The Allegations that Brittany Murphy and Her Husband Were Murdered Are Starting to Make Some Weird Sense
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The Allegations that Brittany Murphy and Her Husband Were Murdered Are Starting to Make Some Weird Sense

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | November 19, 2013 | Comments ()


In December 2009, actress Brittany Murphy (Clueless), who was only 32 at the time, collapsed in her bathroom and died after going into cardiac arrest. Her death was ruled by the Los Angeles coroner to be caused by natural causes: pneumonia and anemia. Five months later, Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, died in the same home of the same natural causes: pneumonia and anemia.

At the time, no foul play was suspected in either case, although there was some suggestion of toxic mold, which was initially ruled out by the Los Angeles County Department of Health. However, Murphy’s parents were so sure that it was toxic mold, they sued the Department of Health, and eventually, Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, managed to secure the release of Murphy’s hair, blood and tissues for independent testing.

The results that came back from independent testing did not support death by toxic mold. Instead, the report concluded that there was a presence of 10 heavy metals consistent with rat poison and that “the only logical explanation” was “an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

So, independent testing concluded that Murphy and her husband were murdered by the same means five months apart?


Now, combine that report with a HuffPo piece from last year on a documentary alleging that Murphy and her husband were murdered by the Department of Homeland Security, and it starts to make some weird, though slightly insane sense.

Apparently, Murphy and her husband had spoken out in favor of whistleblower Julia Davis’ lawsuit against DHS for wrongful imprisonment. Davis was a customs official, as well as a screenwriter and filmmaker, who had blown the whistle to an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force after she noticed security breaches that allowed 23 foreigners from terrorist countries onto U.S. soil, the same day Osama Bin Laden had planned terrorist attacks on America in 2004. DHS apparently retaliated against her to such an extent that Davis would later file a $20 million lawsuit against DHS.

Murphy supported Davis’ suit.

According to Davis’ film, at the time of Murphy’s death:

Murphy and Monjack were on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) watch list;

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were trying to kick her screenwriter husband out of the country;

Monjack was arrested over an expired visa - a ruthless tactic to intimidate Murphy after she spoke out in defence of Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protection agent.

Moreover, according to a THR piece on the last days of Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack reported that ‘they were under surveillance by helicopters and their phone was bugged.’

Was it DHS that murdered Murphy and her husband? Was it someone else? The facts themselves at the very least point to something insidious, and the story we thought we knew — which had been clouded by false tabloid allegations of drug use and bulimia — may be completely false.


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  • Shit

    Finally some tards are waking up. This shit happens much more than you think and it's a shame that you make jokes about this crap. It's been proven and spoken that the government is very much in bed with Hollywood and is heavily watched. Create culture, control perception. It makes sense. Stop denying shit that's in front of your face. Something is wrong with this. It doesn't matter what type of fucking creative ways of killing someone exist, the point is- the government can get away with pretty much anything, and its been doing so for the past decades. Infiltrating movements and ruining any kind of real progression in the name of power, control, and money. Open your eyes. Yes, its sounds cliche as fuck, but seriously. It's beyond absurd now that people just buy what they're told. HERE is a CLEAR case to question.

  • St

    You are watching Homeland too much. And Kennedy documentaries...
    You know I think that government would kill Sheen, Lohan or Brown first and then would go to Murphy...

    All governments as politician are bad. Always. But you know there had to be bulletproof motive for them to kill has-been actress Brittany Murphy. Did Birttany thought that she was watched by government? Well I remember how Amanda Bynes thought that same or something.And we all know where she is right now. Brittany was weird and strange person. Something tells me that she easily could be in some mental state and think that everyone are after her. But it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

    They (US government) STILL can get to Assange. And he is like enemy number one. He is still alive and well and Hollywood does movies about him. Do you really think they cared about some C-list actress to kill her? WHY? Show me motive if you think it’s true. Other then some ridiculous "they had spoken out in favor of whistleblower". They don’t kill hollywood actresses for that kind of things. Half of Hollywood would be dead already. Every celebrity hated Bush and were publicly against him and doing everything so that he would lose. No one killed no one.

  • Shit

    I don't watch TV. And I know this type of development isn't anything new :) It's been going on for ages... I think this time it's coming full circle though. Never have we had the technology or capabilities that we have now... I never said it was a new development... but with all that we know, we still allow things to go on and continue to get militarized- why? Brittany was a named witness in an investigation- she wasn't "just hating bush" lol. But it's ok, it isn't really seen as "sane" to second guess things. Questioning was once valued in our society... Guess not anymore. I've learned one thing going to school and reading/thinking/writing about these things on a daily basis... no matter how crazy it sounds, give it chance. There are so many goddang "conspiracies" that have been proven throughout history. I'm not some crazy ass with a tin foil hat and an underground bunker. I work, have my family, my friends and social life... I just care. And like I said, before you label someone "crazy" or in a "mental state", I'd like to know if you've ever been surveyed, unjustly questioned, or harassed by authorities and called crazy for speaking out- it's the worst thing you can do to another person. Its messed up.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I was hoping you'd have a picture of yourself as your avatar, so I could see if your tin foil hat was on too tight.

  • Shit

    You're so fucking predictable dude. And an idiot. I'm actually a college educated person, not that I think that matters much. It's about common sense and connecting the dots- and being open to scary realizations. It's about facing reality and NOT living in fear. You like to put people down, but you yourself don't know shit. Look at the shit hole of a world we're living in- protests and global poverty EVERYWHERE and we know nothing about them- why? This isn't about theories- it's a reality. You have whistle blowers time and time again trying to warn humanity, risking their lives, and you still really want to pull this dumb shit? You're an ungrateful turd. Get a BIG ASS clue, please.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I'M predictable? I knew someone like you would be showing up to denounce the government conspiracies. But honestly, I wasn't trying to insult you; I just think it must be exhausting to live with that mindset. I have no doubt that you're educated and intelligent, and that people you know have been abused, but it's not about conspiracies. The world is often a hateful and unfair place, but it all boils down to love of money and abuse of power. I don't think there's any mystery behind most of it. I sincerely hope things improve for you and yours.

  • Shit

    It can be sometimes, but I only critique and speak out because I care about people. I care about you. But I am also a very happy person with lots of friends and caring family members- I know I can't always think this way. But it's impossible not to when I see sad shit everywhere. There isn't much mystery... I was just saying that this shit does happen A LOT more then what people think. People get tapped, called, followed for just speaking out. It's a very scary thing- you literally only believe this kinda stuff happens in movies... You cannot make this stuff up. I only hope that it never happens to you or loved ones. It breaks all reality. The conspiracy is power and money... that's a conspiracy... and not a theory. Greed has taken over and people behind the curtain will do anything to stay in power and keep their hegemony over the world. It's heading towards a one world government, NWO, to put it bluntly- but not that satanic shit that people make up, although seriously some of the people in power might as well be the damn devil, but a mechanized and militarized government a la 1984. It's not a 'theory' once you see the larger picture and where we are heading as a species if we don't do something. Sorry for calling you an idiot, I just hate when people try and belittle what I'm saying... when all it really comes from is a place of love and genuine concern. I'm not here to judge people, I'm here to speak and hopefully change at least one person's mind. Much love.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Fair enough. My flippant dismissal of your original post was ill-chosen and regrettable. I think we have much the same thoughts, only we're coming at them from different directions. When you write "Greed has taken over and people behind the curtain will do anything to stay in power and keep their hegemony over the world", the only part I disagree with is that there is anything new about this. It's been the way of the world for millenia. We can only fight to right the wrongs we see, I think, and if that is what you're doing, then respect.

    It's always good to concude an internet conversation on a good note. Take care.

  • Shit

    When you have authorities threatening you, have seen your loved ones get beat by authorities, have been racially profiled, have lived or know someone living in poverty, have connections to other countries where shit's going A wall... come talk to me. Otherwise, you aren't worth anyone's time.

  • Genevieve Gates

    Is there anyone who gained from their death? Who was on their insurance policy? I think that's the question.

  • Premie

    I thought I remember a theory at the time that Monjack and his mother had poisoned Murphy. Maybe it was really just Monjack's mom and then she did in Monjack?

  • AmberFU

    Huh, I thought it was HER mom that was the shadester. Either way, I think that some kind of interfamilial scheme or plot went pear-shaped, and these deaths were the result. Definitetly NOT THE GOVERNMENT, hahahahahaha!! Definitely not, right guys? Guys?

  • Brittany Murphy: real American hero.

  • MarTeaNi

    I'm willing to believe they were poisoned but less willing to blame the government for it. It could also still be a contaminated lab sample, an autopsy should have been performed. Though if I recall, Monjack refused to let them do one at the time.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    Why am I listening to you anyway Dustin?

    You're a virgin who can't drive.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That was way harsh, Bob Genghis Khan.

  • Rollin' wit da homies...

  • Wayne A. Heisler

    Really? Look, I feel bad about her and her husband, but do you seriously believe that an actress and her husband rate a government-sponsered assassination?
    She was in "Clueless."
    Not an ambassador.
    Not a dictator.
    Not a Prime Minister.
    She was in "Clueless."
    Do you really think the government cares about what an actress thinks or says?
    How much advice do you take from Britney Spears?
    She's not Valerie Plame.

  • unpious

    Way harsh, Tai. Way harsh.

  • stella

    To be fair Clueless is where I look for advice on my life decisions.

  • Guyzer

    Regardless of whether or not DHS was involved, it will never be investigated as such. We are media-trained to believe that our government is pure in intent and that anyone inclined to acknowledge the possibility of a conspiracy or sinister activity is 2 cardboard boxes away from living on the street rambling nonsensically about the Apocolypse or chips in people's brains! We are a naive bunch of sheep and we prefer to remain that way.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Hollywood Babylon just got a new chapter.

  • John G.

    It was Putin!! Brittany Murphy was a secret agent

  • Skyler Durden

    It was reverse vampires. Duh-doy.

  • NateMan

    She certainly could have been poisoned, but by DHS? Unlikely. It's way more risk than reward. Besides which, given the rate at which they leak secrets, I doubt they could hold onto this one.

  • Ruthie O

    God, I always forget that she's dead, and then I'm sad all over again when I'm reminded. Hopefully she's rolling with the homies in some great beyond.

  • Parsnip

    The whole thing looks suspicious. I always thought it weird both of them dying within a short space of time, and toxic mold seemed odd...however, government conspiracy, over a period of months? I'm not so sure.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Did they happen to eat a lot of fish? Heavy metals, particularly mercury, will accumulate in fish, especially large ones like tuna since they eat so many smaller, mercury-laden organisms and their (and our) bodies can't excrete them so it becomes more concentrated.

    Is it unlikely? Perhaps. But it sounds more probable than a government conspiracy.

  • It was totally her mom. Her mom and her creepy husband were in on some kind of agreement to take out Brittany, and the mom killed creepy husband in the same way. I've thought it for years.

  • Premie

    Wait, was it her mom or his mom? I thought his mom was shady too...

  • emmalita

    They were all shady.

  • AngelenoEwok

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present exhibit A:

  • Bert_McGurt

    That dude looks like the product of Meat Loaf and Horatio Sanz's steamy weekend getaway .

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    He will do anything for love, including that. Because SNL castmembers don't have shame genes.

  • nosio

    I've thought the same thing since the story about the mom and husband taking money in the name of a "foundation" for Brittany without ever applying for nonprofit status came to light. When everyone found out that they were just taking donations and not actually using them for, you know, ANYTHING, the foundation refunded it all. Then Monjack died suddenly of the same thing that killed his wife. Just too weird, too suspicious for coincidence.

    And terribly sad.

  • carrie thompson

    I have had the same types of thoughts- not that the mother exactly did it, but the fact that the mother and husband continued living together after Brittany died and the way they acted towards one another, it

  • stella

    Oh man, thats really sad.

  • John G.

    Wait, so Brittany's mom works for DHS?

  • emmalita

    Yes! This whole thing is weird.

  • Marc Greene

    I blame Lizard People.

  • John G.

    No, this has the fingerprints of the Greys all over it.

  • The DHS angle seems flimsy -- you're going to murder two people just because they supported a lawsuit? -- but it's extremely suspicious that both were apparently poisoned in a manner similar to natural causes.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I would think the dhs could more easily just shoot em and make it look like home invasion or something similar. It would be a lot easier to cover up then this.

  • John G.

    or blow up their car and make it look like it crashed into tree and exploded.

  • Aaron Schulz

    exactly, like there are way to many other scenarios that could work so much better for them

  • They could take his!

  • Bodhi

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but something about this whole thing is off. The husband was a con man. He & the mom engaged in some pretty shady business deals after Brittany died & then HE died. I'd buy the toxic mold idea more if the mom didn't continue to live in the house. My theory: husband & mom helped Brittany shuffle off this mortal coil & then mom helped the husband, too.

  • Annika Raaen

    After Monjack died, I had the same thought. "I betcha it was the mom..."

  • John G.

    And then Brittany's ghost appears to some little kid in Philadelphia who "sees dead people", and together with his dead psychologist they expose the murder to the father

  • zeke_the_pig

    And the twist is - that dude in the hair piece? That's Bruce Willis

  • Jifaner

    I think people don't realize the only drugs in her system were cold meds and pain meds for her period. I don't think DHS killed her, but heavy metal poisoning seems much more likely than anemia and pneumonia. Not in an ostensibly healthy 32 year old. Her husband wasn't well, I could have bought just him dying of pneumonia, but both of them months apart? It just seems highly unlikely. Her parents blamed toxic mold, maybe there was something wrong with the pipes and heavy metals leaked into her water supply?

  • "Her parents blamed toxic mold" Only her mother blames mold (and only after she became aware of the opportunity for a lawsuit. If her father blamed mold, the article on which you are commenting would not exist ;)

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I think it was the Department of Agriculture. I mean, who would have more rat poison than them?

  • The Kilted Yaksman

    "false tabloid allegations of drug use and bulimia"
    There was nothing false about it. The entire world could see how emaciated and cracked out she was.

  • Jifaner

    Or it could have been heavy metal poisoning making her ill, lose weight, and affecting her mentally.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Were they killed? Maybe

    Were they killed by DHS?? No freaking way. What are we, the now?

  • John G.

    The Blaze wouldn't link two stories surrounding the same person and just hypothesize that something MAY be connected. The Blaze would make the claim as fact based on Glenn Beck's dreams and back it up with chalkboard ramblings.

  • St

    Nah. I don’t believe in any theories about Elvis or Andy Kaufman being alive and live on some island, or something. And this Brittany theory does not make sense. People just like to believe that celebrities are untouchable people that simply can’t die. Or if they do then it’s some crazy conspiracy.

    What next? Glee actor was set up and someone put those drugs in his body? Evil government killed Michael Jackson? Patrick Swayze did not had cancer - someone poisoned him and made it look like cancer? Aaliyah faked her death because she was tired from fame and now quietly lives on some island in Bagamas? Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston were killed by their bodyguards or something?

    Just give it s rest. Brittany Murphy died because (like any celebrity or even any american) she was eating pills she did not need like candies. That is american tragedy and government needs to do so something. Every day americans take so many pills and medicine they they don’t need to at all. For depression, to stay thin and who know whats for. Where I live - no one takes them like that. I never heard of it. But in comments I read every day how young americans are telling: "I took that one for years and I couln’t stay still", "I took those ones and I hated them. I was depressed all the time", "I took those ones and I was half asleep all the time. So I’m off them now".... Why do you even take them?

    Americans didn’t take all those pills 30-50 years ago and they were fine. Now suddenly everyone have depression or some sort of disorder that they need to take 5 different kinds of pills? And the we see how young people die for no reason after they take too much of them. Like Heath Ledger or Birttany.

  • The prescription drug issue does not mean that Brittany Murphy was not murdered. The theory that she was comes from certain symptoms experienced by both her and her husband, the test results, Sharon Murphy's behavior and motive, and the alleged link to the Julia Davis case. It has nothing to do with believing that celebrities can't die.

  • kirbyjay

    David Miscavige....Is that you? You silly scientologist.

  • St

    Lindsay Lohan - is that you? Go away crazy!!!

  • mairimba

    Is that you, Tom Cruise?

  • Annika Raaen

    So, NO ONE took drugs in the 60's and 70's? Thanks for the history lesson.

  • Salieri2

    Fortunately there's actual fact-based research on this topic.

    "Brought to the market in 1955, the demand for Miltown and other 'minor' tranquillisers (Equantil, reserpine) soon surpassed any medications marketed in the United States.[10] Patients flooded doctors' offices demanding the drug. Pharmacies hung window signs reading 'Out of Miltown' and 'More Miltown Tomorrow'.[11] By the end of 1956, according to the magazine Consumer Reports, one in twenty Americans was taking Miltown or anothe tranquilliser in a given month, and by 1957 'the number of prescriptions written for these drugs totaled 35 million - a rate of one prescription every second throughout the year'.[12] 'More than a billion tablets ahve been sold', added the January 1957 Scientific American, 'and the monthly production of 50 tons falls far short of the demand'.[13]"

    Notice that meprobamate (Miltown)'s heyday was in the 50s, 60-ish years ago.. In the 60s (50 years ago) and 70s (40 years ago)came benzodiazepines ( , your Xanax, your Valium, your rohypnol...plenty of pharmaceuticals to go around.

  • bbmcrae

    "Americans didn’t take all those pills 30-50 years ago and they were fine."

    That is the funniest, most ludicrously uninformed blanket statement any of us will read all day.

  • stella

    No one takes medication where you live?

  • St

    Well they take them when they are sick. Young people don’t eat them as candies for no reason. No matter how many "down" votes people will give me but it is really scary how americas are just eating all those pills for no reason most of the time.

    And then we see how perfectly well and strong young man like Heath Ledger stupidly dies because he stuffed himself with god knows how much pills. For depression, insomnia or who knows what for. He would be alive if he would not get them from some shady doctor and then take them.

  • emmalita

    Can't you tell?

  • "Americans didn’t take all those pills 30-50 years ago and they were fine."

    Fucking what?!? Are you fucking serious? Did you do one second of thinking before your keyboard spewed this out?

  • St

    Well they didn’t take them as much as they do now. I don’t remember how young celebrities would die from overdose of prescription pills back in a days. They would die from illegal drugs like cocaine, heroine or other. Now people like Heat Ledger, Brittany, Anna-Nicole, Michael Jackson are dying from legal drugs that they overdose on.

    Anna Nicole Smith - died of "combined drug intoxication" with the sleeping medication chloral hydrate as the "major component."

    Heath Ledger - died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine.

    Brittany Murphy's death was pneumonia, with secondary factors of iron-deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication. Coroner released a report stating that Murphy had been taking a range of over-the-counter and prescription medications, with the most likely reason being to treat a cold or respiratory infection. These included "elevated levels" of hydrocodone, acetaminophen, L-methamphetamine and chlorpheniramine.

    Michael took eight tablets of lorazepam (Ativan). When Dr. Murray left the room, Jackson self-administered a dose of propofol (Diprivan) that, with the lorazepam, created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly.

    Are you freaking kidding me? That’s what I’m talking about. Americans take so many legal drugs that they don’t need and then die.

  • Maxwell

    Judy Garland - pills
    Pier Angeli - pills
    Dorothy Dandridge - pills
    Gertrude Bell - pills
    Keith Moon - pills
    John Tyndall - pills
    Nick Adams - pills
    Brian Epstein - pills
    Robert Walker - drugs administered by doctor

    ...and that's just a few of the accidental ones from the old days. None of these were hard drug overdoses.

    I'm not disputing the overprescribing of things like Oxycodone, but as far as things being different from fifty years ago...well...

  • Sara_Tonin00


  • kirbyjay

    Anti-depressants are SRUI's, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Seratonin is being blocked and a SRUI will unblock it. It is your feel good chemical. SRUI's will make you feel NORMAL. They do not change behaviors or drug you out, they just prevent anxiety and depression, just like insulin helps a diabetic. Sadly, most people commit suicide when they go off meds or don't take them, not because they do. It takes trial and error to find the med that is right for each person and most don't have the patience to try.
    Xanax, Lorazepam, Clonopin, Qualudes, Vicodin etc...and all of Heath's Ledgers drugs are barbituates. Doctor's prescribe them to stop anxiety attacks, for post operative pain or manage chronic pain. They do change behavior and drug you out if they are abused and they are very easy to overdose when mixed with alcohol and long term use. All of these people mentioned died from barbiturate poisioning, not anti-depressants.
    Please educate yourself before you vomit "facts"

    To "ST". I find your convoluted syntax amusing.

  • St

    Well ok - middle aged celebrities did die from pills back in a days too. And still - americans look at it and still they stuff themselves with those pills every single day... Unbelievable. How are you are not afraid to overdose? My mom doesn’t even like to take pills when she is having cold or her spine is hurting. And only takes them when she is sick or to stop spine pain. She takes one-two and and then takes another only if she is sick again in few months. She doesn’t like to take them because every pill might have side effects. I take pills from cold when I’m having cold once in two years. I will never understand how can you take them all for years for no real reasons.

    But ordinary young people were not eating all those pills back in a days as much as they do now. As your grandma and grandpa if they were visiting psychiatrist every week and if every third person they knew were having some sort of disorder.

  • Naye

    Didn't know you were the medical examiner. I apologize on behalf of everybody that read she died from something OTHER than pill-popping.

  • jack_sprat2

    M.E.s have been known to screw up or even lie. In L.A., the Film Colony has made that routine business through the years.

  • Naye

    Worth noting, but the initial ME didnt say it was excessive use of prescriptions nor did the second one. So for OP to write a whole novel about pill-popping with zero evidence to back up the initial claim is reaching.

  • Aaron Schulz

    you honestly think people shouldnt get medication for depression? So you have never had to deal with actual depression and just think its being sad dont you?

  • St

    You have depression because you are bored from your easy life in first world country, i’m sorry. Something tells me that people in Africa that try to survive hunger every day don’t take pills from depression. They don’t have depression. Because they don’t have time on it. Or in other second or third would countries. But sometimes it feels like every second american is b-polar or has depression or some disorder. I’t telling you it wasn’t like that 30-80 years ago. And the we hear every day how another depressed or sad man takes gun and shoots people on streets or kids in school.

    Where I live no one is shooting kids in school, no one is shooting people on streets for no reason or their coworkers. IT NEVER HAPPENS. And very few people take pills for depression. And I never met or heard about any person who is bi-polar or has official depression. People take pills when they have heart condition, or kindney, or lungs, or cancer. Americans are too obsessed with those pills they don’t need. They stuff themselves with it since they are teens and then they feel bad and sick their whole life.

  • kirbyjay

    Maybe because your third world citizens don't have access to doctors to diagnose depression.

  • St

    @kirbyjay - And can you imagine - they live fine and feel well :) Because there are no doctors or psychiatrists to tell them that they are depressed sad people and should take medication for it....

    And then none of them takes guns and goes to school to shoot children. And none of them takes gun and goes to shoot his coworkers... I never heard of that to happen in my country. Yet it happens every week in USA. Where it feels like every school girl or boy is bullied or is depressed and hates everyone and is on some antidepressant.

    You can’t understand it because you are too used to take pills. You know all those names and for what you should take them. I even have no idea what those Xanax, Lorazepam, Clonopin, Qualudes, Vicodin are for. I know that Aderall is for something but celebrities take it to stay thin. Because Lindsay Lohan stories told me that. But really sick people take it because they can’t stand still? Or something. Lohan was telling it.

  • jack_sprat2

    Bullied schoolgirls killing themselves? Try Great Britain. Try Canada. Try again.

  • Ben

    Yeah basically everything you just said is patently ludicrous bullshit. Depression is a very real physical condition caused my chemical imbalances in the brain.

  • St

    Well if you live in america, yeah, of course. You know everything about it. Every young american knows everything about depression or b-polar or rehab. Because everyone knows at least one person who suffered from it. But I’m telling you - I personally don’t know any person who went through it, I never heard about it from any of the people I know even casually. I don’t even know any person that would go to psychiatrist!!! We don’t have that habit. It’s not "thing" here.

    Only in america every regular person has own psychiatrist and goes to them every week and pays them so that they would feel sorry for you and tell you how good and special you are and bla-bla-bla. Then they prescribe you pills from depression and million other sicknesses so that you would feel yourself better and that’s how you become addicted to pills you don’t need. And then you eat them for the rest of your life and and feel sick and depressed all the time. Because you are taking them.

    Is it ecology or what? Why so many americans suffer from depression or have, for example, fat gene? When other countries don’t? All those medical corporations they produce all that medicine, they need to sell them and so doctors and psychiatrists prescribe it to you. And then when young celebrity overdoses on it we hear from toxicology reports just how many pills were in their bodies. And I’m sure that regular people have the same amount in their bodies. You see how many "down" votes I got. I’m sure they come from the people who are taking those pills, thinking they are sick and getting help from them. And they are offended and think I don’t know anything when I wrote that they don’t need them.

  • jack_sprat2

    Mexicans are now fatter than Americans. Must be their First World lifestyles, huh?

  • St

    Nah, I doubt about that. Who told you that?

  • Ben

    Congratulations for assumptions. I'm Australian and my fiance suffers from clinical depression. I've watched first hand the changes she's gone through when she started taking medication for it a year ago.

    So kindly go fuck yourself you self righteous twat.

  • kirbyjay

    You stupid fuck!! Let me tell your blase' "how perfect am I " self that had it not been for anti-depressants I would be DEAD today. I had anxiety and depression so severe that I was days away from suicide. Luckily, Mr. Kirbyjay got me to a doctor who diagnosed me perfectly and prescribed an anti-depressant that worked within days. I actually physically felt the world lift from my shoulders and the sun came out. That was 14 years ago. You don't know what you're talking about and HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU INSINUATE that I feel sorry for myself and I need a doctor to tell me how wonderful I am. You MAGGOT!! Go spew your crap somewhere else you brainwashed fuckin scientologist.

  • St

    @kirbyjay - Why should I be scientologist? Oh right, I remembered Tom Cruise stories. Sorry, no. There are no scientology in my country. For me it’s just some funny and scary story about Cruise and Travolta that happens somewhere far away.

    I just literally feel sorry for you and your fellow americans. I almost lost my jaw when there was some story on ONTD about some celebrity and her drugs or pills and then in comments people went to share how they all take something. Like one was taking that one but she stopped because she was half asleep all the time. And another one was taking something too and it hurt her skin and she stopped. And they were talking about it like it’s usual stuff. Like they were sharing what coffee they like most.

    And on and on. And I was like: "Are you crazy people, why do you even take them?". And it’s not only about depression, they take those pills for who knows why. And it’s just funny for me because no one takes them like that in my country and somehow people feel fine, no crazy people walking around, no mass suicides over depression or anxiety, no one is falling from walking because they don’t take Aderall or something. Why it happens?

  • jack_sprat2

    No Scientologists at all? German. (OR maybe Israeli.)

  • St

    @jack_sprat2 - I live in Ukraine. I consider it second world country. We have no Scientology here. We also don’t have any shootings in schools, no metal detectors in schools, no shootings of coworkers either, no snipers shooting people and none of the ordinary people go to psychiatrists at all. We don’t practice it. Maybe some rich people go to them but I dob’t even about that.

    You also will never see obese people in our streets. You will not see obese teenagers in schools. Never. And very few of them are even fat. Only middle age women and men over 40 can have "beer or pregnant belly". Why? Simply because it’s expensive for ordinary people to eat for ten every day and be obese. Your salary will not cover that. There are so many obese people in USA and UK only because food is very cheap. The only reason.

    We have our own problems like any other country, But we don’t have those. And we miraculously don’t suffer all from disorders or depressions. Of course there are probably sick people who take medications. Obviously. But it’s not like in USA when every person can share some story how she/he or people she/he knows suffers from something and takes pills.

    P.S. Truth to be told - I think that shootings in USA happens because every third person have gun in their home. Our teenagers can’t come to school and shoot someone when they are depressed or angry at someone simply because they will not find gun to do it with. You can’t buy it on streets (and it will be very expensive if you do know someone to sell it), very-very few people can have it in their homes. Only bandits or criminals have it. Ordinary people don’t. And so no one shoots. Except criminals but that happens in every country.

  • Starwhackers!

  • ZombieNurse

    I have my doubts that the DHS would have done it. Isn't poisoning (especially the kind done over a period of time) usually one of those things that is done by someone close to the victim? It would have to be, unless they got food/drinks from a very specific place on a consistent basis.That doesn't rule out that someone working for them couldn't have done it, i guess. This is just really weird.

  • I agree that Sharon Murphy is the logical suspect. It's curious though, that media reporting the DHS link are leaving out the most sensational part... that video exists of

    DHS "Sneak-and-peek" raids on Brittany Murphy

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I think, if we're saying DHS, we're not really saying DHS so much as one or two random dumbasses at DHS who've seen one too many thrillers.

    Like, the main thing is, if you're assuming this is a, you know, massive government conspiracy instead, we're talking about seriously solid resources backing the operation, which means you can do better than rat poison. For instance, you can just use a good old-fashioned murder but set it up in such a way it looks like a crazy stalker.

    More to the point, though, whatever method you use, you're not going to use it and then hope or pay the authorities to conclude something completely different. You use rat poison, the authorities say rat poison and you have someone set up to take the fall. The key to a good conspiracy is to make it look like the most mundane damn thing you possibly can, not to leave enticing clues, which means at the very least you don't cover up cause of death, because that's pretty much guaranteed to raise conspiracy red flags when (not so much if) it comes out.

    Which is why it seems likely to me that it is probably just her mother or someone else close to her, or a couple of dumbasses at DHS who did something idiotic. Obviously the mother is something like the simplest answer. All of this assuming the independent testing wasn't just fucked, of course.

    ETA: And honestly? The best thing in the world is simply making it look like a botched mugging or something. No one really questions that kind of thing.

  • jack_sprat2

    Terrorists seek to sow terror. Or, did you think that only the "bad guys" could be terrorists (or that "our" guys honor our borders)?

  • BlackRabbit

    True. Just ask Bruce Wayne.

  • I don't see a government agency using rat poison to kill people. On the other hand, those poisons got into their systems somehow, and I also don't see that happening on its own,

  • BlackRabbit

    You'd think the government would be more subtle than to follow someone with HELICOPTERS. I mean, criminy, we have folks who train for YEARS to be sneaky special-ops guys, and they're using choppers? Do I think something hinky is going on, though? Maybe, but there's no clear benefit to Uncle Sam killing them.

  • jack_sprat2

    Obvious surveillance like that is done to intimidate or destabilize someone. Something similar was done to Ross Perot when he was running for President. He reported that his protected compound was broken into and he came off looking vaguely like a paranoid idiot. Given his ties to Special Forces, it's likely that this was done by a CIA Action Team.

    The problem with secret policemen is that they ultimately cannot be controlled. Rogue is their very nature. The Rubicon is more easily crossed in the dark.

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