The 10 Best Movies Of the First Half Of 2014
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The 10 Best Movies Of the First Half Of 2014

By The Pajiba Staff | Seriously Random Lists | June 29, 2014 | Comments ()


10. Obvious ChildObvious Child is scarily easy to explain in a sentence: abortion rom-com. But, like every stupidly short terrible elevator pitch explanation, that doesn’t even begin to cover the whole of what this complicated, hilarious, strange and wonderful little film is about. Obvious Child is the kind of movie that shouldn’t be so surprising. Yes! There is a way to discuss these difficult things without resorting to awkward nonsense or heavy handed drama, yes there are other people dealing with the things you’re dealing with, and they are making art and you can see it right now. It shouldn’t feel like a groundbreaking revelation when someone makes something good, something true and real. And yet it still does, and there’s something wonderful about art that can still surprise and delight. Obvious Child is worthy of contemplation, for as much as it does not say as for what it reveals about the way we think about ourselves. Also, it’s actually funny, and there’s precious little of real funny in the world these days. — Amanda Mae Meyncke

9. EnemyEnemy is a trippy little mindfuck. It’s a Canadian/Spanish production directed by Canadian Denis Villeneuve (who also directed Prisoners) based on the 2002 erotic thriller The Double from Portuguese author José Saramago. It stars an American in Gyllenhaal, a Parisian in Mélanie Laurent, Canadian Sarah Gadon, and Italian actress Isabella Rossellini. It’s a fascinating film, and to give anything away besides the premise would completely spoil it. — Dustin Rowles

8. Raid 2 — Most viewers, myself included, found the first film’s singular focus on action glorious. However, there was a minority of dissent siding with Roger Ebert, who panned the flick and found the wall-to-wall violence pointless and catering to video game fanboys. Notwithstanding the broader scope of the film, The Raid 2 remains a violently action-packed film with some brutal moments that will make even the hardest stomachs quiver. Those that found the first film unnecessarily violent will likely have the same complaints here, despite the more developed story. Those people, for the record, are p*ssies. But for the rest of us, The Raid 2 is awesome. — Seth Freilich

7. NeighborsNeighbors is insanely, hilariously funny, and what makes it doubly so is the fact that the humor comes from a familiar place: Exhaustion, the inability to find moments in our day to have have sex our spouses, and the concern that the comfortable monotony of our adult lives means missing out on some theoretical adventures. That’s what makes it more than hilarious; that’s what makes Neighbors interesting. — Dustin Rowles

6. Grand Budapest Hotel — So many parts of The Grand Budapest Hotel make this feel like Anderson’s most highly stylized film yet, though that’s not to say it’s airless. It doesn’t have any of the formal stiffness of, say, The Life Aquatic. Part of this is because the film is itself about the nature of memory and creation, so the artifice plays into the construct. But it’s also because Anderson’s script and cast are among his best. — Daniel Carlson

5. How to Train Your Dragon 2 — How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a rare followup that not only lives up to the hype of the first movie but also manages, somehow, to surpass all expectations. Dean DeBlois is back in the director’s seat. He manages the incredible feat of balancing a handful of subplots that would never come together in the hands of a lesser helmer. Not only does he give his audience a sophisticated story, but the visuals are simply spectacular. Remember how good the first movie looked? This one is better. From the very opening scene, this movie will slay you. Each scene seems to top the next. — Agent Bedhead

4. Captain America: Winter Soldier — Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a huge, fun, deeply satisfying film, and not just because it’s a well-made comic book movie. It’s a well-made movie that tells a fairly impressive story about the dangers of absolute powers, about corruption and greed and betrayal. But it’s also about heroes, and it gets the audience behind its heroes without devolving into jingoistic bloviating or ham-handed, corny imagery. There’s no flag-waving, no ridiculous speeches or lectures on freedom and justice and all that. Those ideas are there, but they’re subtly woven into the script, made a part of the story (as they should be) so as to make him a better and more engaging character, but not used as a club to beat the viewer into submission. It’s a collection of capable performances and beautifully-rendered action sequences combined to build a well-crafted, energetic and interesting story, and is unquestionably one of the best in this increasingly-large and now far more complicated universe. — TK

3. Edge of TomorrowEdge of Tomorrow is the best science fiction film since District 9. While the action is impressive and quite fun, it’s in the quiet moments that the film really finds itself. It’s in those moments that Cruise shines, taking Cage on an evolution from callowly just trying to avoid combat at all, to trying to unravel a way to win, to making winning worth accomplishing at all. — Steven Lloyd Wilson

2. The LEGO Movie — Whoever you are out there (yeah, you), you’re gonna adore The Lego Movie. I don’t care whether you’re a carefree child, a hipster college student, or a (begrudgingly) responsible adult. There’s something for everyone in this film. The Lego Movie is built for excess and pulls it off marvelously. Most importantly, the film does not follow the prescribed animation tropes. Not only does this movie look fantastic, but so much care went into the script that I have to bow down just a little bit. You don’t get this kind of unexpected satisfaction very often in the realm of kiddie flicks. The Lego Movie is not only surprising because it’s not a let down but because it celebrates the sense of surprise. Go forth and build. — Agent Bedhead

1. Snowpiercer — Readers, I see a lot of movies. Most of them are good. Some are great. A small number I love. And every once in a while I see a movie that leaves me vibrating with energy as I leave the theater, knowing that what I just saw will stick with me probably for the rest of my life, or at least until the inevitable robot overlords come and conquer the planet. Snowpiercer is one of those. Rebecca Pahle

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  • Kertburger

    I cannot believe the love that Snowpiercer is getting.

    This movie was absolute dogshit and full of holes. My friends and I were laughing out loud at how bad this movie was.


    1. Oh, did you get a 9" knife thrown all the way into your leg, Tilda? Don't worry, you'll be walking and running just fine in 3 minutes. No bandages or anything else required!

    2. We watch them go from the back of the train to the front, Where are the insects coming from? Where are all the people who aren't from the back sleeping? Where do they live? I suppose the ladies in the salon car just live there, right? We sure don't see anyone pass through any sleeper cars or living quarters.

    3. Oh, you are seeing the sun for the first time in 17 years? Don't worry, your eyes only need 15 seconds to adjust.

    4. You fought your way through 100 guys with axes and machine guns? Well the joke is on you, sucker! I got a fat woman here who's wearing a yellow jacket and holding a handgun! Try getting by her!

    5. Arbitrary camera shaking during action scenes in order to avoid having to choreograph the realistic action that would be required if the camera wasn't shaking? CHECK!

    6. Careful. Your arm will get torn off if you stick it in the running engine of a '77 Ford Ranchero. But if you stick it in the gears of the most powerful locomotive engine in the world to save a child, your arm will bring the engine to a screeching halt! Brilliant!

    7. Remember the villain goon that you choked to death with a crowbar and shoved a 2 foot machete into? Yeah, he's not dead.

    8. You made eye contact with a polar bear that hasn't seen food in who knows how long. So heart warming. Yeah, you might want to run. You're about to be lunch.

    If you loved this movie, you have horrible taste in films. It really is that simple.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    If you're that nitpicky (not to mention too lazy to think about some of those things), how can you enjoy any kind of fiction?

  • io

    Snowpiercer comes out on July 18th in Canada. The anticipation is LITERALLY killing me.

  • googergieger

    And Train Your Dragon was cute enough. Glossed over the emotional punch pretty quick. I don't know I think most people just have really low expectations nowadays. Myself included.

  • googergieger

    Winter Soldier was more boring than this statement.

  • atoz15

    obvious child!! absolutely loved it

  • lonestarr357

    Neighbors - Some good laughs, but it felt like it was improvised to within an inch of its life.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel - Seriously, why did none of the reviews mention the moments of gore? They jar horribly with the rest of the movie.

  • Jezzer

    I would probably take "Grand Budapest Hotel" off the list and replace it with anything that's not a treacly Wes Anderson shitfest.

  • amberdragonfly

    Maybe my brain has been warped by too many kids movies, but I really liked Maleficent.

  • Bad Superman

    Calvary is better than all you have listed.

  • $54955559

    Haven't seen Snowpiercer, but although Edge of Tomorrow and, to an extent thanks to terrible pacing, the LEGO movie were great, I would have to put Captain America 2 at the tip top of what I've seen so far. I'm just glad someone for once didn't put the terrible Godzilla remake up there. I guess it was a good drama, but I wanted to see Godzilla kick ass! Didn't get much of that besides some very dark night scenes.

  • Cheetahdriver

    The EofT was great, but I kept thinking afterwards what someone else could have done as the lead. It was good, but it missed being great because Maverick was in there.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Neighbors was so extremely, so insanely, so over the top...meh, I didn't even know how to react. or care

  • The Pink Hulk

    Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes to "Obvious Child." If you've not seen it yet, and it is ANYWHERE near you, go.

  • gorge jung

    Seeing Obvious Child tonight because it was sold out yesterday. Apparently if you weren't at the Pride Parade you were watching that movie. Also seeing Snowpiecer this week too. Want to see The Rover too before they take it out of theaters. 3 movies out that I want to see is kind of a surprise.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Was I the only person that really loved The Immigrant?
    Ok then...I'll just go sit in the corner.

  • Queen_Boudicca

    I LOVE seeing Winter Soldier on this list. I can't recall the last time I saw such complex themes as loss of bodily autonomy/agency/free-will (seriously what happened to Bucky Barnes is a true nightmare scenario; he's the victim, not a villain) was dealt with - and competently! - within a blockbuster film. I was shocked and impressed.

  • Ozioma

    Every time I see someone call The Winter Soldier a villain, or compare him to Loki, I want to reach through my computer screen and slap some sense into them.

    I just hope his recovery isn't rushed for the next Cap movie.

  • stella

    Wait people compare the Winter Soldier to Loki? What? That makes absolutely no sense.

  • Corps I Am

    Isn't it crazy how alike the Winter Soldier and Loki are?

    My Webroot blocks your slap.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I'm gonna find his rehabilitation hard to sell after that sequence where he kicked a poor helicarrier officer into a jet turbine.

    That sequence made me squirm in my seat.

  • Queen_Boudicca

    One could argue that the constant torture and brainwashing that Bucky Barnes endured over the course of decades was more brutal and appalling than anything he was programmed to do as a blank slate user HYDRA's control.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    That's a fair point, I just hope the next Cap flick won't shy away from making Bucky accountable for his killing spree throughout TWS. I liked that moment during 'The Avengers' when Hawkeye asked Black Widow how many SHIELD guys he had killed and expressed remorse over actions that were out of his control. Whedon could have cut that scene or said "bah, it doesn't matter" and I was glad he didn't.

  • Queen_Boudicca

    Oh, absolutely. To ignore Bucky's inevitable remorse (and I say "inevitable" because he is shown to be a moral person in The First Avenger; constantly protecting pre-serum Steve) would just be bad storytelling. When he regains his memories, it won't be pretty. In fact, I don't think it's a coincidence that Sam Wilson was shown helping veterans cope with guilt and PTSD. Bucky will need his help in the next film.

  • psemophile

    Didn't Under The Skin come out in the first half of 2014?

  • MyraM93

    Haven't watched Snowpiercer yet, but i honestly believe CA:TWS was one of the best movies i've ever watched, and for me would be #1.

    I don't agree with The Lego Movie and Edge of Tomorrow though- i dragged my entire family for The Lego Movie and was cringing with guilt and disappointment cuz none of us liked it. As for Edge of Tomorrow...i love Tom Cruise (yeah, you heard that right), buut i didn't find it memorable or anything like that. Its worth a watch, i guess, tonnes of action and great comedy buut i may just forget about this movie after a couple of years.

    Neighbours, though, HELL YEAH. I usually find comedy movies really, really stupid and annoying and not at all funny, but this was the first one which i'm really looking forward to watching it again once it comes out on DVD.

    HTTYD2 was great, too. Watched it twice already because its that worth a watch. Plenty of fun, colours, emotional scenes..although some were so cheesy i was literally cringing in my seat.

    The rest of the movies i haven't really watched lol

  • Boo_Radley

    Just saw Snowpiercer - have to agree. Exciting stuff.

  • Vladimir Petroski

    Where the hell is XDoFP???

  • JustOP

    I'm seeing these comments have lacked any discussion on Enemy so I'll just jump in. I think it's probably my favourite movie of the year so far (to the point that I've spent the last few weeks writing a couple thousand word analysis on it).

    I sort of agree with Dustin that giving anything away will spoil it but I'll try my best to sell it anyway - Gyllenhaal gives two performances that are superb. Body language, voice, stance are all in mind when he plays these men and he does it so naturally that it's clear he's becoming one of the best actors Hollywood has to offer. It's literary, incredibly thoughtful - almost every shot serves a purpose. It's a psychological horror drama that is a complete joy to take in.

    As an aside, I mostly agree with this list (although I'd kick Neighbors out for X-men) and that review has made me seriously contemplate going to watch Snowpiercer despite knowing near nothing about it.

  • sailboat

    Do you mind sharing your analysis with me? I watched it a couple of weeks ago and can't get that fucking last scene out of my mind. It left me feeling cold, weird and unable to move.

    The only other movie I watched recently that had the same amount of impact is Upstream Color. But that film didn't leave me like a confused wet baby like Enemy did.

  • JustOP

    I would, but I havn't actually finished it yet, so I'll just adress a few things. I'm wary about posting spoilers so openly so anyone reading this, there are *SPOILER*ish things ahead.

    What I'd say it that Adam & Anthony are an aspect of one mans mind (who never appears in the movie, so I'll call him Jake). The whole film takes place in Jake's subconcious and is an effort for him to overcome issues in his life (particularly with his wife). There's a load of evidence to support this, but I'll just give one for brevity's sake - The conversation Adam has with his mother when she compliments his apartment, compliments his job as a history teacher, but tells him to 'give up his acting fantasy'. So have a think of the events of the film within that framework.

    The spiders are largely symbolic for certain things in his life - that final spider (who pretty much scares everyone, incredible ending) represents a fairly complicated idea. The short version is that a central theme to the plot of Enemy was about Jake overcoming a certain aspect of his psyche (fear of commitment), which he does when Anthony dies. However, he immediately falls back into the role of Anthony upon finding the key, and then tells his wife that he's going to the sex club. He goes in to see his wife and she's, well you know. She essentially symbolizes the commitment (wife & pregnancy) that he is afraid of; and the reason she recoils is because she realizes the cycle of his adultery/non-commitment are about to start all over again (remember the lecture he gave at the beginning? 'everything in history happens twice?') The very first scene of the film in the sex club occurs just after the end of the movie, and what is he doing? Having a prositute crush a spider. It's beautiful storytelling. The other spiders in the film represent a number of other things, but they largely boil down to his various relationships and connection to 'women'.

    Really great film. Let me know if you're interesting in a more in-depth analysis I'll be happy to link to my thoughts when I finish it, which I'm hoping is later on today.

  • sailboat

    Thanks for sharing, that's fascinating!

    The little smirk that he does when the final spider recoils at him made that scene even more bizarre and jarring. At that point, I feel like he realized that she knew he wasn't the same person as the night before.

    Thinking back now, it makes sense that Anthony and Adam are part of one person's psyche. In the scene where he's crying on the couch and the wife says she wants him to stay was so cleverly done. At first I thought that there really were two separate people that looked exactly the same. But what she said could mean two different things as well. What she really meant was that she knew it was the Adam part of her husband's mind and liked him better. When they first meet outside the college, she calls him right away but we don't see Adam once he's inside the building and answer the phone.

    Do you remember if the mother's voicemail was left on Adam's machine or Anthony's? From what I remember it seemed like it was Adam's but his apartment is not that great. And when Anthony visits he says the same thing, something about how he could live in such a place.

  • JustOP

    An interesting theory I read is that the man whose mind it takes place in has some sort of split personality disorder - and that his wife slowly became aware of it, and thus both of these aspects of his personality. That's why she's so careful in her interactions with them. Not sure I ascribe to it entirely but it helps understand what's happening a little bit more clearly.

    As to your last question - not sure. What I believe is that Jake (the man whose mind this film is taking place in) had an affair with his wife, they split up, but are now trying to work things out.

    The Adam persona is a sort of manifestation of this period of his life - he is free from any sort of solid commitment and to act out his sexual desires, but his life is entirely repetitious and unfulfilling - his apartment is literally empty except for a bed and some chairs, and he's shown to do the same thing day in and day out.

    Anthony on the otherhand is in a committed relationship, but an incredibly strained one. One that's so strained that he eventually succumbs to his desires anyway and tries to sleep with Helen, resulting in his 'death'. As an aside, his environment is much more desirable and pleasurable than Adams; he has a nice apartment, nice clothes, a cool job - it's almost like the 'idealized' version of what's supposed to happen when you get married. It stands to reason then that Anthony would be calling Adam out on this, given they're apart of this man's pysche.

    'How could I live like this (Adam)' when I could have this(Anthony)?

    So, what I think about the voicemail is - the voicemail criticizing his apartment was during the split-up period.

    The comments from his mother complimenting his apartment are during the transitional phase of him attempting to overcome the aspect of himself that was most afraid of commitment(Ant), whilst the other aspect comes to terms with it(Ad) - in reality, the time where Jake and his wife are trying to reconcile.

    The fact that the mother also comments that he should 'give up his fantasy of acting' in this scene means, to me, that Adam's idea of marraige are a 'fantasy' - it's not some perfect ideal. It's time for him to give up this idea of being a famous actor, and be comfortable being the 'respectable' history teacher. But Adam is so afraid of committing, and losing control over his life (dictatorship speech) that he simply can't let it go.

  • Kala

    Never heard of Enemy, but just added it to the Queue. I brushed Gyllenhaal off for a long time, but he's been remarkable in his recent spate of performances.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    The Raid 2 was too long, but otherwise great.

    Snowpiercer is worth it for the performances alone and should not be taken to literally. I don't know it should be ranked first, though.

  • Andrew J

    I want to make the same complaint about the raid because the story was so simple but then that last hour of fighting really brings it all home

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  • amberdragonfly

    I made $8.76 on etsy last week. It was a good week.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Bitch, please. According to you, your auntie has a Jaguar, an Audi Q5, an Infiniti, and maybe even a Ford Focus. I know the bitch gets around, but I can't swallow this tripe.

  • Boo_Radley

    Aunty Alison makes her cash from the Back Page.

  • emmalita

    Signed Pucks Poutine, Hero of Canada

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I'd be remiss if I didn't include Only Lovers Left Alive and Under The Skin.

    Though that's a pretty damn consistent list. I just saw Neighbours a few hours ago and it was way funnier than I expected it to be.

    And I f*cking loved The Raid 2, I will probably gather my relatives and politely force them to stay after the World Cup match on friday to watch it.

    Also, no love for Noah? That creation sequence followed by the origin of sin were some of the most awe-inducing scenes I've ever seen in spite of a few shortcomings. It's neither a masterpiece nor nearly as polished as some of Aronofsky's other films but by God did it have some incredible moments.

  • That's a good point. 'Noah' was pretty damn spectacular.

  • 'Winter Soldier' should be #1, unless they're not in order of quality, in which case I suppose it doesn't really matter.

  • Cheetahdriver

    In example of "But it’s also about heroes, and it gets the audience behind its heroes
    without devolving into jingoistic bloviating or ham-handed, corny

    I have simply two words "Capt's Orders"

  • the_ultimate_now

    No love for Locke?

  • Lord Inferno

    So far this year, I have only managed to see The Lego Movie and, judging by my current schedule, I will never again have enough time in my life to see another movie. So, would it be possible to do a supercut of all these movies that I could watch in 30 minutes? Something along the lines of:

    Captain America is trapped in an endless time loop on a speeding train where he must fight through a billion cars worth of hammer-wielding Indonesian crime lords and dildo-wielding frat brothers to make it to the front of the train, where he finds a doppelganger of himself that he begins to fight to the death, only to be blown up by a woman riding a dragon while hilariously swinging a fetus above her head. All done in Wes Anderson's whimsically melancholic style.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Scarlett Johansson is an alien manhunter with a penchant for roaming dark alleys at night when she comes across Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton who are two moribund vampires tagging along with an immortal Christopher Marlowe, played by John Hurt. They must rush towards a sea vessel that will shelter The Creator's chosen ones once the deluge inevitably comes and they must do so by first hitching a ride on Tom Hardy's BMW despite the fact that the man was undergoing an existential crisis on the highway and was headed to see the birth of his illegitimate child before the end of the world while at the same time a gargantuan bipedal lizard and two MUTOs clash downtown.

    Under The Skin, Only Lovers Left Alive, Noah, Locke, Godzilla

  • Kala

    I haven't seen any of the films on this list. I feel as though I should see myself out.

  • Wrestling Fan

    At the absolute least, you owe it to yourself to see The Lego Movie. It was spectacular!

  • Kala

    Planning on seeing it only because of how well-regarded it seems to be around here.

  • Lord Inferno

    The LEGO Movie is the only one of these I have seen.

    I am more than OK with that right now.

  • emmalita

    Only if you see yourself to the movie theater to see one of these movies.

  • Kala

    Going to have to wait on Netflix for most of these. The fact that Snowpiercer isn't playing in my area makes me a sad, miserable panda.

  • e jerry powell
    Enemy is a trippy little mindfuck.

    Your language, sir!

    I may swoon...


  • Andrew J

    I would replace captain america with x-men as I felt cap was too dumbed down

  • Lee

    I haven't seen X-men, but Capt America was a hugely enjoyable flick - we were glued to the screen thoughout. Probably the best superhero flick I've seen yet.

  • Andrew J

    I know a lot of people liked it but I found it too dumb once I gave it any serious thought. I don't want to go on too much cause I know how much it's loved and don't want to sound like a troll but it just wasn't for my taste I guess. Although Chris Evans is still pretty amazing as Captain America.

  • $108368108

    Raid 2 should be #1.

  • emmalita

    I just saw Snowpiercer and loved it. Beautifully brutal and some legitimately funny moments.

    Edit to add: I think the strength of the movie is in the performances and in the directing. In the hands of a lesser director with a lesser cast, it could have been a SyFy movie of the week. There were a lot of tropes used, but I thought the movie came to those moments honestly. There was an attention to detail and a willingness to linger on the moment that made Snowpiercer an enjoyable movie for me.

  • Kertburger

    Attention to detail? Like what, Tilda running and walking fine 3 minutes after having a knife thrown into her leg up to the handle?

    Yeah. "Attention to detail". Right.

  • Brian

    I saw Snowpiercer Saturday afternoon in a crowded auditorium at the Sundance on Sunset. I sat back, fully prepared and ready to give myself fully to this 'amazing' movie I'd read about. Two hours later I left scratching my head as to what all the hype referred to. Outside of Tilda Swinton, some (not all, mind you) cleverly staged action sequences, and a fun 1980s/James Bond style villain, I was underwhelmed. Greatly underwhelmed. Just from the sci fi genre itself, Edge of Tomorrow cleans the floor with Snowpiercer in every way, except for Tilda Swinton.

  • Parsnip

    Pretty much what I thought as well. Don't think I'll be watching it again anytime soon, that's for sure.

  • Harold HIll

    Saw it in the same theater last night and couldn't agree with you more. A phenomenal concept that gets increasingly mired in every single hackneyed American action movie device. Once Tilda was out of the picture, there was nothing left but guns and bombs and blood and ludicrous explanatory monologues. Not the worst movie I've seen but nowhere near living up to the hype.

  • Lord Inferno

    "every single hackneyed American action movie device"

    The movie is South Korean.

  • manting

    not really. The director is. Its a from a french graphic novel. It stars English, American, and South Korean actors. I saw it months ago and I was underwhelmed. Completely lacked subtlety and completely underused Kang - ho Song who I believe is one of the finest actors working in the world today.

  • Harold HIll

    Thanks for the pointless clarification. I didn't say that the movie was American. I said that it employed every single hackneyed American action movie device, which others countries have been doing since the dawn of the genre. I don't care if it was made in South Korea or Whoville, it was as predictable as they come.

  • Mr_Grumpypants

    Only Lovers Left Alive is #1, but these are some solid runner ups.

  • Sandra Archibald Ikushima

    It was released in 2013.

  • emmalita

    Only Lovers Left Alive was out of my local theater so fast, I felt like crying. I'm looking forward to seeing it on my tv or computer.

  • llp

    Where is How to Train Your Dragon 2? Was it released too late?

  • Batman

    It's 5th

  • llp


    *I am dumb, don't shame me.

  • I actually really like this list. I'd personally try to find some room for Belle, but I don't know what I'd dump to squeeze it in.

  • Batman

    Am I the only one who didn't like Snowpiercer?

    Agree with the rest although yet to see Edge of Tomorrow and Obvious Child

  • Lee

    I didn't hate it, but was left feeling despondant at the end. Chris Evans is awesome though.

  • Judge_Snyder

    It's not a bad film by any stretch, but it's not a particularly brilliant one either.

  • Joshvds

    You're not. I hated it. The love being showered over this bloated mess, plot hole ridden, inconsistency filled movie is mind boggling. I laughed out loud at the confession Evans makes towards the end.

  • $108368108

    Am I the only one who didn't like Snowpiercer?

    You aren't.

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