his balls back in a bad way, Boyd better watch out or just give them back.

    • Nadine

      Damn straight. You don't hire Jim Beaver to have him shuffle around and be sweet and sort of put upon.

      Man, I can not wait. I wish the season was longer, but also I love that it's short because every episode has to matter.

    • lowercase_ryan

      His comments about being a greeter at a big box store imply there is gonna be a little something something go down.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Best writers on television right now and they are smack dab in the middle of their prime. It really is a glorious thing to watch. They understand the show, the characters, and their audience. I have to go to the doctor but I really want to wax intellectual on how a great TV show is a complex relationship between the writers, actors, and the audience and when all three are in tune the end result is just amazeballs for everyone involved. I think that's where Justified is right now. The show just brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

    • Salieri2

      All of the above, plus, you know what I dig? Learning that I've previously underestimated actors when I see what they do on "Justified." Ron Eldard's last scene with Ellen May (to date) proved to me that Ghost Ship wasn't his fault, and only knowing Bonita Friedericy from "Chuck" wouldn't have prepared me for her solid turn as Mary. Surely this is the kind of show actors dream about rating.

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