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15 Films for the Brokenhearted: A Girl's Guide to Recovery

'Obvious Child' Review: An Abortion Rom-Com That Delivers

Interview: Richard Ayoade Talks 'The Double'

13 Sins Review: Bloodshed and Thrills Do Not a Horror Film Make

Under the Skin: Scarlett Johansson Bares All In Sci-Fi Thriller

'The Wind Rises' Review: Miyazaki's Most Beautiful Film Yet Focuses on the Skies

'Winter's Tale' Review: The Worst Movie Ever Made Can't Even Touch This

Adult World Review: Emma Roberts' Sexy Post-College Romp is Anything But

'Her' Review: My Love, She Speaks Softly

Charlie Countryman Review: Shia LeBeouf in No Country for Young Men

Philomena: Evil Baby-Stealing Nuns Are No Match For Judi Dench

'The Book Thief' Review: The Only Thing Stolen is Your Time

'Sal' Review: James Franco's Day-Dreamy Vision of a Gay Icon

'Kill Your Darlings' Review: Daniel Radcliffe Loses Himself in The Birth of the Beat Generation

'Romeo and Juliet' Review: Hot Kids in a New and Totally Unnecessary Classic

'Parkland' Review: Zac Efron's Frantic CPR Can't Bring this Movie Back to Life

Enough Said Review -- Other People's Opinions Will Ruin Your (Love) Life

Austenland Review: Q&A Time with One of the Dumbest Movies of the Year

Blue Jasmine Review: Woody Allen's Best Since "Match Point"

The Butler Review: Lee Daniels' Big Ol' Feel-Good Mess

Prince Avalanche Review: Choose Your Own Adventure Review

"The Canyons" Review: That Lindsay Lohan Movie You Already Hate

The Cancellation of Bunheads: Why TV's Most Underrated Show Deserved Better

Crystal Fairy: Hairy Hoo-Hahs and The Search For Psychedelic Enlightenment

10 Questions You Had About Byzantium: So, It's Like a Vampire Movie With Babes, Right?

Nashville: Oh My God, That Finale! and Open Comments Thread

Black Rock Review: Three Hot Girls in a Horror Film That Wishes it Had Something To Say

"Frances Ha" Review: Life Flows Along With A Smile and A Song

The Iceman Review: Michael Shannon Will Cut You

The Big Wedding Review: A Train Wreck of the Most Boring Proportions

The Company You Keep Review: A Tidy Political Thriller for the Olds

Confessions of a Hater: Top Nine Things Worth Hating This Week

An Exclusive Visit to the Set of David Fincher's Fight Club

The Problem With Fans and Overwhelming Fandom

That Weasel Pete Campbell Is Marrying Sweet Little Rory Gilmore In Real Life

What the Movies Don't Teach You: All About First Kisses and Growing Up

Dead Man Down Review: Exactly What You Think It Is, and That's Kinda Great

Oz the Great and Powerful Review: No Courage, No Heart, No Brains

Stoker Review: Sex and the South

Girl's Guide to Heartbreak: Learning to Forgive Ourselves and Others

Anne Hathaway's Repulsed Grimace Simply a Reaction to Hearing Russell Crowe Would Sing at the Oscars

The Problem With Obsessions: Boys and "The X-Files"

A Legacy of Lincolns: A Look at the Actors Who've Portrayed the President

Beautiful Creatures Review: The Romance of Dawson Leery, Not Edward Cullen

Nine 1999 Movies and 9 Drinks to Pass Out To

Sundance Diary Day Five

Dawson's Sitcom Was Cancelled. Don't Worry, The Internet Is Prepared For This Eventuality.

Sundance Diary Day Four

Sundance Diary Day Three

Sundance Diary Day Two

Sundance Diary Day One

12 Board Game Adaptations Helmed by Famous Directors

"Quartet" Review: Growing Old Exactly as Terrible and Wonderful as Suspected

The Twelve Worst Movies of 2012

10 Terrible Techniques for Falling in Love

Not Fade Away Review: Please, Fade Away

The Impossible Review: To Love, and to Be Loved

Any Day Now Review: Simple, a Little Too Simple

Island in the Sun: 11 Movies About Islands

Hyde Park on Hudson Review: It's All a Wash, Mostly

Rust and Bone Review: A Complicated Kind of Love

The Best of Brunettes: 14 Amazing Brunette Actresses

Films That Deal with the Death of a Loved One: A Girl's Guide to Recovery

I Ate Lunch With Keira Knightley and Lived to Gloat About It

Hitchcock Review: Not Much Behind the Bloody Shower Curtain

Silver Linings Playbook Review: A Funny Character Drama for People Who Can Handle Being Spoken to As Adults

Anna Karenina Review: Gamble Everything For Love

No One Else is Here: 12 Movies About Solitude

Skyfall Review: Breathtaking, the Most Beautiful Bond Yet

13 Movies on Hot Button Issues: A Last Ditch Voting Guide

The Details Review: A Potent Combination of Two of Today's Least Compelling Actors

15 Movies About Moving and Moving On

Fun Size Review: Not as Much Fun As Regular Size Fun

Dying Alone: A Girl's Guide to Wedding Movies

Paranormal Activity 4 Review: The Song Remains The Same

12 Films About Sleeping: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

'3,2,1... Frankie Go Boom' Review: Funny in Completely Indescribable Ways

Argo Review: Forget What You Never Knew About the Iranian Hostage Crisis

14 Films About Hitting Rock Bottom: A Girl's Guide to Recovery

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Review: Hell Is Other People's Nostalgia

Stolen Review: Surprisingly, Not a Terrible Version of 'Taken'

Arbitrage Review: Richard Gere Seethes, Oh, How He Seethes

'10 Years' Review: Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

The Possession Review: The Power of Matisyahu's Beard Compels You

"Little Birds" Review: The Darker Side of Coming of Age

'Robot and Frank' Review: Remarkably Funny, Believably Touching

The Awakening Review: Another Ghost Movie That's +11 On the Cochlea Scale

'Goats' Review: The Cinematic Equivalent of Kristen Stewart's Face

'The Babymakers' Review: People You Like in a Movie You Will Hate

'Killer Joe' Review: Matthew McConaughey's Creepiness Finds a Fitting Home

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