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Abort! Abort!

By Dustin Rowles | TV Reviews | September 22, 2009 | Comments ()

Analysis: The worst kind of lame, conventional sitcom. It comes with overbearing canned laughter; the horny best friend (British, of course); the prudish married sister; cougar jokes (oh, sorry, they prefer "lynx or ocelot"); gendered humor; and laughable reaction shots. Elfman plays a variation of every sitcom character she's every played, only more shrill. Jon Foster is easily one of the most wooden actors on the planet -- he'd easily lose to Hayden Christensen in a wood-off (his acting is worse, too).On the bright side, there's no wasted talent here, as there is no talent to speak of.

Verdict: Lame, unrelentingly predictable, hopelessly unfunny, flat, and contrived. Really difficult to watch. In other words: The perfect compliment to "Two and a Half Men."

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