Will 'Anthony and Opie' Host Be Fired Or Promoted After Racist Twitter Tirade?
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Will 'Anthony and Opie' Host Be Fired Or Promoted After Racist Twitter Tirade?

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | July 3, 2014 | Comments ()


Anthony and Opie are an institution. They’ve been around forever, and no matter what kind of bullsh*t they pull (pranking their listeners into believing that Boston’s mayor had been killed in a car accident while transporting a young female Haitian prostitute, for instance), they always end up back on their feet, usually with a better deal than before. They’ve been fired from radio stations a few times, and dropped from many others, but now I believe they’re on Sirius Radio, and if you aren’t familiar with them, think “Howard Stern” without a moral compass.

Anyway, Anthony Cumia went on a racist Twitter tirade this morning, although he insist it is not a racist one. Assuming that it is real and not some elaborate “Anthony and Opie” joke, it’s the kind of thing that could end a career, except in Anthony and Opie’s case, where it will probably only result in higher ratings and a better contract.

Here’s a taste, from Anthony’s Twitter account, but if you want to get the full racist experience, you’ll need to visit his Twitter account, which also features his followers responses of support and his tweets back.

It started when a woman attacked Anthony Cumia for taking snapshots of her without permission in Times Square.

At this point, it’s anger and outrage with a lot of questionable word selections, which Anthony dismisses due to the heat of the moment.

Now he’s defending himself. I guess the woman was even angrier at him for the words he used during the altercation?

But even if you chalk up the word choice to the assault, assuming he wasn’t Tweeting while being assaulted, he had more time to consider his words before posting them to Twitter.

Now, remember, this all started because Anthony took a picture of this woman in Times Square, and she didn’t want to have her picture taken. She may have overreacted to the situation, but it was a situation he created.

And if he’s not being racist, as he argued, why did he bring this into it?

Apparently, Anthony saw nothing objectionable about what he’d said, and in no way considered the fact that the words he used might have been different if it were a white woman attacking.

Fuck it. Anthony is just going to play the victim card here.

Again, though Cumia is insisting all up and down his Twitter feed here that he is the victim of those “savage” “animals,” he’s also suggesting that he’s not a racist, but that she’s a racist for calling him a “white motherfucker” for snapping pictures of her.

But, anyway you look at at, I think we can all agree that Anthony Cumia is a shitty person, but probably a shitty person who is about to get a raise.

Source: Twitter

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  • commonsense

    First of all this is all made up. This guy just got caught taking a
    picture of someone who he hoped to make fun on his show with, he was
    confronted and then mouthed off. His victim ( a woman) The usual prey of this bag butt squeeze, amped up her response. Opie's sorry race baiting ars
    was already beat because his prey was in front of him and he was not
    hiding in a locked radio room. He got a taste of reality and did what
    skinny, whiny, racist drunks do. He got beat, cried and made up a story
    of how some big homeboys jumped him.

  • Matty Fresh

    As a life-long resident of the New England area, i would have jumped at the chance to punch Anthony 10 times.

  • robert

    So if it's fault for taking the picture that he was assaulted, would it not be her fault if she was raped for wearing a skirt? If lowest common denominator is your path to justification you are betting on the wrong side regarding race relations. Just glad to know you justify violence, he should have fired a round between her eyes for hitting him.

  • misfitsoda

    Uhhh, is it really playing "the victim card" when your a victim of assault? Kind of an odd thing to say very one sided story. Glad I've never heard of this site.

  • UPDATE: He was fired by SiriusXM late yesterday, July 3rd.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    And let the first amendment cries rain down.

  • He's got a right to go on Twitter and spew racist stuff in there. Many people do.

    But chances are that the employer is going to take exception to the comments and say "thanks. there's the door."

  • Sandy Underpants

    I don't know why he got fired. Anyone who has ever listened to O&A knows they are republicans. I'm sure Fox News has already offered him a contract to be a regular on Red Eye.

  • Chris Cann

    If you claim not to know the outcome of that, you're either completely delusional or simply a liar.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Or I don't make my judgements on hypotheticals.

  • Chris Cann

    All I have to say is flip the races. Nuff said.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    No, please say more.

  • Dirk Agia

    Does it upset you that someone else has taken up the victim card or is it only mutually exclusive to minorities?

  • M R

    Funny how RightWingRACIST believe his b.s story without ANY evidence.

  • Jethro Johnson

    Wear a camera so if you are forced to defend yourself, you're not Zimmermaned. Upload the footage before the police arrive, because they will destroy it.

  • Brian Safprods

    No mention of the fact that this person's first move was to swing on him. That kinda plays into his hands if you know anything about his show.

  • Sandy Underpants

    I'm surprised Anthony survived that brutal attack by a woman. He would have become another Republican/NRA darling if he gunned her down because he feared for his life.

  • Brian Safprods

    He brought up civil rights after fielding tons of ignorant tweets.

  • e jerry powell


  • BernardCuttlebump

    Any response from his co-hosts, or Sirius XM? Someone should follow up with them, I believe American Humorist Jim Norton will be at the Gesu Theatre in Montreal on July 26.

  • Silchasruin

    Mostly I love this site, but at times I just don't get it. Sure he is a asshole, but the article makes it sound like what she did was ok.

    Turn it around.
    Woman takes a picture of a guy and he gives her a beating. Defend that like a ton of people are doing when its a woman getting violent. That guy would be in jail and noone would defend it

  • The LEGEND Laney Boggs

    hey man... you aren't allowed to question a black woman's actions. They are never irrational. You didn't know the rules on sites like this and gawker etc? Who cares if she attacked him? It's what he did AFTER he was attacked that is the REAL crime

  • jt123

    Remember this racist scumbag is the same guy who bragged on the radio about how he used to look thru the peep holes into the girls locker room during his high school days.
    And the way he talks about women daily on his show puts everything in perspective.

    We all know what kind of pictures he was taking.
    This guy is nothing but racist scum filth who is a stalker and a predator.

  • misfitsoda

    ....this is...you're joking, right?

  • jt123

    no I'm serious.
    He admitted it on the air.

  • WarriorOfTruth

    He is definitely giving out only one side of this story. There are hundreds of tourist in time square taking photos and she didn't go around punching all of them.

  • misfitsoda

    Haha, google white kid takes pictures in black neighborhood. See how uncommon it is.

  • Chip chipperson

    TSS TSS shoulda smacked her with his pecka or sumpthin TSS

  • The LEGEND Laney Boggs

    The way you word this : "It started when a woman attacked Anthony Cumia for taking snapshots of her without permission in Times Square." Haha you make it sound almost justifiable for her to attack him. If he attacked her for taking a picture and she went on a twitter rant then I think the article would be about how awful he was for being upset at her taking a harmless photo.

  • Bert_McGurt

    No it wouldn't. You can't put words in the author's mouth regarding a made-up situation and use that as part of your argument.

  • The LEGEND Laney Boggs

    Well then let me edit it. I'll add an " I think"

  • wegotourselvesareader

    It amazes me that any person could offer "well, he took a picture of her" as am excuse for assault. Walking through times square affords you no resonable expectation of privacy. That twisted logic could be extended to "well, he wrote a negative article about cumia, so i found the author and beat him up". Its ridiculous.

  • No it isn't the same.

    1) In your example, we can read the actual negative article and judge for ourselves if the content warranted such a reaction. We only have Cumia's account, and it is blatantly obvious that he is not being objective about it.

    2) Building off of #1, we don't know this woman. We don't know what was going through her mind when this happened. We don't know why she reacted in such a way, if she even did.

    3) "No reasonable expectation of privacy". Uh yeah, it is pretty reasonable to not want some random person on the street taking a photo of you with their phone. Unlike with, say, a security camera or a camera crew filming footage, Cumia's little snapshot tour had no easily defined purpose.

    4) Considering that even professional filming crews have to either get clearance from or blur out people who get in their shots, there is a precedent for expecting to not have yourself immortalized on someone's video or photo without your knowledge.

    If people are saying the woman was right to hit him, it is because Cumia is being an asshole about it and is killing what sympathy people could have had for him.

  • wegotourselvesareader

    Just because you made a list doesnt make you logical. your argument is based off emotion and not fact. You clearly are talking out of your ass. Go google papparazzi and learn what they do with cameras which is allowed by law. Also read of penalties to people who have assaulted them.

  • So....you have no real rebuttal, then?

    Because "emotion" is kinda the point here. Cumia is making some pretty outlandish statements based off of emotion. Emotion is all we have as evidence in this, because those picture don't prove anything but there was a woman and he took some pictures of her. Cumia is appealing to his crowd based purely on emotion, and he is counting on that emotion to keep people from questioning his (and only his) account of the event.

    Also, last time I checked, Cumia isn't paparazzi, and never claimed to be. If he did, that would make this whole thing much, much weirder. But as far as we know, he was just being some random guy taking random pictures. Using paparazzi (people with defined goals and defined targets) as somehow a justification of his actions is ludicrous. He claims it was an accident, fine, that is understandable, but that invalidates any interpretation of him as equivalent to paparazzi.

    And even if you wanted to go down that rabbit hole, that is a legal matter, to be settled in court. Cumia, by his own words, has no desire to seek any kind of legal ramifications for this. He just wants to use this story as an excuse to express some pretty ugly views while having a pity party for himself.

    Just like you keep saying that Cumia's pictures don't excuse her actions (and I never said they did), her actions don't excuse Cumia's odiousness. If it even happened like he said at all.

  • wegotourselvesareader

    So now that youve backed off your original stance. Let me answer your new argument. Yes, the guy went on a rant as he sat at home and licked his wounds. Yes, he got fired because the company got scared of negative publicity. At the end of the day, Sirius is the only party losing here. He'll move on for the umpteenth time, probably to podcast, as the show has been planning for a while. Sirius will lose a ton more subscribers and continue to lose relevancy as a platform. All the morons that take the firing as a victory will be placated, as we push further down into this age of PC McCarthy-ism.

  • I didn't back off of anything. My original stance is and has always been that this was a situation where both people were in the wrong, and neither wrong excused the other. The woman shouldn't have attacked Cumia, but Cumia shouldn't have done this. On top of that, there is zero, and I mean zero, evidence this even happened the way it was described besides Cumia's highly biased account on Twitter. What YOU have continuously done was try to justify such ugliness (again, not just pointed at a particular person, but at an entire race, enough to bring the Civil Rights Act into it) based on what he says happened. For the last time, the only thing this little Twitter tantrum proved is that the asswhooping was, at best, premature.

    He didn't just go home and lick his wounds. He called the woman every name in the book, and then decided to blame her ENTIRE RACE for her actions. The is NOT "licking his wounds", it is him using this as an excuse to expose some fucked up thoughts on black people and justify his victim complex.

    And you know what else? I am tired of people whining about "PC" whenever somebody gets caught being an asshole and they actually have to pay for it. No, fuck that. You don't get to say shit like that and people just let it go anymore. This was not a comedy bit, it was not satire, it was not some kind of speaking truth to power. It was a rich asshole bitching that he doesn't get to be a rich asshole without somebody having a problem with it. If showing another person a modicum of respect is such a fucking burden to him, then good riddance, because he obviously wants to belong to society that doesn't fucking exist anymore. You want to pop your lip off, then don't be surprised if you get smacked in it. Sometimes it is worth the jailtime to people. Something Mr. "She was lucky I'm so civilized, because I would have shot her" might want to consider.

    As far as Sirius firing him, well bully for them. IF somebody wants to take him and his issues on to milk the angry misanthropic male with inferiority issues crowd, have at it. People get what they pay for, and I am sure there will be a crowd for Cumia. I just hope he enjoys the slow descent into irrelevance.

    By the way, still waiting on an answer to that question I posited.

  • Sandy Underpants

    If he was actually assaulted, and really needed to use his gun, as he says he restrained himself from using, then he would call the police. He didn't. Because he's a lying Republican, like all the others.

  • misfitsoda

    Jesus Christ. Ok, sorry, first time on this site. So you know nothing of the story beyond whats been written here. Gotcha. Smart people over here at...whatever the hell site this. .com

  • wegotourselvesareader

    Im not republican amd i never mentioned anything about a gun....sooooo

  • Bill Braski

    Taking a picture in a public place is not a felony. Punching someone in the face multiple times while yelling racial slurs is. This article is so skewed in hopes that the reader will forget who instigated the violence. He probably should have stayed off Twitter until he cooled off though. Not an O&A fan by the way...

  • "[Y]elling racial slurs"? Uh, "white motherfucker" is about the weakest racial slur you can come up with. Especially compared to his veritable cornucopia of racist/sexist insults. At least that one still acknowledges Cumia is an actual human being, unlike his ranting. does for her.

    And, last I checked, nobody was excusing the woman for punching him. There are those pointing out that we only have his word and a couple blurry pics as proof of this altercation, and those who are saying that her actions don't excuse his reaction and language.

    It is one thing to be angry at someone punching you. It's another to go all out on a racist rampage and bring up the anniversary of the Civil Right Act as some sort of idiotic point.

  • Bill Braski

    She yelled the racial slurs during an assault. He wrote racial slurs after the incident was over. She commited a hate crime, he made dumb comments on twitter. Huge difference. And what makes a racial slur "weak"? A racial slur is a racial slur.

  • "Hate crime"? Hate crime. Hate. Crime.

    If you honestly think that this fits (and again, THERE IS NO PROOF BEYOND CUMIA'S ACCOUNT) then you really don't know the meaning of the term.

    Also, she yelled one supposed racial slur, a slur that only gets the qualifier of "racial" because she happens to mention his skin color. She does this, as you stated, during a time when tempers would be high and anyone's reasoning skills would be impaired. HE is ranting about it hours later, when the danger has passed and he should be able to get his wits about him. Instead he spends the whole time ranting and raving about her, and THEN extrapolates it into a condemnation of an entire group of people who only have their skin color in common with her. To the point where he uses the Civil Rights Act as some sort of reason for her behavior. In what galaxy does that make sense?

  • misfitsoda

    Nah, you're totally right. I haven't doubt if he was punching a black person yelling "black mfr", you'd obviously say that it too wasn't a hate crime and that it was a "weak racial slur". Lolz.

  • No I wouldn't. Some might, just like some think "white motherfucker" is racist. I see it as a silly qualifier. As in, they are already calling you a motherfucker, throwing race into it seems pretty unnecessary.

    Even if I did think that, it still doesn't equal stuff like "Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people". That goes beyond an epithet yelled at one person in the heat off anger and into denigrating an entire group of people. And unless this woman went on Twitter and started calling white people names and indicating the Civil Right Act somehow caused this, it STILL wouldn't be the same.

    I am glad you don't have a doubt about it, seeing as how you don't know who I am and never met me, that is really pretty impressive a guess on your part. Kudos.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Except there's no proof of an assault. There is proof, however, of a man going on a racist tirade over twitter after harassing a woman on the streets.

  • Bill Braski

    Use some logic... Why would he go on twitter and have a public meltdown if something bad didn't happen to him? He put his entire career on the line by saying those things. Unless this is some weird stunt, I believe he was attacked.

  • Sandy Underpants

    He just spoke his mind. I'm shocked that anyone even cared since they same the stuff on their show every day. This isn't out of character at all, and every republican will agree that he didn't say anything offensive.

  • Bert_McGurt

    To echo your comment above - you haven't been on Twitter much, have you? People have public meltdowns for all kinds of dumb reasons.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    He put his entire career on the line? He's a shock jock with a massive following. Contrary to popular belief, being an asshole usually only loses you your job if the cost of having you there exceeds the benefits.

  • wankstar

    Given his penchant for dating underage girls, I bet he ends up in jail before he is fired.

  • Anthony needs to work on his swearing technique. He is stringing together way too many nouns with very few action verbs or adjectives, the flow is just not there. Rookie mistake really.

  • NateMan

    I'm glad to see someone cut right to the heart (hard? how did I type that the first time?!) of the matter. ;) I agree with you entirely.

  • What gets me is the blatant "poor me" white guy whining he indulges himself in. He honestly wants to compare being called a "white motherfucker" to the bile he spewed?

    And, like a man with real courage, threatens afterwards that she is lucky he didn't have his gun on him. Because shooting her would make him a real goddamn hero, I guarantee. Her overreaction (if we take the story at face value) marks her as an uncivilized savage, but his reaction would be that of a measured rational being, and the only real difference is that he lacks melanin and she lacks a penis. Keep in mind that he doesn't even consider the idea that she could have been carrying a gun as well.

    Because for guys like Cumia, his right to be an asshole should trump everything else, including (ironically) her right to be an asshole.

    Fuck him and fuck that.

  • misfitsoda

    I love people like you who are racist but just keep going around blaming everything on racism against you. Sigh. Good luck with that.

  • That is weird thing to love, but hey, I don't judge.

    I have to ask though: what about this is me being racist? I am simply using the sentiments Cumia is. He is the one saying

    "But this was an animal. I shoulda smashed it's face"

    "She's lucky I was a white legal gun owner or she'd be dead. "

    "They aren't people."

    "Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people."

    "It's really open season on white people in this day and age."

    IF anyone is making this about race, it's Cumia. I'm simply responding to the vibes he is putting out.

    Oh and one more question: are you saying if the roles were reversed, and Cumia was being accused of attacking someone for taking his photo, and the only account of this altercation is the photo taker, with no other evide3nce besides a couple of bad pictures, you WOULDN'T question it? You would just accept that Cumia attacked them without provocation? And that any derogatory language they used against white people would be fair to use?

  • Lee

    What specific insult is "white motherfucker" anyway? Does it conjure deep seeded pain and resentment born of hundreds of years of cultural oppression and hardship? Or is he just some weasel who can't stomach the embarrassment of being confronted by those he considers less than?

  • JustOP

    >Using racist language against someone, no matter what the case

    Congratulations, you fulfill the criteria set for the word 'asshole'

    >Punching people because you have your photo taken in public

    Congratulations, you fulfill the criteria set for the word 'asshole'

    Not sure if it's the law where this happened, but where I am you don't have any right to privacy in public settings. Violence is *never* the answer to problems you're having and it worries me that people are in support of these actions.

  • Plantsmantx

    If she didn't have the right to privacy in that setting, then why did he deny that he meant to take a picture of her? Look at that photo. There's nothing else of interest in it, unless he's a scaffolding aficionado.

  • Ruthie O

    I want to respond to your second bullet point. Taking pictures of women without their consent is predatory behavior. This is a tactic used by street harassers and stalkers. Sure, men also have the "legal right" to tell women how good they look in their short skirts when they walk by on the street, but we have been pushing back because that kind of targeted, sexualized attention makes women feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Taking pictures of women without their consent falls under the same category in my book.

    I've had my picture taken without consent before; it was later distributed with inappropriate comments. Fortunately and unfortunately, it was in the workplace. Fortunately, because that student was met with the sternest warning possible by the VP of student affairs, and I didn't see him for months. Unfortunately because it was in the workplace, so I didn't have the opportunity to express to this student how his photo taking and distribution made me feel. If I did have the opportunity, I probably wouldn't have punched him, but I felt so unsafe, so watched, and so vulnerable from the experience, I can 100% understand why this woman reacted the way she did. The law may not be on her side, but from my reading of the events, she was reacting to a man acting in a predatory manner. He followed with more predatory behavior (verbally attacking, playing the victim, etc).

  • NateMan

    I see what you're getting at, though I don't know if I agree with it. I think if someone refers to a woman as a 'savage c*nt' she's probably got every right to punch him as hard as she can. But that's a matter of personal opinion and we can agree to disagree. I think what you're seeing as support for violence is more a rejection of the right to talk about people in this way. I agree with you that IF she hit him for nothing more than taking her picture when she didn't want him to, that would be inexcusable and she's an asshole. But since there's no evidence of that on his Twitter feed or in any of the news reports, including those on conservative news that I've seen, I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt after reading these messages - and the ones he's continuing to post, incidentally.

    Edit: Or to put it another way... I find it difficult to believe there's any way this woman could have struck this man that would warrant this sort of hate speech. If I work under the assumption that everything he said about his and her actions are true, I can get behind some of what he says - at least in my own head, if not on the Internet. I'd even be okay with c*nt, IF everything he said is 100% accurate.

    But it's everything that goes with it that shows me who the real asshole is. He has an altercation with a black woman and everything is immediately about race. Savage. Animal. It. Jungle. Illegal (ie off the boat). Pig. Dogs. Civil Rights Act.

    There isn't a single part of this that isn't racially motivated. Not one. If I get mugged by a black guy there's not going to be any of that in my response. None of it. But it's the very first place he goes. There's no way he comes out of this as the lesser of two evils in my mind. No way in hell.

    Sorry for the long edit. I just kept thinking about what you said and it was bugging me. I agree that violence is rarely the answer, though I wouldn't go so far as never. But 1 on 1 violence is a whole lot different than deliberately and immediately blaming her entire race.

  • JustOP

    I did reply to this - but apparently it's waiting for consideration from Pajiba. Just fyi.

  • NateMan

    No worries :) And even if we disagree, I still think you're pretty spiffy.

  • JustOP

    Haha, thanks. Same to you bud!

  • Jiffylush

    I don't know what originally happened, a simple request, exchange of words, who knows. This is my feeling on the matter. He was punched by a woman and he felt emasculated. I assume the other people that got involved made him feel threatened (more threatened?) to some degree (rightfully or not) and he just had to swallow it to avoid an ass beating. His middle aged white man victim card apparently burst into flames and he took a shit all over twitter and probably anyone that came in contact with him for the rest of the day.

    To say that the tirade isn't racist is absolutely ridiculous, but to say that many people don't care is absolutely factual.

    I was going to talk about myself and mindfulness and whatever and suggest that it would help him but it isn't my place, and even when I was the furthest you could get from enlightened I can't imagine anything happening that would cause me to spew all of that.

  • NateMan

    Here's the thing... I might say some of that in my head. Not the racial stuff. Even my brain isn't that much of a scumbag. But some of the other stuff, sure. But no way in HELL it'd go all over the internet. He makes Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson look positively saintly. And that's tough to do.

  • JohnnyL53

    Man snaps picture of female in public space. She objects and starts punching him. He's an asshole for what he says verbally. She's in the clear for her language as reported by Anthony and seems to be getting kudo's or at least no criticism from the commenters for her violent behavior. Does that sum the situation up? At least one person here seems to almost say that yes, having your picture taken in public is a reason to get violent. It's almost as if those commenting here seem to think this is understandable behavior on the part of the female but what is really out of line here is Anthony's verbal and twitter comments. Seems we set the bar low for black behavior. I would at least like to see at least one person wonder why she just didn't ask politely but maybe this immediate escalation to violence is expected and it is up to the rest of us to restrain our own behavior reaction. Just seems like a knee jerk reaction from the people here. Kinda what you would expect. This seems even more racist towards blacks as what Anthony tweeted.

  • Lee

    He should have been a real man and called the police. Instead, he acts like a weasel and starts what he KNOWS will be an incendiary twitter rant in which he posts terrible things. You don't get to act like that as a public figure, on social media, without comment from others. I don't have to agree with the person who started throwing punches to say Anthony was being a giant asshole during/after the fact.

    Really, his whole rant smacks of white male privilege. His, "how dare a black woman accost me!" rings hollow. As does his assumption that he can engage strangers at will and not expect some negative reactions. He's an asshole. He does asshole things. People will come at him like he's an asshole.

  • JustOP

    >He should have been a real man and called the police.

    There's no such thing as a 'real man'. Don't even bother with that game. Are female sexual assault victims not 'real women' if they don't phone the police afterwards?

  • Lee

    Also, I'm not convinced this whole incident isn't bullshit to begin with.


    That's because you're a moron

  • Lee

    Yep, it is true. So he and all his apologist fans turn out to be terrible people.

  • NateMan

    Dude... He wasn't sexually assaulted. He was allegedly punched for no good reason, threatened by a bunch of men, went on quite possibly the shittiest Twitter rant I've ever had the misfortune to read, and never called the cops. If he doesn't WANT to call the cops that's fine, but don't expect me to believe a word he says when it comes hand in hand with this sort of abuse and not a shred of evidence.


    "If it doesn't suit my agenda, then it's not real"

  • Lee

    Not to mention his particular public persona & history

  • Lee

    You know that he is a egotist who casts himself as an alpha male. My point is, his ego lead directly to the childish, sexist, racist rant. His pride was eviscerated and he couldn't take that from a black woman. Especially since he probably thinks she should thank him for noticing her in the first place.

    Try this:

    "He should have been a responsible citizen and called the authorities." Acting like he did only reinforces bad behavior.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    'His pride was eviscerated and he couldn't take that from a black
    woman. Especially since he probably thinks she should thank him for
    noticing her in the first place.'

    Four hundred years of history summed up in 29 words. Well done.

  • FrayedMachine

    I'm sorry but why is everyone obsessed with his pride? Does no one care about the pride that woman likely had? Does anyone want to seriously take into consideration that the foul mouthed shit he posted on to his feed was likely the same vitriol spewing from his actual mouth in her direction? I find it VERY hard to believe that someone would just start swinging fists at someone for taking pictures unless something actually instigated that behavior.

  • BernardCuttlebump

    Not so hard to believe... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • FrayedMachine

    Oh Right. Because a guy who's clearly placing himself to seem like he's taking pictures of other people for potentially his own perverse reasons is totes the same thing.


    All I see is yet another asshole being a dick and getting the reaction he was clearly looking for.

  • Who is this "we" who " set the bar low for black behavior" that you are talking about? Last time I checked, people of any color were responsible for their own actions, and everyone had the same standard of behavior, which includes both "don't punch people" and "don't call people animals and cunts".

    Let's say this happened exactly as Anthony said it did. It still doesn't excuse his behavior or his words. Hell, he might have had some sympathy if it was just the picture and the punch, but all he did with his little tirade was basically admit that the punching was, if anything, premature. And considering how he described the altercation, I wouldn't be surprised if he did let out a few choice words and got his ass knocked down for it.


    And if someone assaults you or your family, I'm sure you'll be full of "shucks" and "darns"

  • Ah yes, because that is totally the same as saying "savage violent animal fucks prey on white people" and somehow inferring it is the fault of the Civil Rights Act. All hours after the event happened.

    He didn't simply let off some steam after a bad altercation. He went and blamed her actions not on her, but on her skin color. And went on to blame black people in general for one person's behavior.

  • NateMan

    Not sure how many black people you know, but here's a little pro-tip: There's really no way to call a person of color an animal, savage, and 'it' without making it really clear to them and the rest of us you're a racist dirtbag. He claims she attacked him without cause and yet did not file a police report, instead posting it all over the internet. You're telling me that this prick, if he was actually injured or attacked, wouldn't have posted pictures of himself beaten up? Please. It's the first thing this loudmouth would have done, so he could show himself the injured party. Not a single picture demonstrating such on his Twitter feed. No police report. Just some blurry pictures he took

    What we have here - and in the multiple news articles I've seen about it, because I looked them up - is a claim of assault with absolutely no corroborating evidence in the midst of a misogynistic, racially motivated Twitter tirade, backed up by a whopping 4 pictures of a pissed off black woman. Come back to the conversation when there's a single shred of evidence that he's got anything more than a sob story.


    Filing an assault report in NYC is like filing a complaint against the TSA, futile

  • laylaness

    In addition to what NateMan said, there is absolutely zero reason to retweet about the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and stir even more shit.

  • I know, right? That was some pathetic trolling right there.

  • Bert_McGurt

    So, you take his claims at face value? I sure don't. We're only seeing what he's chosen to post. All I see for sure is two pictures of a lady trying to get a creepy dude to stop taking pictures of her, and his wildly idiotic and offensive reaction to it. I comments on what I sees.

    How long was he following her? How many other pictures did he take? What did he say to her? Why did he continue to take pictures after it was clear she was going to confront him? Did she even actually hit him? Could it be that he, I don't know, LEFT OUT those details because they make him look like an even bigger douchebag?

    By the way, nobody here "sets the bar low for black behaviour". It makes no difference what the lady's skin colour is, besides the fact that this as*hole decided to use it to attack her.


    Words hurt and fists don't?

    Moron, you were already told by several people here that she was in the wrong, no matter what you think the law should be.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Fella, you need to go crawl back into whatever hole of poor reading comprehension you crawled out of.

  • overman1

    and how the hell did those people know she was in the wrong except for the fact that they took his account at face value?
    how do you know his account of the event isn't complete bullshit?
    he said she hit him five times in the face, he had a camera; why didn't he take a picture of his ugly mug, surely there should be at least fading evidence of her assault?

  • Al Borland's Beard

    "CUNTRAG bitch fuck animal pig face worthless meat sack shit pile stink crotch ass stain rot bung"

    Is this an insult or Bob Saget's review of the McRib?

  • Lee

    I was going to go with "...The Aristocrats!"

  • Mrs. Julien

    Wow, Kudos to you for finding a joke in this morass.

  • Years ago, I used to listen to "Opie and Anthony". This was before the Sam Adams-sponsored stunt of people having sex in public places blew up in their face when a couple got caught having sex in a cathedral in NYC and it took them off the air. Like Stern before them, it drove them to satellite radio where they could be as free and as filthy as they want to be. TBF, they could be blisteringly funny when they put some thought into what they were doing. Don't know how that's changed. Probably it hasn't.

    There's a brand of "asshole bro" that these guys cater to. To them, they are the victims of political correctness, of women being bitches, of not being able to denigrate others as a sign of masculinity, of having to watch their words in public. O&A let them live their dream. It's not them that's the problem. It's the world. They're keeping it real. Being honest ("If we can be honest" is a common starter to their sequiturs).

    And nowhere in his rant does he answer the pertinent question: why was he taking a picture of a complete stranger? I know that with cameras in our phones and Instagram and Twitter available, we feel the need to become videographers of our entire universes. That, however, doesn't give you the right to just start snapping pictures of people you don't know. I've seen adults break expensive cameras of strangers taking pictures of kids.

    In short, he was an asshole. He got caught being an asshole. Rather than own up to it, he's resorted to the vacuum chamber of Twitter to allow him to feel like a victim, but he's not. He's an asshole. And the sad fact is that it likely won't impact his career in the least. Because his job is to be an asshole and make money for others while entertaining assholes.


    "sadly, it likely won't impact his career"

    That's all you Libs want, taking someones employment to shut them up


  • zeke_the_pig

    It's an asshole infinity loop.
    It's assholes all the way down.
    It's an asshole echo chamber, and I will now begin to drink heavily at the thought of it.

  • One day, we will get the funding to build the Large Asshole Collider, where particles of assholes will be flung at supersonic speeds in order to try and create the Higgs-Asson (the particle that gives them a chance to exist).


    Or you can just learn to not try to be the thought police and ignore those that you don't agree with

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