Zachary Quinto Talks Spock Balls and Broadway In His Adorable reddit AMA

By Jodi Clager | Seriously Random Lists | December 11, 2013 | Comments ()


Zachary Quinto is appearing in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway. He’s also been in some little films about space travelers or something. I don’t know. He stopped by reddit to push his Broadway run and a movie he produced called Banshee Chapter.

1. You seem to really enjoy working in the theater. Do you find that difficult to balance with other acting and producing obligations?

i really respond to the consistency of a theatre schedule. there’s much more structure in that scenario so it is easier to also channel energy elsewhere when i have to.

2. I swear to God I’ve seen you in my Grade 9 Health textbook in Georgia. Did you do any kind of child modelling for textbooks?

i had an extensive health book modeling career as a child. thank you for recognizing my early work.

3. As a word nerd, your vocab competition with Chris Pine during the Trek press tour was so entertaining. Do you have a favorite word?

my favorite word is brouhaha.

4. How itchy are the spock ears?

not as itchy as the balls.

5. Good afternoon, Zach! I’m a fellow ZQCer who saw you during the Winter Storm Nemo/Glass Menagerie Spectacular. ;-)
If you could rate the scare factor for The Banshee Chapter from 1 to 10 (or momentary heebie-jeebies to sleeping with the light on for the next month), what would it be?

banshee chapter works so well because it has scares on all levels. the jumps that take you by complete surprise - and the slow build anxiety of suspense. plus the element of historical truth and it plays on a lot of different aspects of the genre. you may be able to sleep in the dark - but i’d keep a flashlight under your pillow.

6. I’d like to thank you for officially ‘coming out’ when you did, I won upwards of $3,000 in my department’s annual contest because of it. It’s pretty much the only time I give two shits if somebody is gay or not, because it can earn me a lot of money. Next time you’re in Seattle, drinks on me

your department has an annual contest about gay celebrities?! do you work at sephora?

7. what will you do after this faqs

i’m going to present at gypsy of the year for this year’s broadway cares/equity fights aids fall collection drive. so actually i have to run to catch the train. have a good day!

8. Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Give a short description on the outcome of the fight.

i think i have to go one horse sized duck. a hundred duck-sized horses would shit everywhere and then take you out at the shins so you slip on it and fall and then they can trample you to smithereens.

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  • BlackRabbit

    How do they confirm that the folks answering the AMA's are actually the right people?

  • the dude

    there's a picture

  • BlackRabbit

    Oh, a picture. Well, that's irrefutable. :)

  • Guest

    Best one was
    What is your go-to comfort movie?
    ZQ: rampart

  • Batman

    Best one was

    What is your go-to comfort movie?

    ZQ: rampart.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Apparently his keyboard's Shift keys are broken.

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