Robert Downey Jr. Gave a Young Boy a 3D-Printed Bionic Arm Worthy of Iron Man Himself

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | March 12, 2015 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | March 12, 2015 |


Robert Downey Jr. is coming up on his eighth year as Iron Man, and I always find it inspiring whenever he makes it clear (which is often) just how seriously he takes that privilege. The guy has a lot to be thankful for— he took ‘career comeback’ to an insane level by becoming basically our Official National Hero (not to mention his remarkably stable personal life). But today RDJ used his Iron Man powers for good. So much good. Like, be prepared for weepiness good.

RDJ presented a 3D-printed bionic arm, modeled after Iron Man’s own limb but actually surpassing the original’s capabilities, to Alex, a bow-tie-rocking seven year old. Just remember, I did warn you about the weeping.

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