This Is The End Review: Drugs, D*ck Jokes, And The Apocalypse

By TK | Film | June 14, 2013 | Comments ()

By TK | Film | June 14, 2013 |

Yet the film is bolstered by the genuine enthusiasm of the cast -- particularly Robinson and McBride as the obnoxious, blustering oaf that we've come to appreciate -- and several of the cameos are a genuine scream, especially the genius and too-short appearance of Emma Watson. She gave us this, which we should be eternally in her debt for:


The relentless crudity of the humor is certainly not going to work for everyone, and much like most of their movies (not counting the more serious fare like 50/50), there's little there for women to do (other than Watson's wonderful few minutes). And I'll confess that after the third giant demon cock (not to mention a puerile and unnecessary demon molestation scene), I was starting to roll my eyes a bit. But god damn it, for a solid 70% of its 107 minutes, This Is The End is fun. It's clever enough to carry itself through its missteps, and while I doubt I'll remember much of it in a month or two, I'll certainly remember that I had fun watching it, and chances are I'll eventually want to catch up with it again. It's crude, crass, childish, and sometimes flat-out stupid, but its impudent sense of humor and a genuinely warm sense of camaraderie are, for the most part, enough to make it an enjoyable experience.

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