An Open Letter to Chris Hemsworth About the Sad Double Standard Between Male and Female Celebrities in Magazine Photoshoots
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An Open Letter to Chris Hemsworth About the Sad Double Standard Between Male and Female Celebrities in Magazine Photoshoots

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | November 29, 2012 | Comments ()


Dear Chris Hemsworth --

How are you, Chris? You're having a great year, huh? Cabin in the Woods, Red Dawn, The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman. You've made it! Congratulations. There have been a lot of younger stars trying to become the "next big action star" for awhile, but you're the only one that's really taken hold of that title. In fact, Empire Magazine has honored you by naming you the Man of the Year.


Wow! Congratulations. For an Australian guy from a modest background who was best known for a role in an Australian soap opera up until a few years ago, this must feel very satisfying for you. It's a pretty big deal!

There's just one thing, though. And look, I'm not blaming you for this or anything, but through perhaps no fault of your own, you are clearly representative of the problem. Let me demonstrate it for you by way of example. Here are several women posing for magazine photoshoots over the last year or so.






Now, here's a picture for you from your Empire photoshoot.


Here's another one from your Australian GQ photoshoot from a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 11.51.51 AM.png

You see the problem, don't you? The women in those photos, some of them very respected actresses, are dressing provocatively. They're barely wearing clothes. They're looking at the camera with f**k me eyes. You?


Frankly, you look kind of bored. But more importantly, you are wearing clothes. ALL OF THEM. You're not rolling around in anything. You're not giggling. You're not looking breathlessly at the camera. You're not wearing lingerie. You're wearing a f**king suit.

I'll grant that you look dapper in that suit, but honestly, do you think it's fair? I mean, I'm not going to say one way is better than the other, but listen, man, if the celebrity women of this world have to take off half their clothes and freeze to death while some grimy dude with a camera yells, "MORE CLEAVAGE," in order to be featured on the cover of a magazine, do you think it's fair that you get to walk in head-to-toe in fabric and stare listlessly into the camera?

No. It's not. One thing or another has to change, and too many magazines are being sold on the bare shoulders of celebrity women who spend four hours in a make-up chair before sticking a pillow between their legs and pretending to be flirty. So it's up to you, Hemsworth, to even the score. To make this right. If you want to make the world a more fair place, a place where you can raise your children to understand that celebrity men should not be objectified any more or less than celebrity women, you owe it to the planet to TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT.

Come on, Hemsworth. Be a man.



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  • funny share

    female celebrities

  • Juliette

    Better than a man in a suit or a shirtless one; a man halfway out of his suit. Although I have to say, that gif *fans self*

  • Dave Margolis

    Me like pretty girls. Don't know about the rest of you guys.

  • John W

    I would like to sit down with all these actresses and ask them why did they pose for those photos?

    Did they feel they needed it as a career boost?

    Were they contractually obligated by the shows/movies they were starring in?

    Did it empower them in some way?

    Did the magazines who took the photos offer them money to pose that way?

    Did the magazines say, "the only way we'll promote your project is if you pose on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air in your underwear"?

  • KBalls

    I want to hate this dude for looking like that but I'm sure he worked hard on it with all the free time he has as an actor instead of getting a real job like a real man and I bet those clothes aren't even his cuz everyone just gives him stuff for having a crazy jawline and 14 gym memberships and a Jamba Juice platinum card so he can flush out all the lameness and leave all the awesome Aussieness that is anchored in villainy and not shaving for a fortnight and yeah okay I fucking hate him.

  • WeeItsNookies

    LOL @ women whining about silly double standards. Men are the victims of not only more double standards but much more severe ones as well. Female on male rape and female on male violence to name a few. These women knowingly and willingly sexualize themselves for monetary gain. No one held a gun to their head forcing them to do a half naked shoot. Them rejecting to do a revealing shoot would have had no negative impacts on their career. Any of said actresses could have said "No, I feel uncomfortable doing these kinds of shoots" and they would of obliged. Much like Jessica Alba never did any nude scenes but didn't mind anything else.

    Men have always been disposable objects, while women sexual objects. Men were expected to die fighting in wars, men were expected to grab their rifle and sit on the porch to protect their family, to die protecting their family. Men are expected to go into a burning building a save a woman first. Women and children are supposed to go first on a sinking ship. Society puts men dead last and expects men to put women first. I'd rather be a sexual object than a disposable one by far.

    But let me also note that GQ,Esquire,FHM,Maxim are men's magazines. They are for men by men. A guys magazine isn't going to want to put a half naked guy in their mag when males are their demographic. This is an apples to oranges comparison.

  • Bodhi

    Society puts men dead last & women first? Since when? I follow your argument & I agree with some of it, but that statement is ridiculous

  • Salad_Is_Murder

    I guess I don't understand your point...not that you often make cogent ones. Do you want more exploitation or less, and are you only on board with said'sploits if it targets objects you desire?

    Or did I just step into some 'reverse white knight troll shit' again...

  • John G.

    I'm so confused. you talk like an idiot, but you've got a cute doggie as your picture. Should I love you or hate you?

  • Some Guy

    If you're going to make comparisons about the standards for men and women in magazines, couldn't we at least pick some magazines with the same designed and tailored audience to compare?

    As opposed to asking why there's a bunch of naked women in Playboy, yet all the guys in Martha Stewart Living are hardly showing any ankle or wrist? What gives? Why the double standard?

    You use Hemsworth's photos from the Aussie GQ, which is a mens magazine, and Empire magazine, which is a British Film/Music/Pop-culture devoted magazine and are surprised that he's always wearing clothes?

    How often do you see Mila Kunis in her skivvies in People or Entertainment Weekly?

  • duckandcover

    You said exactly what I wanted to say.

  • athena23

    " owe it to the planet to take off your shirt." I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Also: I would climb that like a dog up a bone tree.

  • Holy God, I love you, Dustin.

    I love you.

  • Guest

    Oh look, I found the full gif.

  • athena23

    And may the gods of Asgard (and Greece, natch) bless you for your fine work.

  • Jemiah Jefferson

    I was hoping the jeans were coming OFF. Oh well.

  • Shambrook

    Can we just put the women in suits too? Or like dress them up to look at least a little bit classy. Out of all those photos the only one that's actually attractive is Christina Hendrics because she's basically the perfect woman. Hemsworth looks far sexier in his photos then that god awful Emma stone one.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Kinda yes and kinda no? Those photo spreads (man, I hate to use that word in this situation) of the women are all for GQ. It's a men's mag. Empire is a gender neutral mag - it less necessary to do anything salacious. You're not really comparing the same things here.

    HOWEVER - I would find it pretty awesome if women's magazines came up with ridiculous & elaborate photo shoots that involved skankifying some of today's hot male actors.

  • Jezzer

    The Chris Hemsworth Coin Slot is a gift from the gods.

  • Sirilicious

    And a Chris Hemsworth Coin Sloth would be best of ALL the worlds.

  • e jerry powell

    Yes, where is all the man cheesecake? The last time I saw any in a magazine spread, it was Bruce Willis and his latest piece in W. I guess that counts a little bit towards equal time.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    That is one fascinating, fucked up photo shoot. But yeah, she's out and out topless, so equal time, though I love the shot of him leaning against the wall. Who knew he was so graceful?

  • JenVegas

    **ABOUT TO MAKE A RASH GENERALIZATION BASED ON SOCIOLOGY/PSYCHOLOGY: Sex sells. Men's gaze needs more skin and boobs (in general, i'm sure all of you men here are way above being titillated by tits.) Women's gaze appreciates how smokin' hot a fully clothed man is when he's wearing that dope a suit. It would be awesome if Chris Hemsworth taking off his shirt would solve for that but it doesn't. Doesn't hurt though. God that man is fiiiiiiine.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I'm not entirely agreeing/disagreeing with your thesis - I'd be curious to see how Vogue, InStyle or even People would do with a shirtless Hemsworth on the cover.

    But yeah, he doesn't need to be shirtless to attract. He is wearing the fuck out of that tuxedo. The way those pants fit, I can't even...

  • Nope. And here's why: Jared Padalecki in a Suit vs. Jared Padalecki shirtless

    Or, if you prefer: Joe Manganiello in a Suit vs. Joe Manganiello shirtless

    Or, Pajiba favorite: Ryan Gosling in a Suit vs. Ryan Gosling shirtless

    With Matt Bomer, it may be a wash, but I'll still take shirtless whenever offered, thanks.

    (Dear Godtopus, I hope that coding worked, or this will be a red hot mess...)

  • DeltaJuliet

    Where are the Daniel Craig with a suit vs. Daniel Craig shirtless pics :D

  • Why here and here, of course.

  • DeltaJuliet

    Oh, I love you.
    Made my weekend. (Yes, I could have look up pics but this way it's like a present)

  • duckandcover

    I'm a suit woman through and through.

  • Oh, I'm a big fan of men who can rock the suit. Dead sexy, that. But I am also fond of a fit man willing to take off his clothes for my (and, presumably others') amusement. It hasn't yet reached parity with the frequency of female semi or full nudity, but I have high hopes.

  • Leelee

    Bless you for these links my child.

  • The Replicant Brooke

    He's got the V thing that makes smart women dumb,

  • Bodhi

    Yuh-huh. My jaw dropped & I got a little drooly. DAYUM

  • Artemis

    Men's gaze needs more skin and boobs

    Citation needed.

  • JenVegas

    I don't have my sociology text books anymore but here you can read this I guess: http://www.inter-disciplinary....

  • That paper conflates women choosing men to be partners and men choosing women for sex, which is not uncommon in the evo psych papers I've read. I have not seen a peer-reviewed study on what women select for when they want unencumbered sexual encounters, though I would very much like to, so if anyone knows of one, do pass on the link. I imagine it would present a different picture indeed. First, though, folks have to start believing that women want unencumbered sex. I suggest they visit (or revisit) college campuses and observe the animals in their natural habitat, commonly known as the pub crawl.

    If women selected mostly for mating and security, then jousters wouldn't be the most popular guys at ren faires and college jocks wouldn't get laid at a much higher rate than businessmen. Also, it would be difficult to explain why so many older women are having a great time with younger men. (and yeah, I know I just invited all the dating auto-bots with that line)

  • googergieger

    Elaine speech from Seinfeld, innit? I mean clearly I disagree, but I'm not majority of people that buy magazines.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Dude, even anorexia Leto over there showed some skin...

  • Sexiest picture of Chris Hemsworth, right here:

  • duckandcover

    And interviews about his wife~ gaw.


    UNSEXIEST PICTURE EVER! AND the baby isn't even cute!

  • WeeItsNookies

    Something tells me you're definitely under the age of 17.

  • BT

    Once they've bred, to me they're dead.

  • SisterBenedict

    Not sexiest. Total turn-off. That baby is like a tumor on an otherwise perfect man.

  • The Replicant Brooke

    Ugh no. That baby just killed my lady boner.

  • Ashley Holland King

    Please, like these vapid "starlets" complained at the chance to show off their bodies.

  • BobbFrapples

    Hoo...*fans self* It's suddenly warm in here...What were we talking about again?

  • Anne At Large

    Hummina. Hummina. Hummina.

    That is all.

    I would add something about my stays, my bunk or my lions, but that should be implied.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Dustin, if its butthole day, why didn't you show a pic of his butt, like you did with Beyonce?

    You were supposed to be part of the solution, man.

  • Artemis

    This is upsetting generally, but the Emma Stone picture really just kills me. For that to happen, someone had to say "hey, let's do a shoot where Emma Stone is dressed up to look really really young, while making sexy faces and showing as much skin as possible", and some other people said "yes! sounds great!", and someone went and found an old-timey bike, and some other people found a little white outfit and debated just how short the skirt should be, and someone else decided what color of underwear she should wear and how much of her ass should be showing, and someone explained the shot to Emma Stone/her agent and they said yes, and someone styled Emma Stone's hair into pigtails, and someone tied her shirt up so that it would show enough skin/be tight enough, and someone blew a wind machine at her until her skirt flipped up just right, and a photographer yelled "more surprised! open your mouth more!", and someone looked at all the photos and selected that one for looking just the right combination of sexy and like a 10 year old girl being violated, and someone did touch-ups on it, and someone did the layout for the page, and a bunch of people signed off on it.

    And somehow, nowhere along the way did someone go "hey, maybe we shouldn't dress up a respected adult actress to look like a highly sexualized child for the purpose of titillating adult men." Or they did, and got fired.

  • duckandcover

    Eloquent Eloquence nominee. This is great, but Artemis down below is also correct.

  • This. All the upvotes. Any of the women in the photoshoots would look fantastic in classy couture. And no less sexy. But a LOT less skeevy.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Yeah, seriously, all the EE's to you this week

  • brdkelli

    I think you forgot, "then Emma said Ok, sure!". Emma's made some good movies, she had clout. I don't believe, and I think it's insulting to suggest otherwise, that Emma couldn't stop something she really didn't want to do.

  • Artemis

    I included that, actually ("someone explained the shot to Emma Stone/her agent and they said yes").

    But also, this picture accompanied an August 2010 article. That was before Easy A had been released, when the only things of note on her resume were supporting roles in Zombieland and Superbad. She had pretty much zero clout at that point. And yeah, she still could have refused to do it -- but I'm sure GQ was a big "get" for her at that time, and she was in the middle of trying to promote her first starring role. And I'm guessing it's also pretty intimidating to stand in the middle of a shoot that several dozen people have spent a lot of time and money designing and say that you won't do it because you think it's creepy and gross. Especially because she may not have realized at the outset exactly what they intended the final product to look like. I'm guessing it was described more as "we're going to put you on a bike, it's going to be really playful" and not so much as "basically, we want to make you look like a really sexy child who just spotted her first flasher".

  • alev

    I love you so much for so eloquently putting into words everything that horrified me with that picture.

  • Sirilicious

    Can we nominate comments for the eloquence thingy?

  • BierceAmbrose

    I think you just did.

    I couldn't agree more. A billion points for House Huntress for exactly the right amount of right, and half that to Sirilicious for calling it.(*)

    (*)Look, I'm as shallow as the next guy with only enough blood to run some parts at once. I even think performer / act-person / celebrities have the job in part just to be nice to look at. Dance, pretty monkeys, dance hard for meeeeee! Do it now!

    Excuse me. Where was I? Oh yeah ... BUT the little girl object thing is weird, wrong, and WTF, people? Just stop it. Sela Ward can Monica Bellucci her Salma Hayek all over my glossy photo spread, oiled up & breathless all day long. Um...

    OK, back again. Thing is, I picked those three not just because I have a "type" - Mrs. Robinson of rural Pennsyltucky was apparently a busty brunette - but because does anyone believe each of those three owns less that 127% of their sexy, it's a choice, it's their choice and they'd burn you to ashes with a glance or line at any hint of "you little thing." What in the nether hell is the least bit OK about trussing up girls who don't own it yet, for the delectation of grown-ups?

    Also, grown women know things. Surprising things. Dangerous things. Worst case, you'll heal up eventually.

  • Kip Hackman

    If I could upvote every word of this post, I would. Every other picture up there left me thinking "yes, more of those, thank you." but the Emma Stone picture made me sad. Don't get me wrong, she was number 1 on my five freebie list. I believe that she's God's gift to straight men. But to portray her in that manner simultaneously disgusts me and makes me sad. Sadgusted.

  • BierceAmbrose

    "Sadgusted" - nice. I'll be using that.

  • dewdney

    Yes. with a thousand burning suns. Yeeeeessss!

  • Monica

    I keep yelling "NO WAIT PLEASE" at that gif, why does it have to start over, I liked where it was going...

  • oilybohunk7

    I'm not saying that there are an equal number, but there are plenty of examples of actors being objectified as well and I'm going to scour the web to find them, purely for educational purposes, of course.

  • KatSings

    Yes, more shirtless Hemsworth. At all times.

  • Tate

    People in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones.

  • I understand why starlets need to strip for free exposure. But I wonder why somebody like Emma Stone would succumb to the lure of the naked sirens call. She's established her A-list credibility and doesn't need to bounce on trampolines to get acting gigs anymore. Did she not get that memo?

  • Guest

    See Emma Thompson in the 90s (already A-list, branded as a witty chic fully-clothed sophisticate, and yet...). That one still bugs me, so absurd it seemed at the time. So OBVIOUS in its disparity. Still, I always wonder how much power these celebs have to say "fuck ye" once they're on set. The pressure from PR flacks alone...

  • jM

    I need to be alone with that gif. Where's that place we say we go in times like these? From Firefly? The trunk? The skunk? Dammit, I can't think straight! EVERYONE JUST AVERT YOUR EYES!

  • Green Lantern

    "I've got to to see a monk."

  • "I'll be in my bunk."

  • Tinkerville

    I'd try to think of something witty or academic to say about the objectification of women and society's double standards and whatnot, but I am far too hypnotized by that gif to do anything other than drool.

  • Natallica

    His lower back is an angels' playground *sigh*

  • Bedewcrock

    Please, sir, I'd like some more objectification.

  • chanohack

    I could watch that gif all day.

  • If I looked like that I'd pull a McConoughy every chance I got. They'd have to force me to put a shirt on. And who would try to when you're that big?

  • Tracer Bullet

    Yep. If I had that body, I wouldn't even own shirts. I'd just put band-aids on my nipples to prevent frostbite.

  • emmelemm

    Made me laugh.

  • Eva

    You have definitely identified the problem.

  • Pinky McLadybits

    /nods vigorously in agreement
    Go on and take it off, Hemsworth! Or have the ladies put stuff back on. OR TAKE IT OFF, HEMSWORTH!

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