Where Does Rory Gilmore Dating Pete Campbell Fall on the Co-Stars Dating IRL Creepiness Scale?

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Where Does Rory Gilmore Dating Pete Campbell Fall on the Co-Stars Dating IRL Creepiness Scale?

By Josh Kurp | Seriously Random Lists | June 18, 2012 | Comments ()

rory pete.jpg

Of this, I do not approve: Alexis Bledel, who I will call Rory Gilmore from here on out, because she will ALWAYS be Rory Gilmore in my heart, is going steady with her "Mad Men" co-star Vincent Kartheiser, who I will call neither Connor nor Pete Campbell, because eww. Celebrities are people (what???), so they're allowed to date whomever they want, but in my mind, I had decided that Rory would get back together with Jess (not Dean, not Logan, but Jess), and they'd live happily ever after with Lorelai and Luke and Lane and Terry from "True Blood" and Sookie not from "True Blood." But like Rory's plans of going to Harvard, it wasn't meant to be. So, I guess, in this metaphor, Milo Ventimiglia is the Harvard to Vincent's Yale? Sure.

Anyway, Rory and Vincent = NOPE. There's something just...weird about it. Maybe it's because I still think of Rory as a 17-year-old who owns a stuffed rooster named Colonel Plucker, and now I have to imagine that Angel's son is "plucking" her, but Josh (and probably Joanna, too - as for Dustin, who knows? He's a monster) doesn't like. But how does it compare to other recent(ish) TV co-star IRL relationships? Well, let's take a look; the couples are ranked from least to most inherently creepy.

Linda Cardellini - Jason Segel
lindsay jason.jpg

Rachel Bilson - Adam Brody
rachel adam.JPG

Milo Ventimiglia - Alexis Bledel
milo rory.jpg

Jennifer Garner - Michael Vartan (post-Scott Foley)
jennifer vartan.jpg

Anna Paquin - Stephen Moyer
stephen anna.jpg

Lea Michele - Cory Monteith
lea cory.jpg

Nina Dobrev - Ian Somerhalder
nina ian.jpg

Kiele Sanchez - Zach Gilford
zach kiele.jpg

Jennifer Morrison - Jesse Spencer
chase cameron.jpg

Most of those relationships: totally fine. Here's where things get WEIRD.

Milo Ventimiglia - Hayden Panettiere
milo hayden.jpg

Debra Messing - Will Chase
debra will.jpg

Blake Lively - Penn Badgley
blake penn.jpg

Evangeline Lilly - Dominic Monaghan
kate charlie.jpg

Fred Armisen - Abby Elliott
fred abby.jpeg

Emily VanCamp - David Annable (also Chris Pratt on "Everwood")
emily david.jpg

Alexis Bledel - Vincent Kartheiser
rory vincent.jpg

Lauren Graham - Peter Krause
peter krause lauren.jpg

Jennifer Carpenter - Michael C. Hall
mch jennifer.jpg

Georgia Moffett - David Tennant
doctor daughter.jpg

Also: best celebrity couple ever?

alyson alexis.jpg

Best celebrity couple ever.

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  • Becca Eberman

    Ever since I found out Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev were together, I have for the first time considered having a polygamous relationship. They're just both so goddamn attractive! I CAN'T DECIDE!

  • Az

    Oh man, Jennifer Garner looks exactly like her daughter Violet in that picture.

  • Cabbage418

    I feel like a bad Pajibite (Pajibian?) for saying this, but I haven't watched enough of those shows to know why said relationships are creepy. I know of the actors, and of the shows, so I'm assuming a bunch of them play siblings. That said, although I think it's ridiculous that Rory would sleep with Pete on the show, their little baby faces probably go perfectly together in real life.

  • duckandcover

    I'm right there with you. I knew of maybe two relationships that happened, but for all it's worth, I just looked at a bunch of celebrities in somewhat creepy poses with their past and current significant others.

  • Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are the best celebrity couple by a mile. It's not even close. If it weren't for the sake of Alyson's vagina I would call for a mandate that they have as many children as possible. It has to be a given their kids will be too adorable.

  • Ash

    i would say that Vincent Kartheiser could do better, but i'm 100% sure that's my jealousy talking.

  • colinc

    Kathrine Heigl and Jason Behr siblings in Roswell were dating

  • kimk

    Hmm, to me the only couples that are really creepy are those where one member of the couple just gives me the creeps - Milo Ventewhatever and Hayden Pantetierre being the most inherently creepy coupling b/c both of them seem like total tools (although it was really amusing to see them displaying completely inappropriate chemistry during S1 of "Heroes"). Compared to Milo this appears to be a step up for Alexis Bledel (or maybe she just has a thing for guys with really difficult to spell last names?).

  • lowercase_ryan

    WWP FTMFW!!!

  • Older readers may also remember Jessica Alba dating Michael Weatherly during the filming of Dark Angel... They even got engaged.

  • Bodhi

    He dodged a bullet there

  • Candee

    Whenever I see that Ian Somerhalder guy'a name, I always, always, always think it's Smolderholder. I will never pronounce his name correctly. I'm not even sure who that guy is...so I guess it doesn't really matter.

  • TS

    That is hilarious! I will forever think of him as Ian Smolderholder.....

  • gurt

    Who are those people at the end?

  • Ziver

    Your Whedon club credentials REVOKED!

  • Strand

    Took a while for me to figure out that was Hannigan.

  • Guest

    Actually, that's a horrid picture for figuring out anything.

  • Melissa

    I totally agree on Aly/Alexis. So freaking adorable, it's ridiculous.

  • Um...I have no idea who the best celebrity couple is in that photo.

  • nosio

    I think it's Alyson Hannigan and her husband with their daughter...?

  • Anna Paquin - Stephen Moyer :

    MOST creepy. Definitely the sleazy professor/college freshman vibe.

    Get back with me on anyone with Alexis Bledel when she doesn't look fifteen.

  • Slash

    Eh, people hook up at work. Everybody does it, not just celebrities. Get over it.

  • Zirza

    Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are perfect together. Which is why I don't watch their show.

  • Guest

    Since you have the "Dexter" siblings, I say throw in the FAR creepier Joely Richardson and freak-kid duo who play mother and son on Nip/Tuck. That's still the capper for me.

  • F'mal DeHyde


  • badkittyuno

    what's more disturbing is how skinny Rory Gilmore is now. that girl needs a willy wonka movie night stat

  • Lindsey With an "e"

    I love the Tennant/Moffet pairing. It is so delightfully Who-cestuous.

  • John W

    Best celebrity couple ever?

    I'll go with George Burns and Gracie Allen.

  • Guest

    Bert & Ernie

  • Arran

    Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Newman and Woodward for me.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Fred Armisen isn't completely asexual?

  • Arran

    Faaaaaaar from it by most accounts.

  • Sars

    The Twin Cities' Citypages interviewed Kartheiser and slapped him on the cover. Came off as a real dick and a douche. He deserves a Lohan.

  • annie

    Emily Van Camp loves dating her TV brothers, doesn't she? Peter Krause and Lorelei have nothing on Emily and Dave and their on-screen storyline of "we're siblings for three years! Wait, no, not really, so let's make out!"

  • Yeah, but he married someone else.

  • Kala

    The only genuinely weird relationship there is Ventimiglia and Panettiere (Christ, those wedding invitations would have been a bitch; could you imagine if she decided to hyphenate her last name?), and that's because I think 30 year olds shouldn't be fucking around with teenagers. The Moffat-Tennant thing is only upsetting because I should be with him.

    Jess? Really? Out of her trainwreck relationships, you wanted her to stay with JESS? Feh.

  • PaddyDog

    Alexis Bledel is a serial co-star dater. It will only last as long as the next role.

  • Leigh

    I thought the same thing. I feel kinda bad for her, though. What if she is truly naive enough to fall in love with every actor she makes out with on screen? Lame.

  • Psychicdog

    Holy crap, PaddyDog, you're right! This girl I knew in high school was always cast as the ingenue in every high school play and dated every one of her romantic counterparts in the cast. Of course, the relationships would mysteriously fall apart two weeks after the cast party.

  • Nimue

    I was waiting for the ones where they play siblings. Squicks me out.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Is that Car-loh-tta with Matty Saracen?

  • emilya

    nope. that is his fiancee

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