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Put Your Damn Shirt Back On: Analyzing An Upsetting New Film Trend

By Joanna Robinson | Think Pieces | May 10, 2013 |

Have you noticed it? It's pretty goddamn distressing. Sitting down to enjoy a nice popcorn flick only to be assaulted by all I mean, think about. Really think about it. Think about an entire gender being reduced to bare curves. Is that all they are to you? A collection of fleshy bits? Shouldn't we expect more in this day and age? Haven't we, shouldn't we, rise above this? I'm just plain tired of Hollywood shoving chests in our faces as if we were not better than gibbering monkeys. I am sickened. I am appalled.

Listen, Hollywood, snap out of it. Get your sh*t together. Do you really, honestly think so little of the opposite sex? Do you think they're so enfeebled and have so few assets to offer that they have to take their shirts off in order for us to pay attention to them? Well you're wrong. Damn wrong. I expect better of you. NAY, I demand better of you. Shape up, Hollywood. Or we're through. You disagree? You don't think it's that bad? Well here's just some of the most recent, egregious examples of the marginalization of an entire gender. For shame, Hollywood. For shame.

Caution, Cubicle Monkeys, no shirts ahead.

Thor (2011)

Magic Mike (2012)

GI Joe: Retaliation (2013)

Skyfall (2012)

Captain America (2011)

Man Of Steel (2013)

Star Trek (2009)

The Wolverine (2013)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"The Mindy Project" (two weeks ago)

"Community" (last night)

The Avengers (2012) (Yeah, fine, the shirt's on. But barely.)

Joanna Robinson is absolutely repulsed.

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