69 Movies That Failed to Knock Titanic from #1 at the Box Office (and the One That Did)

By Josh Kurp | Seriously Random Lists | April 9, 2012 | Comments ()


The box office numbers for Titanic are simply staggering. Budget: $200 million. Domestic gross: $600 million. Worldwide gross: $1.8 billion. Fourteen Oscars. Three hours and fourteen minutes long. One dead old lady. One alive, then suicidal Billy Zane.

But according to Box Office Mojo, Titanic is the also the highest grossing disaster AND romantic drama of all-time, as well as the top box office movie of 1997. It's also the only film in history to finish #1 for 15 consecutive weekends. Think of this way: Hunger Games topped the box office for the third time this weekend, and will likely be the highest grosser of the week next week. But to match Titanic's 15-week record, it'd have to remain number one until July.

But what about the movies that were released in 1997 and 1998 that failed to sink the Titanic, all 69 of them? Here they are, ranked by how far they finished behind Good Golly, Miss Molly Brown, a.k.a. Avatar: The Prequel, a.k.a. Titanic. And the one that did.

The Man in the Iron Mask -- $75,517 (Week Thirteen)

U.S. Marshals -- $791,927 (Week Twelve)

Grease (re-issue) -- $4,158,260 (Week Fifteen)

Primary Colors -- $7,461,403 (Week Fourteen)


Wild Things -- $10,155,444 (Week Fourteen)

Tomorrow Never Dies -- $11,238,846 million (Week One)

The Wedding Singer -- $12,707,723 (Week Nine)

The Newton Boys -- $13,556,707 (Week Fifteen)

Twilight (not that one) -- $14,964,016 (Week Twelve)

The Big Lebowski -- $15,094,450 (Week Twelve)

Hush -- $15,156,378 (Week Twelve)

Ride -- $15,757,179 (Week Fifteen)

Mr. Nice Guy -- $16,173,266 (Week Fourteen)

Meet the Deedles -- $16,363,216 (Week Fifteen)

Dark City -- $16,847,996 (Week Eleven)

The Proposition -- $18,736,826 (Week Fifteen)

No Looking Back -- $18,762,510 (Week Fifteen)


A Prince Above Rubies -- $18,770,871 (Week Fifteen)

Character -- $18,771,896 (Week Fifteen)

The Replacement Killers -- $19,027,725 (Week Eight)

Senseless -- $19,362,640 (Week Ten)

Sphere -- $19,953,055 (Week Nine)

Krippendorf's Tribe -- $20,176,513 (Week Eleven)

Great Expectations -- $20,326,321 (Week Seven)


Spice World -- $20,856,856 (Week Six)

Caught Up -- $21,147,204 (Week Eleven)

Kissing a Fool -- $21,255,804 (Week Eleven)

Blues Brothers 2000 -- $21,871,379 (Week Eight)

Palmetto -- $21,987,955 (Week Ten)

A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies -- $22,293,519 (Week Twelve)


The Leading Man -- $22,312,260 (Week Twelve)

Fireworks -- $22,607,634 (Week Fourteen)

Niagara, Niagara -- $22,678,168 (Week Fourteen)

An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn -- $24,160,363 (Week Eleven)

Kurt and Courtney -- $24,172,157 (Week Eleven)

Desperate Measures -- $24,887,270 (Week Seven)

I Love You, Don't Touch Me -- $25,781,790 (Week Ten)

Comrades, Almost a Love Story -- $25,814,796 (Week Ten)

The Break -- $25,817,514 (Week Ten)


Deep Rising -- $26,268,596 (Week Seven)

Phantom -- $28,868,470 (Week Six)

Nil by Mouth -- $29,020,976 (Week Eight)

Fallen -- $30,643,659 (Week Five)


The Borrowers -- $30,910,461 (Week Nine)

Swept from the Sea -- $32,605,981 (Week Six)

The Gingerbread Man -- $32,661,573 (Week Six)

Firestorm -- $32,708,985 (Week Four)

Slappy and the Stinkers -- $32,788,193 (Week Six)

Fallen Angels -- $32,808,103 (Week Six)

Hard Rain -- $33,487,996 (Week Five)


Half Baked -- $33,747,561 (Week Five)

Hurricane Streets -- $37,848,757 (Week Nine)

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life -- $38,098,755 (Week Nine)

Star Kid -- $39,500,960 (Week Five)

Mouse Hunt -- $41,166,537 million (Week One)

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame -- $42,626,585 (Week Five)

The Boxer -- $44,887,746 (Week Three)


As Good As It Gets -- $46,236,368 million (Week Two)

Guy -- $52,966,185 million (Week One)

Jackie Brown -- $54,879,366 million (Week Two)

An American Werewolf in Paris -- $58,953,868 million (Week Two)


Mr. Magoo -- $60,908,187 million (Week Two)

The Postman -- $61,943,738 million (Week Two)

Wag the Dog -- $70,983,545 million (Week Two)

Ma Vie En Rose -- $71,031,401 (Week Two)

Kundun -- $71,040,215 (Week Two)


Afterglow -- $71,090,552 (Week Two)

The Winter Guest -- $71,137,666 (Week Two)

The Education of Little Tree -- $71,177,878 (Week Two)

And the one that did...


Lost in Space.

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