I Ate Lunch With Keira Knightley and Lived to Gloat About It

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Celebrity | November 27, 2012 | Comments ()

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Celebrity | November 27, 2012 |

She said she'd kept her nunchucks from Domino but that they're only foam and that when she used real ones on set they bruised her knuckles up quite a bit. Other than that she hasn't kept up on any of her skills.


Any Tender is the Night casting rumors are just that, rumors. She loves the book but she's never been offered the film and isn't quite sure how these things end up on IMDB. Hey, looks like Pajiba started that rumor!


One day on the set of Anna Karenina when she was really tired, she and the costume designer picked out all the jewels she wanted to wear, and she said when she finally had put them all on and saw the final product she thinks she kind of went overboard.

elizabeth swan Pirates of the Caribbean.jpg

She said she couldn't quite get her waist as small as Vivien Leigh's in Gone With the Wind in the corsets, and that the temptation is always to make them really small but she knows now to breathe out when they're fitting them, to give yourself some breathing room, since she fainted once on the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, "because I was 17 and didn't know any better."


Every record she references in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World she actually listened to, and she's a big Wilco fan. That struck me as very thorough, to really listen to all the records. "A lot of John Cale," she says, and confirmed Lorene Scafaria is a music expert and always gives her plenty to listen to.


During the filming of Dangerous Method she read all the Twilight books but she has not read "50 Shades of Grey"


She's in Jack Ryan, and is signed on for a second one if at all possible, but calls herself the most "part-time" cast member, going to Liverpool and London for a few hours of shooting at a time and then out again. She says director Kenneth Branagh is a genius. (Funny story, I worked on a short film with Kenneth Branagh and ended up in his eye line one time when I was assisting with props, and he called me over quietly and said "You dear person could you sit somewhere else for a minute or two?" and I melted into the atmosphere and now I don't exist anymore.)


When she was doing press for Dangerous Method, she said the German press would ask her the most outrageous questions about sex. I said she should ask them right back to them and she said she probably didn't want to know the answers.


Drama is what she's interested in, there's less films being made, and she would consider being on a TV show if the script was good but that she's never been offered a TV show.


Yes she ate food. Salad. and then some pasta. "Pah-stah." Pahh-stahhhh.

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