Sam Jackson and Victoria Beckham Shared a Moment of Intensely Awkward Recognition

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Sam Jackson and Victoria Beckham Shared a Moment of Intensely Awkward Recognition

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | July 7, 2014 | Comments ()


Sam Jackson and Victoria Beckham were at Wimbledon yesterday, and the two ended up sitting next to each other, though it is clear from this incredibly awkward moment captured on Vine that the two have never met.

Here’s basically what I expect is going on in the minds of each:

Beckham: There’s a strange man next to me who won’t stop scratching his thigh. It’s so loud. Why is he doing that? In my periphery, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. I’ll just turn my head real sublty, oooh, I recognize that guy. He’s Sam Jackson. I should say hell …. oh wait a second. What if he’s not Sam Jackson, and then he thinks that I think that all black guys look the same. ABORT. ABORT.

Jackson: Huh. Is that one of the Spice Girls? The one that’s married to the soccer guy? It’s hard to tell. All the 90s female pop stars look the same to me. Why am I scratching my leg SO INTENSELY. Am I making her uncomfortable? I should say something. Oh, she’s turning toward me … nope, she’ pulled out. I’ll just scratch my head, too. That way she’ll just think it’s break-out of itchy, dry skin all over my body and not localized on my right thigh, which I continue to scratch with OUT-OF-MY-HEAD INTENSITY.

LOOK AWAY, SPICE GIRL. Are you SCARY SPICE, because you’re freaking me out.

via BF

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