That Squee Sound? That's Us Celebrating the 'Her Story' Emmy Nomination

By Riley Silverman | News Stories | July 14, 2016 |


Trans representation in Hollywood is definitely still in dramatic need of improvement, but there is grounds for celebration too! Today amid the flashier big Emmy nominations came a delightful little surprise. Among the nominees for the Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series category was Her Story, a web series created by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, about the intersecting lives of trans and other queer women in Los Angeles, with a fierce commitment to telling authentic and diverse stories.

This adorable and at times heart wrenching show is a bit of a David facing off against Goliaths in this category, the lone indie darling project amid several TV-backed projects.

For those uninitiated, you can start here, and keep your fingers crossed that this will lead to a legit full length series from the little team that could, and prepare to bow down to the mightiness that is Angelica Ross:

You can find the entire first season here on the show’s page.

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