19 Terrible Shows That Never Should Have Gotten To The 100-Episode Mark
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19 Terrible Shows That Never Should Have Gotten To The 100-Episode Mark

By Nadia Chaudhury | Seriously Random Lists | March 19, 2014 | Comments ()


Glee used to really good — like, really good. I obsessively watched those first three seasons, and I even paid to see the first live tour. Then, it took a turn right about the time Rachel went to New York. I just couldn’t deal with watching it anymore. All of a sudden, it’s two seasons later and the show hit its 100th episode last night. Oh how time flies, and you realize that other brilliant shows never had the chance to reach that milestone, like Firefly and Bunheads. So here are some lousy shows that you never realized ran long enough to make it to the 100-episode mark, and others well beyond it.

Rules of Engagement
100 episodes, 2007-2013

Las Vegas
106 episodes, 2003-2008

Ghost Whisperer
107 episodes, 2005-2010

The Parkers
110 episodes, 1999-2004

One on One
113 episodes, 2001-2006

Crossing Jordan
117 episodes, 2001-2007

118 episodes, 2005-2010

George Lopez
120 episodes, 2002-2007

The Game
121 episodes, 2006-still on the air

My Wife and Kids
122 episodes, 2001-2005

Yes, Dear
122 episodes, 2000-2006

126 episodes, 2001-2007

Third Watch
132 episodes, 1999-2005

Judging Amy
138 episodes, 1999-2005

Cold Case
156 episodes, 2003-2010

Without a Trace
160 episodes, 2002-2009

172 episodes, 2000-2008

According to Jim
182 episodes, 2001-2009

The King of Queens
207 episodes, 1998-2007

Nadia Chaudhury would take 100 episodes of ‘Party Down’ over ‘Glee’.

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  • sonicjrjr14 .

    I love a majority of these shows, especially King of Queens and Girlfriends.

  • Jenn Blesh

    Well, y'know what they say. . .opinions are like _ _ _holes. . .everybody's got one and they stink.

    Not sure what the criteria is that you use to determine whether any of these shows should have made it but your logic seems severely flawed. Where's Psych? I'm sure that lame show has had to hit 100 epis. Unfortunately. And what about these really lame reality shows that are constantly being crammed down our throats.

  • Kathy Lue

    I don't watch any of those sitcoms. To me they are boring, have canned laughter...MORON TV.

  • Dave

    This list is just awful. Filled with good to great shows.

  • Charles

    Crossing Jordan, Judging Amy, Third Watch were all stuck in a 90's timewarp. Which made those shows likeable, but bland.

  • Tri

    Gilmore Girls.

  • I can't think the words "Crossing Jordan" without having an SVU flashback and thinking "gettin' Georgia" instead.

    As for "According to Jim" - I tried to watch one episode and ended up wanting to punch my TV before the first break. When can we retire the "goofy, huffing-and-puffing, pussywhipped husband with the doting, eye-rolling, never-let-him-know-who's-REALLY-in-charge-ladies wife" trope? Jesus. It's just insulting to everyone involved and it makes Big Bang Theory look like a David Mamet play.

  • xXGrizZ

    The king of queens was a great show for what it was. Sometimes watching something simple and doesn't require you to think is nice. After a long day at work, you just want to shut down your brain and relax. Plus Jerry Stiller is timeless.

  • Madrigalian

    You lost me at; "Glee used to really good — like, really good."

  • sonicjrjr14 .

    What? It was.

  • James Bergquist

    Big Bang Theory and 2 and half men

  • Haystacks

    To be fair, a lot of these should not have gotten to episode 2.

    I'm looking at you, "Yes, Dear"

  • Gaspode

    If you think all these shows are terrible you probably never saw them. Most are good enough to not be called terrible. Terrible implies no redeeming qualities.

  • AudioSuede

    Ugh, my wife's been mainlining Numbers for weeks now since she "discovered" it on Netflix. It's. So. DUMB.

  • amberdragonfly

    I hate to admit it, but I loved Las Vegas. There were a couple of years after it hit syndication where you could find it on some channel for at least five out of every six hours. I never watched it regularly, but it did get me through a few sick days on my couch.

  • heatseeker

    No. NO. Third Watch was AWESOME. Cheesy but AWESOME. And I say that as an actual real live paramedic. I've even done a complete rewatch of that show, and I loved it just as much.

  • Emm82

    Rules of engagement - how the hell did it make it to 10, let alone 100? Yet Dead Like me goes after 2 series. The world is fucked up.

  • babybiceps

    Sorry Pajiba, this miss Chaudhury is NOT an asset to yr site.

    Cool it with the lists.

  • Lucia

    Sorry I love Crossing Jordan! Glad that King of Queens is on this list though. Yuck!

  • Mike Stevens

    Aw shit, I liked Numb3rs. Yet more evidence that I'm lame as fuck. :(

  • duckandcover

    The numbers on these shows remind of a car with the gas light on that dies just as it enters the gas station.

  • lmtj

    I'm not sorry to say....Reba was a hilarious show. The last season was not good, but over all every episode had some funny element. Steve Howie's facial expressions made it work for me.

  • mzblackwidow

    Judging Amy, Without a Trace & Crossing Jordan were good shows. The rest I either agree with or have never seen.

  • Slytherin Sister

    I actually like a few of these shows. Sorry!!

  • Iron

    Mostly I agree with this list but I always did enjoy Numbers and Judging Amy got me through some dark times (Daytime TNT, its always there for you) so it gets a pass.

  • Orleanas

    I disagree with Judging Amy and Girlfriends most vehemently. The others I didn't watch that regularly to have an opinion.

  • e jerry powell

    No, Girlfriends went on two seasons too long. When Jill Marie Jones left, the show was effectively over, but Kelsey Grammer refused to let it go with any dignity. Tracee Ross just got shriller and shriller and more bug-eyed as the show got closer and closer to becoming the devil spawn born of the unholy union between "Sex and the City" and "Seinfeld."

  • Orleanas

    You have a good point. In fact, that's also when I stopped watching the show when it aired as well as recently when I reacquainted myself with the show on YouTube.

    In re-watching it on YouTube, I gained more of an appreciation for the show. I especially liked that it had continuity.

  • LowSlash

    Crossing Jordan introduced me to Richard Thompson (specifically, his cover of Donovan's Season of the Witch) and for that I am ever grateful.

  • pnnylne

    I'm sorry but Girlfriends, Numbers, and Cold Case were good. They kinda fell off on the last seasons but still!

  • manting

    Is Trueblood not at 100 episodes? Also I noticed an inordinate amount of those shows feature all African American casts. Whats up with that?

  • e jerry powell

    UPN/WB kept a lot of mediocre shows on well past their expiration dates until the merger. ABC kept a lot of middling family-friendly "diversity" sitcoms (plus "According to Jim"), kind of their answers to "Everybody Loves Raymond" after a certain point, during the period before NBC took over the bottom slot in the ratings. Not-so-great (ratings above #25-ish but below #75) was probably seen as better than really stinky, and staying family-friendly in the first two hours of primetime is always good, even if the shows themselves aren't.

    Looking at it, "One to One" was produced by and based on Will Smith. Having celebrity producers was a thing at the time; Damon Wayans executive produced "My Wife & Kids," George Lopez exec produced "George Lopez," etc. I think a lot of the ABC shows got killed at about the same time, too.

    Also, "True Blood" is only at 70 episodes through six seasons, and won't reach 100; the first five seasons were 12 episodes each and the sixth only 10.

  • manting

    I know Trueblood is not at 100 episodes, rather I was pointing out that it is a terrible, terrible, show. As for the race question I posed I wasn't wondering who produced these shows but why a pajiba contributor would have so many shows that possess predominantly African American casts as among the worst shows. Also why isn't 2 and 1/2 Men on here? Or Big bang Theory? Or American Idol? Or Keeping up with the Kardashians? Those shows are all lowest common denominator dreck and Im pretty sure they are all over 100 episodes.

  • e jerry powell

    No arguments on that last stuff, except that most of those shows (not to mention a few that were mentioned) aren't really shows that Pajiba tends to pay attention to at all.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Most of these shows are just bland and forgettable, in the sense that I had forgotten they existed. And I want to make it clear that I actually watched a lot of episodes of Girlfriends. And quite a few of Reba. And then totally forgot about them.

  • blacksred

    Interesting the one post that there are several shows with mostly black casts.

  • NoPantsMcLane

    Fuck you guys, King of Queens was absolutely hilarious at times. No show that has Patton Oswalt in one of it's mail roles is terrible.

  • Flyerfan162

    On the contrary, any show/movie with Kevin James as the main character is indeed terrible.
    I LOVE Patton Oswalt, but I still can't watch that show without cringing

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too. I wasn't a regular viewer but I enjoyed the few episodes I watched.

  • DominaNefret

    I will admit, I have never seen the show, but I am surprised that he played a postal worker.

  • narfna

    Interesting that you think Glee stopped being good after season three. I would say way earlier than that. Like, after season one. Maybe even earlier, except Joss Whedon's episode was in the latter half of season one, and that thing was really good.

  • DominaNefret

    Have you actually seen Crossing Jordan? I'm skeptical.

  • I've admittedly seen a few episodes of Without a Trace and not once do I remember them having any dogs. That picture is bullshit.

  • Maddy

    Hey I used to love Judging Amy (but I agree with the rest). I too used to love Glee. I stuck around for the first few episodes after Rachel went to New York because I'm a glutton for punishment, but I just couldn't go on

  • BlackRabbit

    I don't really have an opinion about most of these shows except that these cast photos look really uncomfortable. Is a large group of people smiling and staring at me supposed to be appealing?

  • Judging Amy? One of my all-time favorite shows. It merged procedural and family drama seamlessly. I'm also still shipping Amy and Bruce. And Tyne Daly in anything is flawless.

  • Donna SHerman

    I don't think I've seen a single episode of any of the shows on this list. Except Glee, and I didn't finish season 1.

  • Travis_J_Smith

    My Wife and Kids; Yes, Dear; and The King of Queens aren't terrible. They're not stellar, but they're streets ahead of many of the sitcoms the networks try to push on their viewers.

  • emilya

    i am going to call shenanigans on Judging Amy and Crossing Jordan being on this list. I remember casually watching third watch, but it was always good when i was watching it. SHENANIGANS!

  • punkinelf

    So Glee is #20? The only one of these I liked was Cold Case.

  • Belphebe

    The weird photoshopping of the Parkers picture makes it look like the blue-eyed one in the center is not human. It's seriously creeping me out.
    Her eyebrows are also really confusing.

  • e jerry powell

    The blue contact lenses came with the blonde weave. Package deal.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Countess Vaughn's eyebrows tho.

  • e jerry powell

    Asked and answered.

    When I dye my hair, I leave my eyebrows alone. I look like a black man with dyed-red hair. Nobody is going to believe that I am a natural redhead, so doing the eyebrows and facial hair is too much work for too little result.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    And I would think the chemicals that close to your eyes would be hazardous. I used to die my hair - back when I still had fucks to give - and it never occurred to me to do my brows.

  • e jerry powell

    Some salons that have eyebrow services do eyebrow color as well, but that seems like even more work than is reasonable for WAY too much money.

  • Rob

    Glee used to be really good — like, really good. For three episodes, not three seasons. Seemed important to point that out.

  • Random_Disqus_Guy

    What the fuck is wrong with King of Queens?

  • manting

    That anyone with an 8th grade education can deliver the punchline before the actors do, which makes the show not funny. I will point out this is also the case with nearly every single network sitcom/comedy. I think Community has risen above this but I cant think of any other shows that do.

  • Random_Disqus_Guy

    King of Queens has plenty of those moments, and I'm not putting it in the same league as Veep, Community, Parks and Rec, Archer, etc. But to say its as bad as 'According to Jim' or 'Big Bang Theory' is ridiculous.

  • manting

    fair enough

  • Fabius_Maximus


  • Dumily

    The show. Mainly it's the show that I don't like.

  • lukebc

    "The Brady Bunch" 1969 - 1974

  • e jerry powell

    Be fair; standards for quality were different back them.

  • lukebc

    You mean the same standards that gave us the original Hawaii Five-O?

  • e jerry powell

    It did go over well. 279 episodes in twelve years. The remake is within a season of 100 episodes right now.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Glee has had 100 episodes? Seems like it would be hard to get that much mileage from an after school special with bonus karaoke. Have they at least won Regionals yet?

  • John G.

    Don't stop with Glee, the worst thing to have ever occurred on television is also Ryan Murphy's, American fucking Horror fucking fuck fuck. That show is a war crime.

  • e jerry powell

    Except that AHS, even with three ("mini-series") seasons, isn't even close to fifty total episodes. They'll pass 50 at the end of the fourth season this fall.

  • John G.

    then there is some justice in the world, not much, but some.

  • Devin McMusters

    "Yes, Dear"? Classic.
    "Judging Amy? Amy Brenneman makes me drool.

  • e jerry powell

    You'll always have "Private Practice" to drool over...

  • Devin McMusters

    That's long gone. :(
    At least Judging Amy reruns are on in the afternoon.

  • cruzzercruz

    How many goddamned ghosts can you whisper!?

  • e jerry powell

    How many goddamned clients can you list?

    Jennifer gets no Love from me.

  • specialj67

    My love for Glee may wax and wane, but it is eternal. No regrets!

  • John W

    I'm waiting for them to release the rest of Crossing Jordan on DVD.

  • DominaNefret

    The reason it has taken so long for them to get the seasons out on DVD is because they had a lot of trouble getting the music rights to do so. They finally managed to get the first few seasons out, after far too long; they are probably still working on the music issues for the rest of it.

  • barcia

    I hope they do hold out for the music rights. Northern Exposure on DVD is a clusterf*ck without the music that aired with the original series.

  • DominaNefret

    I'm sure they will. They waited years to release the first seasons so that they could sort all of the music rights out, I can't imagine they won't do the same for the rest.
    Part of what makes Crossing Jordan so great is the atmosphere that they created, and the music had a lot to do with that. They picked exactly the right song to go with every single scene.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, those TV producers, completely overlooking post-air revenue streams.

    Of course, "Crossing Jordan" was still back in the days before streaming Netflix, so TV shows weren't being made with an eye to home video sales, otherwise they would have worked post-market music licensing properly the first time.

  • DominaNefret

    Exactly. And that show had a lot of music. Good music too.

  • Kim Stephens

    I used to watch something that came on after it so I'd catch the last minute or so and there was always a good song playing. That's the only thing I even know about the show, I'm not even sure of the premise.

  • DominaNefret

    I discovered some of my favorite bands from watching that show. I'd go "I like this song", look it up online, and download the album it was off of.

  • e jerry powell

    Which will happen only if someone in power thinks there's money to be made from releasing it...

  • lowercase_ryan

    Fuck it, I liked Crossing Jordan.

    And Without a Trace.

  • RilesSD

    Without a Trace was a good show! I remember the ratings were still good too when it got cancelled, and LaPagalia was PISSED about it.

  • LL

    They replay these shows so exhaustively that I didn't even know some of them had already ended.

  • CBN

    Like half of these probably got to a hundred episodes in no small part due to being shows with casts that are primarily women, people of color, or both. They probably aren't Great TV, but they're some representation at all.
    Here's a list of 19 crappy TV shows with more than 100 episodes, that feature predominantly white and male casts and should've been strangled in the crib:
    Growing Pains
    Diagnosis, Murder
    According to Jim (good job!)
    Full House
    That 70's Show
    Walker, Texas Ranger
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Two and a Half Men
    Perfect Strangers
    Yes, Dear
    every CSI (let's call this one, they're one show)
    NCIS (CSI rule applies)
    Extra-special mention for Glee, which was a one-season miniseries and then ended. Okay? It ended.

  • Bryan

    Your list is invalid because it doesn't feature the most preachy, schmaltzy, unwatchable piece of shit show to ever grace our screens: 7th Heaven. That show made it past 200 episodes, believe it or not.

  • Wigamer


  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I agree squarely with this list but believe that Walker, Texas Ranger falls squarely in the so-bad-it's-good camp. The show is so amazingly hilarious (the clips Conan did are a great example) that I think it's a weird little treasure. Also, let's remember that the other main character on the show is actually black (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.). I know Chuck Norris seems to blot out all memory otherwise, but it's true.

    I admit I'm biased because I'm from Texas and they were always filming either where I worked or lived and I had a friend who was an extra in it (he was menacing thug #3) so it has a soft spot in my heart. Also, the show has the best Mark Cuban cameo ever as well as great use of Gary Busey as a bat-shit mob boss.

    It's like 17 wrongs make a right ok?

  • e jerry powell

    Until Norris got a bug up his ass and moved production to Utah...

    Toni Cobb Brock (from my college theater days) did a lot of the WTR casting, so she kept a lot of my Dallas-area friends working with one-off episodes here and there.

  • stella

    Isnt that the one with dennis quaid? I heard that was pretty decent...

  • Travis_J_Smith

    I'll never understand the hate for Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • manting

    Because Ray Ramano is not funny? Hes like a shitty version of Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Travis_J_Smith

    See, to me, it's the other way around. I've never once found Jerry Seinfeld funny.

  • manting

    There you go. I would say I don't find his stand up funny but the show was genius. I never found either Ray's stand up or show funny but I love Henchmen 24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • Mrs. Julien

    Me either.

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