10 Things We Learned From This Week's Jaw-Clenching Episode Of "Justified"

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10 Things We Learned From This Week's Sh*t Kicking Episode Of "Justified"

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | March 7, 2013 | Comments ()

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Folks, this par-tick-u-lar recap comes to you from Texas. So enjoy the extra deep fried flavor. Shine up your boots and dust off your stetson, here we go:

Things We Learned:

  • Every week should have a scene inside the Wynnebago. Not only for the humorous moments...

    ...but for the surprisingly tender ones as well. Who knew Jere Burns' botoxed brow could wrinkle with such concern?

  • Let's be honest, you're going to miss the h*ll out of Joelle Carter if Ava Crowder ends up as collateral damage this year.

    But not as much as Boyd Crowder will, right? I mean, they're laying it on so thick, I can't see this going anywhere but south. Deep south.

  • Speaking of things going South, do we have a consensus on the tensest moment of the night? My vote is for this one between Ron Eldard (amazing) and Jacob Pitts (equally so). With a side of Crowder.

  • And Constable Bob? Three episodes later and he still feels tonally wrong to me. I still love Patton and I did get a good chuckle out his interactions with Lee Paxton. But the semi-automatic shoot-out and his rambling exposition/unintentional reveal of the identity of Drew Thompson? It just feels inorganic to the "Justified" world.

  • These two, however? Lee Paxton and Gerald Johns? I adore them. They're like the Statler and Waldorf of Clover Hill. I hope they stick around for many seasons to come.

  • I was delighted to see the return of Lindsay Pulsipher. Sister Cassie is all tangled up in the Ellen May/Colt drama and now, possibly, romantically entangled with Deputy Tim? I hope not. I still like the Deputy Tim is gay theory.

  • What in the Sam Hell is Johnny Crowder's endgame? Is he playing every side against the middle or is he just the worst strategist in the history of Harlan? When Boyd threw Colt's keys to Johnny, did anyone else have a flashback to the time Dickie Bennett got the drop on the Stupidest Crowder by tossing him a billiard ball? At least Johnny's reflexes were better this week, even if his strategy wasn't.

  • I hope Art gets more to do in the final episodes of the season than bellow like the chief of police from a bad 80s movie.

  • Okay, bear with me on this one. I think we're all quite worried that the lovely Ava Crowder might die this season. Or Art. Or Deputy Tim. But have we considered, really considered Boyd Crowder? Would they be idiots to get rid of Walton Goggins? Oh they surely would. But other shows have dispatched with similarly dynamic characters. (*cough* "The Wire" *cough*) Listen, I'm not going to stake my Dairy Queen franchise on it, but the way they lit Goggins' face in the scene? Boyd was practically cadaverous. The absence of Boyd and Arlo would give Raylan very little antagonistic meat to chew on, and the show would be lesser for his loss but these are just the thoughts I've been thinking.


  • Lee Paxton's Well Appointed Hunting Cabin (Cause: The Contents Of Raylan's Go Bag And Constable Bob's Short Temper.)
  • Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel=0 (somebody call Rachel in for this Thompson man hunt)
  • Tim= Too many to count but this one was my favorite.

    Favorite Lines:
    "We had a nice visit before he passed. ... Told me that he loved me and that he thought I was a good boy. Said he was sorry for all the times he was a dick and was going to miss seeing me grow up." - Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens

    Who The H&*$ Is Drew Thompson?!: So...not a red herring then.

    The Gist: They were driving the father/son thesis home pretty hard this week with Hunter Mosley's "I think we both know whose voice it is, makes you do what you do." But I will say that the scene where Raylan kicks the ever-loving sh*t out of Mosley was surprisingly effective. I mean...that's a way to work through your conflicted feelings of grief. The brutal force behind his punches and kicks was truly appalling. In a show that is often packed to the brim with violence, it's surprising how disturbing this particular encounter was. Masterfully acted by Olyphant.

    Because this recap is a bit late this week, I was able to take advantage of Chet Manley's amazing gifs. He's basically the best at what he does.

    Unsuspecting and Terrified Onlookers React Appropriately to Staged Attempted Murder in Worst Marketing Campaign Ever | Oopsie! January Jones Went to a Party and Left with Someone Else's Fiancé

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    • sean

      Doesn't anyone remember the teasers for this season? It shows what appears to be Boyd and Raylan about to kill one another. Instead, it seems that they are fighting on the same side. I can't believe they did it just for a teaser. Ava is toast. And Raylan and Boyd will team up to get those responsible. Then baby Raylan will be born.

    • yemayah

      I love Jacob Pitts/Tim, and he was wonderful in this episode. I still think the writers are criminally negligent in not giving him his full due. Same with Erica Tazel, but that is another issue.

      I did not see it mentioned in the recap, but we know Mark was shot in the head in 4.08. So why did the officer on the scene tell Tim is was gun shot to the chest for both bodies and that Mark crawled to the phone to text Bagram to Tim. He may have been trying to mess with Tim, but surely Tim saw/identified the body and can tell a head from a chest GSW. With the head GSW we saw, he ain't gonna crawl nor text. Did they goof? How can you make that big a continuity error?

      Colton wasn't just using harsh language. He attacked and was strangling Cassie. That should have been enough for Tim to call the police, since her life would still be in danger with Colton on the loose. What was going on in his mind? It is script expedience, but it does not feel right. Not even if Tim is covering his presence in Harlan. Colton pulled on him, IMO, because he wants Tim (specifically) to put him down.

      Of course, after the incident, Cassie may have told him that she would not press charges and that she will be all right. I do believe Tim plans to hunt down Colton and that he believes that he will put him down when the eyes are clear. I think that is going to go sideways (Do NOT hurt Tim, writers!). One reason is that Cassie may try to seduce Tim romantically, but not with romantic intent. Tim may or may not be gay, but that may not be the issue here. Just as she was spinning to Colton about helping him with the pain and demons inside of him (Let me help..), she may use that same tact on Tim. She remarked about his empathy and kindness, etc.

      What Cassie wants is biblical-type retribution raining down and a lot of folks paying for her brother's death (and I believe her main target will be Ava) and she believes her life may be lost as well (Is Cassie named so as to remind us of Cassandra, the seer of Greek mythology, who also predicted her own death?)

    • dizzylucy

      Raylan beating on Hunter - you could just tell it had so little to do with that actual situation, and was more about Raylan's anger at Arlo, that he can never direct at him anymore. Between that and his "retelling" of their last conversation, the guy is just oozing pain. And pretty, of course.

      After last week the Shelby/Drew thing was fairly obvious, yet still thoroughly entertaining, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

      For most shows, that big reveal would be the highlight of the season. With Justified, it feels like it's only the next step to something even bigger. I don't know how they do that, or consistently have so much tension. Colt and Tim, and then Colt and Boyd - both scenes had me so nervous!

    • R-Dawg

      Shelby/Drew is a dead man walking as far as I'm concerned. He will either get killed by Tonin's men or Boyd. I wish I could say Ellen May will have a different fate but it looks like she is as good as gone as well. Maybe her and Ava both die as they fire on each other. Really hate to see any other these key characters leave the show because they all bring some great dynamic in their own way.

    • I think Boyd's comment to Ava "That may still come to be" or something to that effect (when she said she should have taken care of Ellen Mae herself) was meaningful. So definitely, I could see something happening to Ava as she's going after EM. Maybe even Tim...

    • Nadine

      Found it! Also, absolutely. Like...the more I think the more it makes sense and I also sort of want it because sometimes I want angst.

    • Crazy minds think alike.

    • Nadine

      FO SHO

    • Badger

      As a man who wears a suit everyday, I wish I could look as cool as Raylan in a suit. I mean grey suit purple shirt grey tie? Whodathunkit?

    • Nadine

      He wears far too many clothe for my opinion. Far too many. He would do well to go topless.

    • lowercase_ryan

      you people are getting side-tracked!! come on, eyes on the prize! oh wait...

    • PaddyDog

      He can leave his boots on.

    • JoannaRobinson

      The hat can stay too.

    • Bodhi


    • Nadine


    • Badger

      Or in this case Objustifyin'! I'm sorry I'll leave

    • yemayah

      ..and signifyin'. Olyphant and Pitts! Tim and Raylan! Give me an Amen. Give me a g**ddam Amen!
      Justified without end, Amen.

    • Nadine

      I know. I'm a hypocrite, I accept that but I won't apologise. TAKE YER SHIRT OFF OLYPHANT. YOU TOO PITTS, THEN WRASSLE.

    • Drake

      I will be located in the place where they sleep on a ship. Very busy.

    • Badger


    • Nadine

      I have SO MANY FEELS about this week.

      I am not as certain this week as last that Tim will walk away unscathed from an encounter with Colt. Ron Eldard has done an excellent, excellent job with Colt's physical presence, not just because he's a big dude but how he moves and the fact Colt likes to throw and slap people around. He's imbued the character with a confidence in his physicality , like Colt knows he can kick everyones ass, all the time.
      Also, the fact Colt was SO high at the church which just left him completely useless.
      With a gun in his hand, Tim will put Colt down without a doubt. But Colt's smug little cough as he left the tent, the way things are headed...I can see Tim getting hurt. I honestly don't believe even for a second they would kill him off, but I can see him ending up in hospital.

      His scenes, though? I think we can all officially now bitchslap people who say Jacob Pitts not good. Because Jacob Pitts just like...god DAMN. Ron Eldard as well, both of them killed it, just KILLED it this week.

      I've heard people complain he should have just killed Colt, but like, narratively that would ruin lots of things, the Ellen May plot for one. But also, Tim didn't have any reason to be in Harlan. He had tried to engineer one from Raylan but Raylan said no. Sure Raylan would and could have lied later to say he told Tim to go to Harlan and Tim happened to come across Colt and shit went down but I don't think Tim wanted it that way. He's not just waiting for Colt to be sober, like he told Cassie, I think he's going to wait it out until he can do it in a legitimate, or, of course, justifaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd way.

      Speaking of the little dear, I didn't get the 'spark' people are talking about. He played it pretty closed, and there wasn't any flirting going on from his side, though she was trying. I firmly believe Tim is gay. Yost has mentioned a 'something' between them next week that isn't necessarily romantic. I think Tim will say or imply he's gay, personally.

      I don't know what to make of Cassie. Initially it seemed obvious she was pulling a scam but I don't know. If she was acting, especially in her scenes with Colt, then she's been dramatically wasted as a character because she could have bee running rings around everyone. Part of me can see her ripping Tim off and vanishing, maybe cropping up next year, nothing more. But another part of me thinks she might not survive to the end, or may be responsible for someone else not making it.

      Every scene with Hunter and Raylan was pure gold. And after the scene when Raylan was told Arlo might get out of prison, ALL OF LAST WEEK and the beating on Hunter this week? If Timothy Olyphant doesn't win all the awards, we riot. The beating scene was incredible, it was just chapters and chapters of background telegraphed in action and just a few key words. Part of me wondered if directly quoting Arlo was Raylan reminding himself to stop before he killed Hunter.

      Personally, this was the first time I liked Constable Bob. Something about his response to bullying to be to fire an AK-47 at two nearby, mostly stationary old men and miss every fucking thing was just...it was kind of excellent.
      If nothing else, it was the cause of Raylan shouting and Raylan Shouting is always good. Because reasons. Sex reasons.

      As for Shelby..........With regard to why Arlo protected him, I firmly believe we'll learn as the show goes on .We have like, three entire episodes left? I think Shelby will reveal Arlo's reason.

      This week made a big point of establishing Arlo had SOME honour.
      I think it will turn out something bad happened, maybe to Francis, and Drew/Shelby(Shrew...Drewlby?) helped him out with it, or got him out of trouble for what ever he did.
      I had the idea earlier that maybe after Francis died but before Helen was around all the time, Arlo was going to go to prison for life and Raylan would have gone into care. Shelby/Drew helped keep him out of prison.

      But I think it's in that vein.
      As for Shelby specifically. I mean, we called it weeks ago, but Yost said in a interview they only decided around like, episode five to make it Shelby.
      Gotta say, while I am sort of glad it's Shelby because it's gonna be so much fun, I also feel cheated a little. Also to know it wasn't already decided is disappointing.
      But I am still super fucking psyched to see what happens next, I really am.

      On and the more I watch the more I think Ava is doomed, though I hope I'm wrong. Boyd will die but not this season, that's my prediction, He'll die by shows end. But I think he'll lose Ava long before.

      Also? I'm of the opinion Johnny is doubting his own convictions. He didn't have to tell them about Colt. I think that when he's faced with the real possibility the family may be broken up, by an outsider no less(his little whiny rant about it stuck with me), I think it changed something for him...time will tell.

    • Bodhi

      I have many, many feels about this episode, but the only one I can remember/articulate right now is that I had naughty dreams about Colt on Tuesday night. I don't like the character, but for some reason I find him dead sexy. Maybe its the menace that makes me lustful

    • Nadine

      I hafta say that's...that's just you. I will say Colt intrigues me but...I would much rather stick with Tim/Raylan nekkid wrasslin.

      But I will say this? I want to learn more about Colt, before he dies. Ron Eldard just...who, really, seriously, on any plane of conciousness, would have thunk it? I can not WAIT to see what happens when he and Tim meet when he's sober again. Tim's full body turn when Colt faux coughed at him was just the most badass thing.

    • Bodhi

      I know! I don't get it. I think its because I looked up Ron Eldard's IMDB & finally realized who the hell he is. And he was damn fine in Mystery, Alaska. I don't think he was as giant & lumbering in my dream.

    • mh'swish

      I am totally with you on Colt. He had me at that bathroom scene after he lost EM, pulled a gun on the fella and Boyd started calling him... he was totally freaking out ..I thought that was an awesome scene for some reason... he was so vulnerable yet he's the tough badass. I am much more about him than Tim. And I'm well aware he'll be gone soon :-(. I'm fine having Tim be a strong, stare at Raylan a lot character, steady Eddy type... I don't want him too much in the heart of things. I want my time with Boyd or Raylan, some how some way... and I hate the giddie-ness of Ava and Boyd gets on my nerves. Just thought I'd add that while it was on my mind.

    • Laura

      Anyone that plays a character named Skank is just cool.

    • JoannaRobinson

      I adore Mystery Alaska. So very very much.

    • Nadine

      Maybe you remember how he looked when he was in ER. He was sort of cute. Nothing on Clooney but I can see why Carol was intrigued...

    • Bodhi

      It must have been residual memories, cause there isn't anything sexy about a homicidal junkie.

      And I totally agree that a Colt-Tim showdown is going to be EPIC

    • lowercase_ryan

      Not to judge, but don't you find the dude...puffy?

      Maybe I should have just grown my hair out and gone with layers all this time.

    • Bodhi

      I do & thats one reason its so weird. I must have a thing for busted noses *shrug*

    • lowercase_ryan

      DUDE!!! dude!! this is why we love you.

      You could be right about Arlo protecting Shelby. But I still don't get why he A) had the bag in the wall and B) sent those shits to retrieve it. I get your theory, that he was trying to destroy the evidence in order to protect Shelby, but then why keep it in the first place?

    • Badger

      The bag has something to do with Frances. I'm calling it now.

    • yemayah

      I do think that Frances may have been involved with the hiding of the bag. But it was Josiah who sent the kids to retrieve the bag, if memory serves. I'm not sure that Arlo knew the bag was in the wall, judging from his reaction when confronted by Raylan. For that reason, the question becomes who has reason to need some insurance against 'whatever.' We still don't know Josiah's part in all this, and he is a protected witness of the FBI.

      We understand the source of Raylan's feelings toward Arlo. The question that really needs to be asked is: Why does Arlo hate Raylan? I have posted this question in other places for some time. Arlo hate is epic hate, and we have evidence it existed from knowledge of Raylan's conception. The most likely explanation is that Arlo knew (or always had suspicion but was too ornery to have a DNA test) he was not Raylan's father. There are other reasons for withholding love, nurturing, respect for a child, but this reason (statistically and empirically) usually tops the list, and usually leads to rejection, physical and psychological abuse, and death.

      Arlo telling Raylan to eat sheeeitt seems almost as close to an admission (from what we learn later about the real meaning of the barking/ sh*ting dog story) that Raylan is not his son. But it may be a truth that cannot be admitted because it would have led to some larger truth to which that conspiracy of silence was attached.

      In my mind, up through 4.08, the mystery of Drew Thompson, and even the subsequent reveal, felt like much ado about nothing, underwhelming..UNLESS there was another layer to this kerfuffle. The identity of DT did not matter as much as what DT represents, other than just the expected resetting of coalitions and stakes for the involved parties with the cartels. Will another shoe drop? What was really being protected?

      The back and forth about honor, this-is-who-we-are, taking the fall, kept your secret, play feud out to the end over $$.. Suicide and murder over this? Doesn't ring true. To paraphrase Raylan: what are you so afraid of that you want to die here and not give me what I want? Is it something about Drew and Shelby? Iis it about Raylan? Raylan and his momma?

      It is not farfetched that DT could be Raylan's daddy. BUT.. the unintended consequence (if it comes about that Ellen Mae could be Shelby's daughter) is a Luke-and-Leia scenario and just No! No! No! No! No!

      Truth is, it is all whatever the writers made up as they went along. It is all in the can already, but speculation is fun for me.

    • Nadine

      This, all of this, yep. That's my logic exactly, Arlo hates Raylan SO FUCKING MUCH, so why? WHY hate the kid? Unless he wasn't yours. You keep him, raise him because you loved or at least were loyal to your wife but WHY hate the boy?

      Cos he isn't yours. And you KNOW he isn't yours. I think Arlo telling Raylan he didn't get 'all his turmoil' from Arlo was another admission that Arlo may not be the daddy.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Waldo Truth is Raylan's Dad? Which would mean Shelby killed Raylan's dad...which would crank the intensity of his pursuit of Shelby quite a bit...

    • Nadine

      So in the first or second episode, Arlo had this great, fucki g gorgeous line he says to Raylan 'you think you get all yer turmoil from me?'

      Frances was not a saint and we'll learn more is what I think.

      Maybe Arlo does have a soft spot. Maybe he knows Raylan is only hpwho he is, not a Boyd clone who inherited daddy's business, because he thinks Frances was this good woman, maybe Helen made Arlo maintain that memory of her.

      But maybe she was a Mags.

    • Badger

      Or Shelby is Raylan's dad (he doesn't know it though) like you said before. Now that I think about it it starts to add up. Shelby spent time with the hill people when he was on the lam. Frances is related to the Hill Folk. While his time there and Raylan's birth would have been about 10 years off (give or take) its obvious that Thompson had been there before as the Hill Folk aren't exactly accepting of outsiders. Bada Bing Bada Boom Shelby got Frances preggers then ran off. He came back when he was hiding because, I mean, who's gonna look up there.
      I also know thats 100% not true

    • Nadine

      Holy shit, yeah. Who said Arlo put it in the fucking wall??? Francis might have done it!

      And if she did, what was FRANCIS hiding and so was ARLO PROTECTING FRANCIS!????????????????????????????? I mean she's dead but this is Arlo, Was there something about Francis he wanted to keep a secret?! Something she did?

      With the way this show runs parallel plots and all this talk of Ava going to prison or worse what if they're trying to suggest Francis did something?

      I mean, we know SOME stuff was established, certain scenes and ideas. Even if they just decided WHO Drew would be, they may have always known why Arlo would protect who ever it turned out to be.

      Also, if Shelby was Raylan's dad it might also explain how he was so involved with them all but Raylan doesn't recall him. If he made a point to help Arlo but stay away from the actual kid...

    • yemayah

      Hunter Mosely had no love of Arlo. However, if his oath was to protect Drew/Shelby (Drewby, LOL) then that oath would have to extend to Raylan and Frances. It Drewby needed to hide from the Dixie Mafia/Theo and maintain deep cover forever (if that is the real reason behind it all), then it does not matter whether Hunter detests Arlo and Raylan. Part of the binding oath would have to be protect the mother and the boy. Arlo would also have to abide by that oath as well. Raylan was ~13 yrs old at the time of Drewby's descent from the plane.

      Which brings up the question of Hunter's age cohort. We learned from Hunter's conversation with Raylan in season 1 that they all played ball together back in the day. Does that necessarily mean Hunter is in Raylan's, Johnny's, etc, age cohort? Could he be older? What brought Hunter to the attention of Drewby after (or even before) the landing back in 1983? Kinship? Any ideas or clarification I may have missed from earlier eps?

    • upstate

      Yeah but that theory neglects the fact that Hunter tried to have Raylan killed in connection with the Miami drug cartel. Hardly seems like an appropriate reaction if you've taken an unbreakable Kentucky hill country oath to protect him.

    • yemayah

      Thanks for your reply. True, great point, and I had taken that into consideration in my thought exercise. My assumption was that the oath was mainly about protecting DT's identity, but also about protecting Frances and by extension protecting her BOY Raylan in those early years. Once that grown-up Harlan boy left home, and after Frances had died, I don't think Drew had any more concern about Raylan.
      Maybe he never really had any concern for the boy other than Raylan being Frances' heart. Frances clearly held a special place in the hearts and minds of these men. Raylan left Harlan totally ignorant of the schemes and deceptions.

      Maybe Shelby thinks Raylan is his son, maybe not (and maybe he is, maybe he isn't). Drew obviously has no more concern than he had about any other of his kin and wife (wives??). If..IF Ellen Mae turns out to be his daughter, grand-daughter, niece or kin-of-kin, we clearly see how much he saw to her welfare.
      I don't think it is in Drew/Shelby's character to remain attached. His greed, past criminal behavior and need to protect himself took precedence, and over the years, he became cautiously comfortable in his hidden identity.

      Raylan coming back, and as a Fed'ral, caused a lot of complications. Hunter had his own agendas by then, issues due to his hatred of the Crowders, and was beholden to the Miami mafia. Marshal Givens' relentlessness becomes dangerous to Hunter and would upset everything. Why not offer him up? Hunter could have spun that any way he wanted. He's not breaking the core of his oath to Drew.
      Funny, but I think if DT felt threatened, he might have killed Raylan himself. These men are ruthless and capable of killing their sons. Jim Beaver is a lovable actor, and created an on-the-surface lovable character. But he is as ruthless, greedy, selfish, and homicidal as Arlo, Bo, Hunter, et al.

    • yemayah

      I forget to revise the above before I posted. For clarity, the first and second sentences should read:

      Hunter Mosely had no love of Arlo. However, if Drew/Shelby is Raylan's real father, and if his oath was to protect to Drew/Shelby (Drewby, LOL), then that oath would have to extend to Raylan and Frances.

    • Nadine

      Oh shiiiit, yeah! I'd forgotten Hunter saying that! They plays together!...man now how does it work?

    • lowercase_ryan

      ok so Frances (how they spell it) hides it in the wall, why does Arlo want it out? He could just leave it there til the end of time.

    • Nadine

      If he knows/suspects Raylan is selling the house he figures someone will find the bag and ask questions eventually?

      They REAAAAAAAALLY better have an explanation for the bag cos I'm hitting walls.

    • Badger

      So what you're saying is I'm not insane? Nice.

    • Nadine

      I can totally see Arlo hiding the fact he isn't Raylan's real dad from Raylan JUST to fuck with Raylan. Or maybe to protect his memory of his mother.

    • PaddyDog

      Ava should just start measuring up her casket right now. That's how certain I am she doesn't last past this season. My only question is how it happens. Is she a vengeance killing from some enemy of Boyds? Is it a tragic accident? Does Ellen May take revenge? Or, the most Shakespearean, does Boyd kill her in self-preservation?

    • mh'swish

      How completely stunning would THAT be????? Boyd killing Ava?!

    • Semilitterate

      I can get behind Ellen Mae stopping Ava's clock and walking off with Boyd's money stuffed briefcase---it would be justified

    • dizzylucy

      I think Ava's days are numbered, but I don't see it coming from Ellen May and definitely not Boyd - I think she's the one person he'd die to protect. I'm thinking she's the best way to hurt Boyd, and he has a lot of enemies and now a lot of debts to some very bad dudes.

    • Nadine

      The bag is the big giant hole in my theory, absolutely. I can't think of a good reason to keep it other than Arlo might have honour but he's a scheming motherfucker, maybe he just always liked to have the edge, maybe he hid it in the middle of a bipolar episode or drunk?

      I really don't have an answer.

      See, I don't think Ava would go to prison. If she's going to be a casualty she'll be a death.

      I mean if you think about what she did, she can easily lie that Ellen May-who can probably at this point be linked to the bank robberies and other dead girls -did the shooting and threatened to blackmail. Plus they have the judge she shot in their pocket so he can testify Ellen May shot him too.

      Ava isn't necassarily in that much legal trouble. Considering some of the charges Boyd walked out on, considering Arlo was about to get a full release from prison for murdering Trooper Tom no more than a week after cutting the throat of another prisoner? Dickie Bennett, too! Justified isn't great at keeping people in jail, for her to go and it suddenly be a life sentence wouldn't fit in so many ways.

      If she goes, she'll be going six feet under.

    • lowercase_ryan

      If Boyd kills her in self-preservation I will eat a pound of dog shit, Arlo Givens style.

    • Badger

      Casket? Nah. Prison cell? Probably.

    • LwoodPDowd

      Prison cell and a metaphorical death. Ava could be protected from Detroit in Harlan. In prison, Detroit abuses her and holds her life in their hands, making Boyd a pure puppet for a couple of seasons. We witness a transformation of Ava through occasional prison meetings with Boyd and when she comes out she is an entirely new person, brutal and distant. Actually let's add to that she's pregnant when she goes in and Boyd has to raise the child without her for at least a season. When she comes out of prison she is a sexy Maggs Bennett. Cold, calculating and would kill anyone for her kin.

    • Nadine

      Maybe Tim kills Ava. He's bound up with Colt. Colt is bound up with Ellen May. Tim also involved in the Drew case and Ellen May at least WAS with Drew and the promos seem to suggest they haven't parted ways completely.

      Tim will kill Ava.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Except that I don't think Colt will get anywhere near EM now. Boyd is gonna keep him on a tight leash, just you watch.

    • But I think it'd be more like Tim protecting EM as Ava's about to shoot her.

    • Nadine

      Oh definitely!

    • I just said that same thing down below, somewhere.

    • Steph

      What will happen is Raylan will somehow inadvertently be responsible for Ava getting killed (at least in Boyd's eyes). And then the relationship between Rayland and Boyd will enter a "kill or be killed" phase. Because the universe hates me.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I think she ends up in jail for killing Delroy. It's been hinted at SOOO much.

    • PaddyDog

      But jail isn't final enough. Boyd can still go see her and communicate with her. I think whatever happens turns Boyd's soul to ashes with the hurt of the loss. Prison doesn't do that. Boyd having to kill her himself or godforbid, Raylan doing it would do it.

    • PaddyDog

      Just want to add that I hope I'm wrong, but a giggly, happy in-love Ava just spells "tragic death" to me in big neon letters. Ive been planning her funeral from the second they got engaged: there will be lots of while lillies.

    • Few things:

      It had to be Shelby, no other character was enough of a character, and I thought they did a good job with some misdirection when both were in the car together. I second guessed myself even though it was eminently obvious.

      Boyd won't be killed, there's not a chance: Yost had said in an interview earlier this year that the fans want the show to be the "Boyd and Raylan talk at each other hour" (paraphrasing) and so the writers separated them for the better half of the season to make those few interactions a little more special.

      Also, a genuine question: When they put Boyd in handcuffs at the end of the episode, do they have something to hold him on?

      And damn you for getting to the Waldorf and Statler goof before me.

    • Nadine

      Breaking and entering, Yost said in a post mortem last night.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I think they were just securing him while they figured out what was what. You walk into a situation like that, more than likely you're getting detained. I would think.

    • Right, but in other words, will he be incapacitated on this week's episode? I just want to see the two of them in an interrogation room together, is all.

    • Badger

      Boyd never stays locked up for long... unless he wants to.

    • lowercase_ryan

      could be but I doubt it.

    • Nathan Convey

      I think Cassie is a bit dodgy. She was behind the church scam and maybe she's still pissed at her brother's death. Even though she and her nutty brother bear the brunt of responsibility for his death, she may be out for revenge against Boyd.

      But yeah, Tim didn't seem interested in the slightest. He never really seems that interested in anything beyond busting Raylan's balls though. Or taking down Colton. I liked his reaction to Cassie's suggestion that he was showing empathy for Colt. No, he just wants a more level playing field for when he takes Colt down. I love Tim.

      I actually really like Constable Bob. I liked the idea that he was someone people always tried to take advantage of/bully and even though he's grown up and in a position of power (of sorts) he still ends up being made to feel like he did when he was a kid. And he has a really hard time coping with it. That whole scene made me laugh, but yes, the exposition was a little clunky in regards to Shelby/Hunter.

    • dizzylucy

      I can totally picture her going for some eye for an eye justice. Johnny? He's the closest thing to a brother Boyd has left. Or Ava. It won't end well for Cassie, I'm sure, but I'm glad she popped back up and is still a threat.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I had the thought that she was sent to Audrey's to ask about Ellen May in order to rile Boyd and Ava up. Force them to do something rash.

    • Nadine

      Maybe Shelby was the 'parishioner' who left word with her on Ellen May's behalf, either before he learned about Arlo and Hunter, or after and he was hoping to send Boyd off after her while he duped Raylan then made his escape while both men chased wild geese.

    • lowercase_ryan

      There's not enough adderall in the world for me to keep up with you.

    • Nadine

      It's like this all the time i can't stop

    • lowercase_ryan

      we would never want you to.

    • PaddyDog

      1. Thanks Joanna.
      2. Best episode of House Hunters ever!
      3. Raylan's face when Shelby and Hunter told him Arlo was defending Frances with the dog shit.
      4. "We had a yorkie"
      5. "We had a yorkie"
      6. I'm fine with Shelby being Thompson because if he wasn't it would be a Killing-esque bait and switch and this show is too good for that.

    • I'm a little disappointed in the Shelby business--it was all so in our faces, but maybe not well thought out enough? Which is weird for this show. I guess I don't know yet, because we need to know more about Arlo's relationship with Shelby, and why he would stay in jail for Shelby.

      Aside from that business, it was a great hour. Constable Bob and (as Nadine calls them) Waldorf and Statler were hysterical, as was the way Raylan dealt with all of them when he showed up on the scene.

      I'm definitely worried about Ava, but not about Boyd. I don't think they can afford to lost Boyd anytime soon.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Our little FB group kicks so much ass. I've already dissected this thing 30 ways from Sunday.

    • I'll bet Nadine still comes in here with 12 new ideas.

    • Nadine

      I like to think that so far, many of my predictions have come true, but this is because I can only remember the ones that have come true.

    • Nadine

      I HAVE

    • lowercase_ryan


      she's crazy and I love how crazy she is about the show.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Oh and the scenes from next week suggested to me that Art's marshal stiffy returns with a vengeance.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I think Wynn is the big death at the end of this season.

      I read Yost's interview with Entertainment Weekly and parts of it troubled me. Given the daddy issues that have been the biggest theme of the whole show, the decision to kill Arlo seemed almost flippant and casual. I didn't like it.

      Also the fact that they started the season not knowing who Drew Thompson was struck me as...I don't know, slapdash?? Is that a word? Haphazard? That strikes me as the kind of thing that leads to writing that feels inorganic. I think I just expected more from the writers. Then again I know NOTHING about writing for television.

    • dizzylucy

      The Arlo decision did seem sort of last minute, but on the other hand, I get the feeling him dying was always something they wanted to do in the show, to have Raylan have to deal with all that means. Plus the guy was in jail for good, how much more can you do with him? But it is a little surprising it was decided that way. Yost always sounds very casual about that kind of stuff though, I sort of wonder how much of it is just a natural modesty and not wanting to sound pretentious about it.

      As for Shelby/Drew, if the decision was made while breaking stories for the episodes, I'm pretty sure that was well before production began, and before any full scripts were written. Sounds to me like it was in the early planning stages, though I could be wrong on that.

    • Nadine

      I agree entirely. I like to think but time will tell, that they had the story of Drew mapped out to some degree, maybe why Arlo at least would kill to keep it a secret, or if Drew was linked closely to Raylan etc.

      But I mean...we all theorised Shelby way back and we came up with lots of good reasons to cover for holes in the backstory.

      They didn't figure that out til episode five? Worrying.

    • Badger

      In regards to the Daddy Issues, I don't think they're over. Mostly because I don't believe Arlo was Raylan's real father. We've heard a lot about Raylan's mom's dark past this season... I think its a build up to the reveal that Arlo wasn't Ray-Rays real dad and always held some anger towards him because of it

    • lowercase_ryan

      Also, in this episode there was a LOT of talk from a LOT of people who knew Arlo and Frances back in the day. I didn't get the impression from any of them that Arlo wasn't his dad. I had similar thoughts earlier in the season, but this episode erased those doubts. imo.

    • Agree.

    • Badger

      they did, however, talk about Frances' 'proclivities' which I took as 'she used to get around'

    • lowercase_ryan

      Actually Shelby said right after "proclivities" that the guy was talking about a bunch of stuff he wanted to see Frances do, as in she still had honor to defend as she had done nothing and took the high road.

    • Badger

      Dang you're right about that. Still get a feeling they're going to try to spring it on us. I mean even a prostitute would get pissed at you if you called her a hooker. So her defending her honor means little.

    • lowercase_ryan

      stranger things have happened. But at this point who could his dad be? It can't be some stranger we've never met. It would have been a character we kind of know, but not too well. Like Shelby.

    • Badger

      Incest - so hot on TV right now. I bet the Hill People are into incest. Not really who I think it is but its a different angle to look at it with.

    • lowercase_ryan

      The daddy issues won't ever die, in the article he tells how they just decided to kill Arlo one day. That is what I was referring to, it seemed like his death deserved more thought.

    • Nadine

      I also agree here, but I got the impression, I don't know why, that maybe the question of 'what to do with Arlo?' had been floating around and this became the natural answer.

      I know Yost didn't say as much but I mean, they have to have been thinking it, really, with him being in prison for what would probably be the rest of his natural life(this dude was like, two heart attacks in already?) ?

      Also, yeah, this show is all about daddy issue regardless of whether the man lives and breathes. And if the idea Arlo isn't Raylan's biological dad comes true then Raylan has a whole new basket of issues.

    • Badger

      I agree, but at the same time I love it when a show has a meaningful, surprise death. Putting it before they even show the title? Even better.

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