Interview: An Uncooperative Amanda Seyfried Explains What Went So Horribly Wrong with Her New Movie Gone

By Dustin Rowles | Film | February 24, 2012 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Film | February 24, 2012 |

Pajiba -- Good afternoon, Amanda. Thanks for sitting down to talk with us about your new movie, Gone.

Amanda Seyfried -- (stares blankly)

Pajiba -- Okay. So, I only just saw the movie today. Gone wasn't screened in advance for critics. Any reason why?

Amanda -- Did you see the movie?

Pajiba -- Yes.

Amanda -- Then you know why.

Pajiba -- Fair point. What happened there?

Amanda -- Dunno.

Pajiba -- OK. Can you tell us a little about the movie?

Amanda -- It's about this woman who is on pills because she was abducted. She walks around. Then she drives. Then she does a little running. And then she walks. And then there's a little skirmish in the end. Then it's over.

Pajiba -- That about sums up my experience. Was there more to the script?

Amanda -- There wasn't a script.

Pajiba -- What do you mean?

Amanda -- Somebody wrote an outline but nobody got around to filling it in. We were supposed to improvise.

Pajiba -- Are you good at improvising?

Amanda -- I don't improvise.

Pajiba -- So, how did you manage?

Amanda -- I just walked around. And drove. And one time I ran. And they filmed it.

Pajiba -- I'm pretty sure there were two running scenes.

Amanda -- Same scene, filmed from a different angle.

Pajiba -- Ah, I see. So, what was in this plot outline?

Amanda -- I dunno. It just said the character was kind of crazy. And she was looking for a man who abducted her sister. It was the same man who abducted her.

Pajiba -- Right.

Amanda -- And there were a few clues. There was like a matchbook, and a red car, and a phone number. And I just walked around until I found them.

Pajiba -- Allison Burnett wrote the script. Did you have a good relationship with him?

Amanda -- Allison is a him?

Pajiba -- Yes. He wrote Untraceable and the Fame remake.

Amanda -- Wouldn't know. Never met him. Sounds like a woman's name.

Pajiba -- Nope. Definitely a man. Was it a difficult shoot?

Amanda -- Not really. A lot of those scenes were just me walking out to my car, and going to the hardware store. I didn't even know they were filming half the time.

Pajiba -- So, you played a crazy person that walked and drove around looking for the guy who abducted your sister. How did your character find him?

Amanda -- I called him.

Pajiba -- And he told you where he was?

Amanda -- Yeah. He gave me directions.

Pajiba -- Then what happened?

Amanda -- I killed him.

Pajiba -- Then what?

Amanda -- That's it. Then the movie ends.

Pajiba -- That's it?

Amanda -- Pretty much.

Pajiba -- But what about the other actors? There was the good-looking guy from "Rescue Me" and Dexter's sister, and the old guy from "Justified" and the boyish lesbian from "The L Word." Oh, and the older brother from "Weeds." What was their function in the movie?

Amanda -- Dunno. Familiar faces for the movie poster, I guess.

Pajiba -- I see. Maybe I'm missing something. I fell asleep for a few minutes, maybe you could tell me what happened before ...

Amanda -- I walked around. Maybe I was driving.

Pajiba -- I haven't even told you which part. It was right before you went into the hardware store.

Amanda -- Oh, that scene. I was definitely driving. That's how I got to the hardware store.

Pajiba -- ...

Amanda -- ...

Pajiba -- We still have a few minutes. Umm, how was your working relationship with the director?

Amanda -- Never saw him.

Pajiba -- You never saw the director?

Amanda -- Nope. There were just a couple of camera men who followed me around while I walked. And drove.

Pajiba -- Did you at least talk to the director?

Amanda -- Once. On the phone.

Pajiba -- What'd he say?

Amanda -- He told me to make sure to make my eyes big.

Pajiba -- Your eyes are already kind of big.

Amanda -- Yeah.

Pajiba -- ...

Amanda -- ...

Pajiba -- ?

Amanda -- Are we done?

Pajiba -- Uh, sure.

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