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Gained In Translation: 40 Overly Literal Translated TV Show Titles

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | April 4, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | April 4, 2014 |

Note: Translations are as close as I could get ‘em.

Arrested Development
Chilean: Sacrifices of Family
Danish: Family for Life
French: New Poor
Hungarian: The Verdict: Family
Italian: Arrested Development: Meet the Parents
Portuguese: From Bad to Worse
Swedish: Company Monkey Business & Construction
Slovenian: Weaned Relatives

30 Rock
Brazilian Portuguese: A Crazy on TV

Beverly Hills 90210
Brazilian Portuguese: Barred From the Dance
Spanish: Feeling of Living

The Big Bang Theory
Finnish: Spectacles Fogged Up

Boardwalk Empire
Lithuanian: Dry Law: The Birth of the Mafia

Breaking Bad
Bulgarian: In the Shoes of Satan
Hungarian: Total Suckage
Russian: All Lengths

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Japanese: Buffy: Beloved of the Crucifix

Burn Notice
Portuguese: Spy Out Of His Game

Finnish: Back to the Desk
Hungarian: Left Brakes

Curb Your Enthusiasm
German: Lass is Larry!
Portuguese: Quiet, Larry!
Swedish: Curb, Larry!

Desperate Housewives
Finnish: The Perfect Women

Vietnamese: Dexter Bloodthirsty Angels

Doctor Who
Chinese: Mysterious Professor
Hungarian: Who Are You, Doc?

Freaks and Geeks
Vietnamese: Peculiar and Eccentric

Friday Night Lights
Hungarian: Friday Night Lights: Pure Heart Football

Full House
Spanish (in Argentina): Three for Three
Brazilian Portuguese: Three’s All That
Danish: Hands Full
French: The House Party
Hungarian: Is the House
Italian: Fathers Borrowed

Game of Thrones
Vietnamese: Kingship Game

Gilmore Girls
Polish: Dear Trouble

The Good Wife
Brazilian Portuguese: The Good Wife: On the Right Start

Hart of Dixie
Finnish: Heart Countries

How I Met Your Mother
Finnish: At First Glance
Portuguese: So What Happened Was

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Hungarian: Cloudless Philadelphia
Portuguese: It Never Rains in Philadelphia

Estonian: Limb of the Law
Polish: Justified: Unforgiven
Spanish: Justified: Raylan’s Law

Mad Men
Brazilian Portuguese: Mad Men: Inventing Truths
Russian: The Crazies

Married…With Children
Croatian: Matrimonial Waters
Estonian: Pigeons
Hungarian: A Terribly Nice Family
Polish: World According to Bundy

My So-Called Life
Croatian: And That to Me is a Life
French: Angela, 15 Years
German: Welcome to Life
Japanese: 15-Year-Old Angela’s Days
Spanish: It’s My Life

New Girl
Polish, Portuguese: Jess and the Boys

The O.C.
Brazilian Portuguese: The O.C.: A Stranger in Paradise
Polish: Life on the Wave
Portuguese: The O.C.: In the Land of the Rich

Parks and Recreation
Hungarian: Urban Development Department

Raising Hope
Estonian: Unexpectedly, the Father Of
Hungarian: Foster Care Enough

French: Doctor or Not Doctor
German: The Beginner

Six Feet Under
Croatian: Two Meters Below the Earth
German: Six Feet Under: Dead Will Be Always
Vietnamese: For After Earth Land

Top of the Lake
Portuguese: Shores of Paradise

True Blood
Hungarian: True Blood: Drink and Let Live

True Detectives
Hungarian: On Behalf of the Law

Croatian: Deputy

The Walking Dead
Serbian: Surrounded by Dead

German: Weeds: Small Deals Among Neighbors
Hungarian: Nancy Sitting on the Grass

White Collar
Portuguese: Catch Me If You Can

The X-Files
French: At the Boundaries of Reality

Nadia Chaudhury was inspired to do this post after finding out that the translation of Freaky Friday’s Chinese title is: Hot Mom, Hot Daughter.

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