10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Whedon-licious 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

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10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Whedon-licious 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

By Joanna Robinson | TV Reviews | September 25, 2013 | Comments ()

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Melinda May Is Going To Be My Favorite: Let’s start with the thing I loved the most before we get into some of the stickier wickets. There are a lot of reasons to love a Whedon (or Whedon-adjacent) project. The pitter patter of little joking beats. The deep reverence for a certain brand of geek sensibility. But the thing that hooked me hardest on Buffy The Vampire Slayer as a teenage girl was the joy of having an unmitigated bad-ass female hero to latch onto. Those heroes are less rare these days, and there are plenty of kick-ass ladies we can point to. But there was a teenaged part of me that sat up and took notice when Melinda May (played by the glorious Ming-Na) handed that henchman his ass. She’s phenomenal. Like Michelle Rodriguez with a slightly sunnier glower. I can’t wait to see what they do with her.


Agent Coulson Lives! Or Does He?: But of course, the most familiar, welcome face in last night’s episode was Phil Coulson as played by the phenomenal Clark Gregg. I’m a huge fan of Gregg’s and, in my opinion, he was absolutely the best part of Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. Plumb stole the show. Naturally, the big question leading up to the premiere was how, exactly, Agent Coulson could star when he kicked the bucket so poignantly in The Avengers. One explanation the show gives us is that Coulson didn’t die at all but that Nick Fury used his apparent death to rally the troops. The second, more sinister explanation has to do with Tahiti. (If, you know, Tahiti is code for “Agent Coulson is totally a clone or, possibly, a robot.”)


Anyway, whatever reasoning they cook up, I’m grateful to have Agent Phil Cloneson running the ship. It’s as if there were a show with Giles in the lead. And who wouldn’t want that? Gregg is wry and enthusiastic with cracker jack line readings and some slick moves. His delivery of the rather mawkish Confrontation Speech made it totally work for me. Let’s hope they keep the focus on him and off the shiny-haired new kids.


Charles Gunn Lives! Or Does He?: I hope we devotees are treated to a continual parade of Whedon regulars. This episode saw both J. August Richards (Charles Gunn from Angel) and Ron Glass (Shepherd Book from Firefly). Richards was pretty solid in a pretty thankless and familiar story of a man whose super powers get out of his control. But that opening jump was fairly swanky and thank god he saved Lindsay From The OC so she can live to lip-glossily threaten lives another day.


Okay, We’re Going To Be Calling Back To The Avengers: Like Iron Man 3, the plot of this show is clouded over by the fact that all our characters are living in a post-disaster world. A lot of show and films have evoked 9/11 in the past decade, but none quite so effectively (in my mind) as Iron Man 3. The idea of “The Battle For New York” is still quite prevalent if less personally traumatic in this series. Though how could it not be personally traumatic given that Coulson is barely a survivor of it? Between their moments of sharp banter, our heroes carry with them the air of grim survivors.


Oh, We’re Going To Be Calling Back To ALL The Movies: The complicated web they’re weaving between TV show, film franchise and comic book history is fairly unprecedented. It must have been tough to draw on all that mythology while both keeping the plot fresh and interesting for veterans of the comic and accessible for newcomers. But the “bad guy” in this episode (Dr. Lindsay From The OC) was experimenting with Extremis. Which you might remember either from Iron Man 3 or the “Iron Man” arc from 2005-2006. Once again, I don’t know if they went with something moviegoers would recognize in order to create an air of familiarity, but I look forward to the ways in which they eventually branch out.


The Blandly Attractive Girl Was Better Than I Expected: I thought at first that she might have a case of the Dushku, but relative newcomer Chloe Bennet got some good line deliveries in there and she’ll only get stronger.

The Blandly Attractive Guy Was Not: Blue Steel on the other hand? Oh I’m not a fan. Like I said above, let’s keep the focus on Coulson. Also, Dollhouse fans, try not to wish too hard that Skye and Grant were being played by Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj respectively.


Adorable, Accented Tech Deathwatch: Aren’t they the CUTEST? Just the most adorable combination of Topher and Kaylee and Andrew? With accents!? And they come with a pre-assigned couple-y nickname! My heart!


Of course, this ain’t my first rodeo. Don’t grow too attached, folks. Whedon always kills the ones you love. I’ll have my fingers crossed that he takes out Blue Steel, but in my heart of hearts I know one of these two is likeliest to fall before the season’s over.


At Least The Whedons Are Aware Of Their Own Reputation: I choose to believe that the following was a sharp little nod to the rabidity of fandom surround the brothers Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.


I imagine Joss had a fairly heavy hand in this pilot and will have less time to be as deeply involved going forward. And while Jed and his wife Maurissa are fantastic and brilliant, they’re not exactly Original Flavor Whedon, are they? So what we might end up with is something that’s a little less Buffy and a little more Chuck. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

Didn’t Love That Ending: I’d like the show to try a little less to look so cinematic. No matter what the budget, this is still a TV show and while I enjoyed the dramatic fall in front of the mural, I was not really a fan of that fight scene in Union Station. I was even less of a fan of this ending. Is Lola going to have to fly everywhere now? Won’t we be disappointed if she doesn’t? Does she run on Mr. Fusion? Didn’t it look a tiny bit cheesy? I suppose we could do a lot worse.


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  • Amelia Robin King

    This pilot was so boring, really, the introduction of the characters was very poor, I couldn´t care less for them.

  • Justin Kuhn

    OK I don't think I'm reaching too far to say it was patterned somewhat on Firefly, and that makes me, perhaps, predisposed to like it. But consider; there's a really cool ship, Agent Coulson as the acting captain who has one-liners and issues, seemingly three Kaylie analogues (quirky geniuses), a more vanilla guy standing in for Jayne, Shepard Book as the doctor now, and the pilot, martial-arts chick and first officer now combined into one character. We go up a familiar ramp into the ship, which has vehicles parked in it. And that Whedonesque (how much will he be writing for the show going forward, I wonder) dialogue all over the place. What's not to want to like?

  • stryker1121

    I enjoyed it, even if the plot was standard fare. Joanna's giving short shrift to Agent Handsome, too. He was funny...nice line reading during the truth serum scene.

  • BiblioGlow

    I agree, I didn't think Agent Blue Steel was that bad. The truth serum scene was one of the most delightful things that has happened on my tv. He has some pretty great comedic timing and I think he has potential.

  • Brian Martin

    The backlot main street set was a lil'threadbare.

  • Byakko

    Am I the only one that caught the "Journey Into Mystery" reference? Yeah? Okay...

    Fun fact: it was that very comic that introduced Thor into the Marvel universe for the first time ever.

  • foolsage

    You're not the only one. :)

  • Carey Adams

    I caught it! I watched the pilot twice in a row though. I'm a dork.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    It was OK, expected better from Whedon but I think it could get better. After a season of Superman being a mass murderer, neo nazis, pregnant women stabbed in the stomach, little kids dissolved in barrels and other awful stuff, I liked that in the end, they didn't kill Gunn, they did manage to find a third option. I hope the rest of the series is more heroic like that instead of the usual gritty stuff.

  • DominaNefret

    I thought it was absolutely terrible. Every attempt at joke failed horribly;the only times I laughed were at some of the terrible lines and delivery, and when whatsisface got shot in the head in the middle of his dramatic,, heroic speech. All totally inappropriate times.
    NOTHING is subtle; the acting, the music, the writing, the directing, the action. The dramatic background music made it impossible to take anything seriously and overly long action packed fight scenes don't work in TV shows the way do in movies. I wasn't even bored. That would have been better. I was actively irritated the entire time.

  • Ben

    So what does everyone think is going on with Centerpede? I'm hoping it turns out to be a ploy by Ultron that ties into the second avengers movie.

  • foolsage

    Nah, it'll be something they can resolve within the TV show, I imagine.

  • Manos Torgo

    Why was there was no mention of Coulson's violin playing girlfriend who lives in Oregon? Tony Stark made a big deal about how sad it was that Coulson died leaving her behind. Did she get to go to Tahiti?
    Also, some of the production values were great, Paris scenes looked like they were filmed on location. The building fire in "LA"? That just screamed studio backlot.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to more fun adventures and hopefully they change up the cast now and then so its not the same SG1 away team on every adventure. The Stargate franchise was smart to mix it up and include not just red shirts but also new faces who would pop in every 8 episodes or so.

  • Ben

    Cellist not violin, this may be important if the Coulson = Vision rumors turn out to be true (Vision was married to Scarlet Witch who was a Cellist)

  • TheAggroCraig

    I know you love them, Joanna, but the two scientists should be replaced with Phil and Lem.

  • foolsage

    I miss those two.

  • Bigzilla

    TV visual effects? Not so much. By the way, where in the hell does one find all those GIFS so fast??

  • Tahiti. It's a magical place. He's a Zuvembie!

  • Eh. Aside from Coulson and the cute lines about The Avengers, the rest of the show was underwhelming. I hope they give May something to do and tone down the goddamn, forced, self-aware quirkiness of the rest of the characters, because that shit gets old, fast. Overall I just felt like it was a standard spy show with blandly pretty people. Like something right out of the CW.

  • John W

    It got off to a good start.

    I was happy to see Ron Glass. That means we'll being seeing other folks from the Whedonverse.

    Did you catch the reference to "Journey into Mystery"?

    I wonder if Hydra or A.I.M. is going to make an appearance?

    How soon can How I Met Your Mother end so Cobie Smulders can become a permanent cast member?

  • Did you catch the reference to "Journey into Mystery"?

    I SQUEED. Hard. [/fanboi]

  • Adam Borden

    Technically A.I.M sort of makes a cameo, as EXTREMIS is kind of their thing after kidnapping Maya.

  • jptaylorsg

    This was fine and has some potential. I find Chloe Bennet quite (not blandly - which I think it an overused cliche these days) attractive, and I thought she was pretty good. Agree on Agent What's-his-name. J-Rob, I think you're projecting your knowledge of Avengers canon if you're most excited for Melinda. Maybe she gets better, and she did score the improbable takedown (Ryan's scowly GFdidn't have a centipede super-soldier to throw at the problem?), but for the majority of the ep., she was a scowly, sulky, boring downer. And I LOVE Ming Na.

  • jollies

    I liked the ending.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Also: Dush2u

  • lowercase_ryan

    Wait, who is Plumb?

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    Also, I would abandon all of my complaints if they would make Cobie Smulders a full-time cast member.

  • Sardonical

    Give it time. She has to finish up the most likely horrid final season of the once-great show HIMYM. I'd imagine she'll start showing up a lot more in Season 2. And given this was the biggest opening for a new show since 2009, I think we can safely assume there will be a Season 2.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    It was thoroughly and unrelentingly average. If it didn't have Whedon's name on it, I'd expect it to die an early... oh, right.

    Seriously, though. I wanted to like it more than I did, but it was a little too CW for my tastes at times. Part of the problem is that Marvel has worked hard to create this rough and tumble universe through the movies that uses humor deftly, but is still overall pretty serious and dark in tone. That wasn't really reflected here, which made it feel like it didn't really fit into the existing universe.

    Bigger issue with me is Coulson himself. He's an AMAZING supporting character, mainly because he's just snarky and clever enough to work within those little doses. But making him the focus didn't really work for me. It felt like it was trying to hard to fit within the fans' image of who Coulson is, not what the character himself would actually be. The car lines were horrendous and awkward, and there was a little too much glibness to his delivery. It felt like someone playing Clark Gregg playing Coulson, if that makes sense.

    I did love the tech wonder twins, though, and Sky was a pretty solid character. Ming Na Wen was goddamn amazing. The story was cliched and tired, but it is something of an origin story, so... I'll let that pass pending future developments. It has promise. But it wouldn't shock me if it dies after one season, and in this case, if it sticks with this pace, it won't necessarily be undeserved.

  • Josh

    Whedon's name means more now than it did ten years ago, plus, Firefly was killed by Fox, who shows a propensity for killing popular shows if it means not spending money on expensive television, despite being popular. As for it dying early, that will only happen if it is abyssmal, not just OK. Disney has a lot of money put into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if they intend this show to be an integral part of the ongoing canon, then they will continue to support it. Disney makes plenty of money on other projects to take a loss with this show if they have to, plus even if the show does poor, it will still make money by introducing more profits in terms of merchandising character merch. I don't see it doing poor though, considering the Whedon fandom and the Marvel fandom, even if the average TV audience gives it a pass.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor


    /Asshole grammar nerd.

  • Miss Jane

    I enjoyed all of the movie/comic book/Whedonish shoutouts. But overall felt like it was a very young appeal show -- kind of a throwback even as far as the old Batman series. I kept feeling like any minute I was going to see "Kapow!!" printed across the screen. The ending shot of Lola didn't help. Dang, I hate being so negative...I am looking forward to next week where there won't have to be as much introduction and exposition.

  • Miss Jane

    oh, p.s. it did win its time period for A18-49 -- not by a wide margin, but still. Shield 4.7, Voice (hour 1) 4.1 and NCIS 3.6. All Live+Same Day so there's probably some time shifting in there.

  • Dita Svelte

    I liked the post-alien world setup of this show better when it was called 'Torchwood'. Coulson is already suffering from Captain Jackitis, where a loveable secondary character suffers frown lines and a clenched jaw from the burden of command etc. The direction was very TV, rather than cinematic. A deliberate flattening of style, perhaps? The lab geeks struggling to find a 'blue' cure to the evil 'red' Extremis (what is this, cough medicine?) was frankly terrible. Maybe Whedon has had such an effect with these quip-heavy character ensembles that back in TV land he's come full-circle and his own work feels a bit dated. Or maybe that's the charm.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Yep, I found it...OK. Gregg was good, I also quite liked Fitz-Simmons, but I felt like Ming-Na was underused (probably because of the Maria Hill guest spot).

    Of course, it's just the pilot. Time will tell. Seems as though they may be angling for an "X-Files meets The A-Team" vibe but with superheroes. And more punctuation.

  • DataAngel

    I went with "Buffy meets Torchwood" myself.

  • Maguita NYC

    That is exactly what I thought when Attractive Girl answered with "I'm looking for the truth!"

    X-Files theme song was playing in my head for the rest of the evening.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    You'd like the show to look a little less cinematic? Isn't "cinematic" the whole point of an Avengers spin off show? And if it's not cinematic, how the hell do you expect it to compete with the meriad of TV shows that ARE cinematic, and in fact have award-winning cinematographers behind the camera? I fail to see this logic.

  • dagnabbit

    Skye turned out to be the best character, mostly because of the line deliveries of the actress, but man was that character forced into the plot in so many plot-holey ways.
    Ok so SHIELD needs her information to track down the super guy. If they had simply searched her they would have found his drivers license, instead they continue this ridiculous interrogation. Then, the super guy shows up at his old workplace on the TV NEWS and they continue to interrogate her for some reason. Really, they should have figured out who he was and how to find him at this point, I mean SHIELD just got scooped by CNN and they are playing truth serum party games with the chick from some website. Then, super guy kidnaps Skye because why? Oh, so Skye can be involved in the plot some more and prove her worth by leading them to super guy, which they really should have been on top of without her help. Anyone could smell the SHEILD invitation being extended to Skye the instant it became clear she was not just girl with camera phone #3.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Well...it was an origins story.

  • B84

    I have faith that this will only get better, especially if it lets the characters get more complex--there's gotta be great backstory for Melinda and the accented cuties. I wasn't in love with Firefly until about 4-5 episodes in, so assuming this will be the same . . . but hopefully won't end as abruptly.

  • Tenacious_EJ

    I was terribly confused at the end. Dude was chill, he'd bought into the Coulson, and they head-shoot him anyways? I assume he lived, they said daddy would be coming back, but it was extremely confusing.

  • Yossarian

    That was Chekhov's tranquilizer gun. The Adorable, Accented Tech kids set it up earlier.

  • Bert_McGurt

    That's why Fitz and Simmons showed up - they found the "third option" Coulson was talking about. Agent Bland Steel swapped out his sniper rifle for a different gun that shot the dude with the cure.

  • Juxyn

    Also we saw the gun before when we meet FitzSimmions for the first time..

  • Tenacious_EJ

    Yeah, I get that, I just don't think it was too clear.

  • foolsage

    It would have been more clear if it were a dart in his neck, instead of a bullet in his forehead.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Ah, fair enough.

  • Frank Turk

    Lola is Nick Fury's car from the 60's.


  • Thanks for that. It's more awesome knowing that now!

  • Sean

    "The Blandly Attractive Girl" I called her that last night when talking to someone about the show!

    Coulson is clearly a LMD. We will meet more of them sooner or later, I am sure.

    I had fun with it, although it was a little bland TV-ish. Like Bennettt says , I do wonder who the audience is. Young people don't watch TV. And the show doesn't have enough sex or violence to appeal to an older crowd.

  • $6950553

    Young people don't watch tv? Tumblr would disagree with you.

  • Ben

    He's clearly been recreated as a sentient android and is going to show up as vision in the new avengers movie.

  • foolsage

    Well, that would fit in a lot of ways, sure. After all, Ultron created the Vision, so in this retelling, Ultron could offer (or more likely demand) to give sentient android Phil an upgraded body. Maybe something in a yellow and green, with a splash of red.

    On the other hand, Joss has explicitly said the Vision will not be in Avengers 2.

  • Ben

    I kind of hope he isn't actually Vision, because half the reason Coulson is so awesome is that he's got no powers and is just a random dude who gives precisley 0 fucks about the super stuff. Making him a super himself kind of takes away from that.

  • foolsage

    Yeah, fair points. On the other hand, he'd make a great Vision, as well, struggling to regain his humanity after Ultron stripped his emotions away. And we know that the Scarlet Witch is in A2. And Joss might just be lying to us outright, though he's stated in some depth that he doesn't want to devote screen time to having the Avengers come to grips with Phil's continued existence.

    But either way, we should get some more time with Phil 2.0, who seems very close to Phil Classic. Whether he's a clone or an android or something else, he hasn't changed much from what we've seen thus far.

  • Swift

    Young people don't watch tv and adults only want sex and violence?

    Good to know.

  • Olorin

    Evil Goatee LMD Coulson FTW!!!!

  • Adam Borden

    ::pushes up nerd glasses:: Life Model Decoys are not sentient robots... they're usually controlled by the "real" person. Meaning Coulson would still need to be alive somewhere controlling it. Or someone who can act like Coulson... Seems like a pointless ruse to have someone else controlling him, and he really is dead. Why would you need a fake Coulson still alive?

  • Stephen Nein

    Because Coulson is in TAHITI! Probably with a parapalegic broken spine or something . . .

  • foolsage

    Dr. Streiten: "Tahiti. He really doesn't know, does he?"
    Agent Hill: "He can never know."

    Note that Coulson says, "It's a magical place" in exactly the same way when describing it to two different people. Those memories are very probably implanted.

  • Sean

    Maybe they "backup" key SHIELD agents? Don't know. Hope the show lasts long enough to find out.

    And I just literally pushed up my glasses to read this weeks comics. Just finished Wolverine and the X-men. Off to Revival next.

  • Adam Borden

    Possibly... But I hope not. Sentient androids are rare in the Marvel universe, and I hope they keep it that way. I can really only name 4? Vision, Andy, OG Human Toarch and Ultron... Oh and the Sentinels (But Mutants are a no, no in this universe). I have higher expectations from Joss.

  • supergwarr

    were some hints in Avengers. the talked about his "girlfriend" that
    plays cello. Wanda miximoff AKA Scarlet witch plays the cello in the comics and
    has a relationship with Vision. so I am thinking that is where they are going.

    also we
    know that Scarlet witch is going to be in the next avengers movie. she has
    reality altering powers. could those powers be what brought him back? did he
    have an unregistered as a GF.

    marvel fan boy will shut up now.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Doombots. Millions upon millions of Doombots.

  • Adam Borden

    So, so many Doombots... I'm not 100% sure there's still a REAL Doom around.

  • foolsage

    Where there is power, Doom shall come to claim it. For such is Doom's destiny!

    [insert dramatic and unexpectedly destructive action here]

  • Pat Sponaugle


  • Adam Borden

    If you're angry about the flying car, blame the comics... They're standard issue: http://marvel.wikia.com/S.H.I....

  • Marc Greene

    EXACTLY! That is Nick Fury's car from the comics!

  • JoannaRobinson

    Who said it wasn't, people?

  • Marc Greene

    Sorry. I just kind of got the vibe that people didn't when they say it runs on Mr Fusion and some call it generally hokey. I would agree that it was hokey if it broke established rules of both the Marvel comics and Marvel movie universes. SHIELD has a flying aircraft carrier, so a flying car (especially one that specifically exists in the SHIELD comic books) doesn't make me wince.

  • Josh

    It probably depends on how camp people want (or do not want) the show to become. Plenty of things in the comics that are probably best left there and not brought into the cinematic universe.

  • foolsage

    Flying vehicles aren't that uncommon among heroes and villains alike in the Marvel Universe, from the Green Goblin to the Silver Surfer, from the Quinjet to the Fantasticar to whatever those Chitauri vehicles were in the Battle of New York. I don't think it's camp to acknowledge that there are flying vehicles; camp is in how it's presented.

    I dunno. For me, it made perfect sense that Coulson would have access to a flying car. We know S.H.I.E.L.D. has that tech, after all.

  • emmalita

    Agent Blue Steel was awful. It was kind of clunky with it's exposition dumps, but it has the potential to get better.

  • Maguita NYC

    Here's hoping. It was actually a fun first episode, the action sequences were interesting and Agent Culson is just wonderful! I'm glad they took a chance and gave him his own show. Loved it how during that train station action scene he did not scream into his sleeve/walkie-talkie, but actually whispered calmly into it: There's an agent in complete control.

    As for those clone/robot theories, wouldn't it be possible that Coulson is actually in that Source Code machine with Jake Gyllenhaal? And could we please make a Brokeback Code out of it?

  • emmalita

    Are you itching to see Phil in some hot man love?

  • Maguita NYC

    Aren't we all?

    I mean, the possibilities are endless! Next could be Thor, then he'd have to be supervised by Dr. Lecter after a nasty thorny break-up (hehe), only to end-up with that hot biscuit Mark Ruffalo.

  • emmalita

    True, but be careful who you pair the hulk up with. You don't want to piss off the Hulk/Iron man slashers. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/s...

  • Maguita NYC

    Oh, isn't Iron Man on a strict gluten-free pepper diet?

  • emmalita

    The dirty things I sully myself with for you. Here is the Phil Coulson fan/fic: http://fuckyeahclintcoulson.tu...

  • Maguita NYC

    Those are dirty things that enrich your life, not sully it! And thank you :)

  • emmalita

    Not in the fan/fic/

  • Michelle

    Srsly. Let's get Enver Gjokaj some steady work. Him doing Victor-as-Topher is still one of my favorite bits in a television show *ever*.

  • jennp421

    As much as I loved his cameo in The Avengers, now I wish he he hadn't been in it because then he could have been cast in this as a super spy. Couldn't he be a former NYPD cop that got moved to SHIELD?

  • Michelle

    I THINK HE COULD. Let's write in and suggest it! :D

  • Tinkerville

    See also: Fran Kranz, who I just want to be in all the things after Cabin in the Woods.

  • Michelle

    Yessss. I love him.

  • stella

    Right? I still dont understand why hes not in everything.

  • Bennetttt

    If this goes past 7 episodes Disney is extremely desperate. I cannot imagine 10 year old kids interrupting video game, or any of the other entertainment forms to watch this, and if you're an adult whose convinced yourself this is great TV we're doomed.

  • VolokhGuest

    Your misspelling of the word "past" makes me eager to accept your analysis

  • Bennetttt

    I shall change it for you. I seldom comment on Pajiba, but this week I'm in the mood to get feedback.
    I'm still unable to comprehend what kind of audience defends boring bland network TV.
    Old people? Kid's with overly protective parents? Teenagers, who stay at home isolated?
    Have you surfed the web, the many different cable channel options, and you've decided bland network TV is still relevant?

  • Modiano

    I'm sort of with you here. I do agree that almost 100% of the time if I try a network show I'm disappointed because it seems so...networky.

    My expectations are so low that I found more in this show to get excited about than usual. Compare this to something like "Under the Dome", which is probably one of the worst offenders at taking great source material and putting a CBS stamp on it (we need a shot of the teenager buckling his seat belt? Really?).

    I started very skeptical and found myself enjoying it. I, for one, did laugh a few times. I liked the casting. I'm in wait and see mode, but I was pleasantly surprised. I never like campy shows, except when Whedon does it. His style just works for me I guess.

  • Bennetttt

    I've fled primetime network TV viewing a few years ago. Heros - that's how far back. I casually search movie channels, and if I find something I watch but usually I don't watch regular programs but a handful of premium cable shows.

    Having stopped network TV, then to come back it seems even more bland than I remember.

    Maybe people enjoyed the show, but I'm starting to think it is a certain group of Whedon fans that have somehow convinced themselves he can do no wrong. That somehow cute women passionately involved in unrealistic dedications seems believable to certain hopeful fanboys. Yes, I'd like to believe a cute magazine cover girl model is hiding out in a van, but I cannot.

    Some might like the show, but for me it did not make me excited enough to make certain I keep watching.

  • TCH

    I enjoy Whedon though there is a plurality of Whedon fans seem to live in a bubble where Whedon is the scrappy visionary whose genius is never fully realized, due to how advanced it is. I find this thinking bizarre.

  • Bennetttt

    I'd agree. I too have at times enjoyed his works, but never felt it was groundbreaking or marks of a visionary. My opinion would be that it is shear luck. WB (now CW) started with the lowest rating expectations, so his shows maintained a safe cradle. Now it seems a matter of luck, but in the TV landscape of Tuesday night a show needs more than luck.

  • TCH

    This is a good perspective. Whedon is actually an insider's insider.

  • Bennetttt

    Yes, I'd agree. To some extent it seems as if a niche appeal, as if to say:“Look guys, I'm one of you, but lucky enough to give you what you really want as opposed to those big Hollywood studio types that aren't like us at all.”
    Unfortunately that sort of ideology only works for a time depending on the mood of fans. If fans feel they're being ignored by the industry that kind of thinking works, but if the creation seems too commercial, too mainstream generic that gesture can become lost.
    I believe he is a good writer, and creator. He has all of the best skills to producer likable characters, that aren't all that complicated, characters such as cute girls that are as if good friends we know, and might enjoy going to parties with, but never getting too involved with, wishing we could. The fans seem to like these nice general characters that are easily likable by anyone that makes us feel as if we could join in with them. Cute little nods and winks at the audience feels comforting, which seems to be the appeal.

  • supergwarr

    you realize that
    this is how that revolves around super heroes right? This is not dark night.
    this is not Breaking bad. this is a comic book TV show. if you don't like it
    then shut up and don't watch.

  • Bennetttt

    Also, DO you realize this was posted yesterday? That by now I probably don't care either way. That by you responding, we're having a conversation we both disagree on, that would not have happen if you had not responded?

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