Where Does Rory Gilmore Dating Pete Campbell Fall on the Co-Stars Dating IRL Creepiness Scale?

By Josh Kurp | Seriously Random Lists | June 18, 2012 |

Anyway, Rory and Vincent = NOPE. There's something just...weird about it. Maybe it's because I still think of Rory as a 17-year-old who owns a stuffed rooster named Colonel Plucker, and now I have to imagine that Angel's son is "plucking" her, but Josh (and probably Joanna, too - as for Dustin, who knows? He's a monster) doesn't like. But how does it compare to other recent(ish) TV co-star IRL relationships? Well, let's take a look; the couples are ranked from least to most inherently creepy.

Linda Cardellini - Jason Segel
lindsay jason.jpg

Rachel Bilson - Adam Brody
rachel adam.JPG

Milo Ventimiglia - Alexis Bledel
milo rory.jpg

Jennifer Garner - Michael Vartan (post-Scott Foley)
jennifer vartan.jpg

Anna Paquin - Stephen Moyer
stephen anna.jpg

Lea Michele - Cory Monteith
lea cory.jpg

Nina Dobrev - Ian Somerhalder
nina ian.jpg

Kiele Sanchez - Zach Gilford
zach kiele.jpg

Jennifer Morrison - Jesse Spencer
chase cameron.jpg

Most of those relationships: totally fine. Here's where things get WEIRD.

Milo Ventimiglia - Hayden Panettiere
milo hayden.jpg

Debra Messing - Will Chase
debra will.jpg

Blake Lively - Penn Badgley
blake penn.jpg

Evangeline Lilly - Dominic Monaghan
kate charlie.jpg

Fred Armisen - Abby Elliott
fred abby.jpeg

Emily VanCamp - David Annable (also Chris Pratt on "Everwood")
emily david.jpg

Alexis Bledel - Vincent Kartheiser
rory vincent.jpg

Lauren Graham - Peter Krause
peter krause lauren.jpg

Jennifer Carpenter - Michael C. Hall
mch jennifer.jpg

Georgia Moffett - David Tennant
doctor daughter.jpg

Also: best celebrity couple ever?

alyson alexis.jpg

Best celebrity couple ever.

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