Burger King's New Proud Whopper Might Give You Genuine Feelings Along With Your Meat Sweats

By Emily Chambers | Miscellaneous | July 3, 2014 |


Burger King just released its “Proud Whopper” commercial marking the end of Pride Month, and it surprisingly hits all of the right emotional notes.

Highlights include:

  • a women tearing up at the inclusive message

  • not one, but two endearing children showing us that the future will be a more compassionate place

  • one woman speaking to the importance of even small acts of acceptance

  • faux, second wave hippies carefully deciphering the complicated meaning behind a burger wrapper

  • one sweet looking, mildly amused old guy

    And for the cynics in the audience, yes, this is just a commercial, Burger King could have zero vested interest in any and all social justice movements, and we might be chumps for falling for this. But consider it this way: it has now become more profitable for corporations to actively support gay rights than to not. That’s got to be worth something, right?

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