6 TV Theme Songs That Were Played on the Shows

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6 TV Theme Songs That Were Played on the Shows

By Nadia Chaudhury | Seriously Random Lists | June 17, 2014 | Comments ()


Using a television’s theme song within an episode is like a wink to the viewer. “Hey guys, this right here is SUPER important.” It’s like when a character says the title of the book. You gotta pay attention right now. Here are six television shows that used their own theme songs within an episode to make for even more memorable moments.

Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 10, “The Children”
A children’s choir’s haunting and powerful take on the theme plays as we leave everyone on their way to their next big adventure, and whatever next awful thing awaits Arya.

Breaking Bad, Season 5, Episode 15, “Granite State”
What better way to indicate the return of Heisenberg after being exiled to snowy as hell New Hampshire than with a drink and the slowed-down guitar twangs of the theme song?

Louie, Season 4, Episodes 11-12, “Into the Woods”
Louis C.K. should bring back the theme song for next season, and use Jeremy Renner’s weed-addled riff on “Brother Louie.”

The Wire, Season 5, Episode 10, “-30-“
For the show’s final montage showing us the near-futures of Baltimore and its various cops, drug addicts, gangsters, and politicians, David Simon reverted back to an extended version of the theme used in season one: “Way Down in the Hole,” sung by the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Community, Season 3, Episode 22, “Introduction to Finality”
At the end of the season 3 finale (and what was presumably filmed as a potential series finale since Dan Harmon was leaving), the theme song, sung by The 88, played over a Wire-style montage of what happens to the Greendalians.

Scrubs, Season 8, Episode 18, “My Finale”
After JD watches his future flash before his eyes (or projected onto a dirty hospital sheet, whatever) on WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FINALE, an instrumental version of the theme song (“Superman” by Lazlo Bane) plays him off as he drives away. Then, Ted Buckland’s real life band, the Blanks, performs their cover of the song during the blooper reel that followed the end credits.

Nadia Chaudhury’s theme song would either be the Orange is the New Black theme song, or this song.

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  • thirsty

    No mention of Boston Legal, didnt the cast actually hum the tune?

  • wonkeythemonkey

    Ooh, I got chills remembering the last 60 seconds or so of that Breaking Bad episode, specifically because they used the theme song!

  • TimeTravelMan

    Took me until the season finale to realise that they never played the Louie intro in season 4.

  • kirbyjay

    and why isn't there a video of Jeremy Renner's weed addled riff of Brother Louie?

  • Pitry

    Do cover versions count? House's theme is Massive Attack's Teardrop, and the cover by Jose Gonzalez was played in the episode Amber dies. And it's a damn good cover version, too.

  • Tom

    I'm not going to watch the end of "Scrubs" again because I don't want to cry, but I like to think of the ending as J.D.'s daydream about how his life will turn out. If you had that scene with that character when he was 25, 35 or 45 it would look different each time. It's J.D. walking out of Sacred Heart for the last time and he can't help but imagine what's next.

  • drmsd-O'Hurn

    I have The Blanks (AKA Ted's Band) album so I very familiar with their cover of the theme. Fast forward to the finale.....I vividly remember holding it together until that song came on.

  • Guest





    **Also: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pilot the theme of the series was played at the end of the episode when they are in the storage facility, but the title sequence isn't shown.

  • Popcorn Lewis

    My first thought as well!

  • ShannonReveleyreb

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