God Dammit, Justin Bieber: Pop Fetus Creates Racist Graffiti

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God Dammit, Justin Bieber: Pop Fetus Creates Racist Graffiti

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | November 11, 2013 | Comments ()

photo (3).jpg

Oh. My. God. Bieber. We were doing SO well. We were buds. Pretty much totes besties, except the kind where I kind of can’t stand you but keep you around because you’re unintentionally hilarious, like my own personal Biaggio from Kings of Summer only without redeeming qualities.

And, now, this.


*facepalm* BIEBER. NO. THAT’S A BAD BIEBER. *gets the spray bottle*

And the thing is, he has no idea this is racist, I guarantee. It’s basically the same thing as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. “What do you mean my performance is racist? How is it racist to dress my backup dancers as toys and slap them on the…OK, I see it now, now that I’m saying it out loud…” When cultural ignorance meets the insane privilege of the rich and famous, bad things happen. And makes his arrival to the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of his predominately black entourage look way less funny than it did before.


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  • Racist? Well, racially the boy is a sort of germanic. Hitler would have appreciated his racial status, but his performance would be tagged as entartet.

    Regards Knut Holt

  • Jezzer

    Repeating what I already said on Bookface, I can't wait for the day he can no longer afford to pay his bodyguards and they beat eleventy kinds of shit out of him for the things they've had to put up with.

  • Lili

    We were doing SO well .

  • Lili

    I strongly recommend ______ MixedPassion * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What's kind of relationship do you want?

  • His poor, poor publicity team.

  • Strand

    He's a kid who's way too rich, way too young, and has millions of fans who'd fedex him their virginities if they could. Anyone in that position would become a douchebag extraordinaire.

    Question now is whether he learns a little humility at 30 like many teen boyband members whose solo careers bombed, whether he finds religion and becomes a Kirk Cameron type, or simply flames out on heroin.

  • Brian williams

    That's a good self portrait.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    As a person of Chinese descent, I wish the country can just bleach the entire Great Wall so that the traces of Justin Bieber being there would be destroyed.

    If only I had a time machine I would go to the wall the day he went and just slap him.

  • $3647259

    And I live in Brazil so, basically, at ground zero of his epic douchey meltdown.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    Yeah, I was at the Great Wall in Beijing 2 weeks before he was. He's lucky I wasn't there.

  • John G.

    You see, he pays black people to hang out with him to give him "black cred". In that contract it states that he has total pop culture immunity from calls of "racism".

  • oilybohunk7

    I can only imagine that the member of his entourage that had to take this picture fantasized that they were aiming a gun at him instead.

  • Bieber still not dead yet? Dammit, I knew that witch doctor was completely full of shit.

  • BlackRabbit

    I'd run down the street screaming "Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang" to get rid of Bieber.

  • elirt

    It's so racist he practicially had to research and find out about how historically racist this is.

  • laylaness

    I just can't anymore.

  • bastich

    Maybe he's just spray-painting Donkey Kong or Magilla Gorilla, but updated with that "mad swag" the kids are all into these days?

    (Those characters are still kool moe dee with the teenyboppers, right?)

  • If only he were an NFL lineman, he could excuse it by saying it's part of the locker room culture.

  • MarTeaNi

    The general consensus from Bieb-apologists seems to be that Canada doesn't have racism, never had slavery, racist caricatures only happen in the USA and that as a Canadian, Biebs has zero knowledge whatsoever of racism anywhere else in the world. Canada: apparently one great big frozen Garden of Eden.

  • mograph

    Hey! What's with all the anti-Canadian noise? We think he's an idiot!

  • Just part of my locker room culture.

  • MarTeaNi

    I have no problems with Canada, you've got healthcare and TCAF. But "He's from Canada" is not a defense. Canada still has problems and Beiber was not raised in an isolated igloo by angelic Mounties.

  • mograph

    People say "he's from Canada" as a defence? Ecch.

    He's a spoiled brat, a victim of arrested development, thrust into the spotlight before he could develop into a man.

    … and Canadians say "well, he's from Stratford."

  • Not to defend Bieber (or Canadians at large), but teenagers everywhere (in the first world anyway) have a spectacular lack of self-awareness. I can see someone doodling or spray painting a hip hop gorilla without malicious intent of racism.

    That said - once you decide to sell your soul, your teenage years and your normalcy for whatever price you put on it, get a goddamned image team to work this shit out for you, dummy.

  • IngridToday

    It looks ***exactly*** like a racist caricature from the 1940s.

  • MarTeaNi

    I can appreciate that a lot of these teens have been raised in a radically unconventional environment and have a profound lack of self-awareness, moreso than the average middle-class white teenager that isn't a super rich pop star.

    That said: no one gets raised in a vacuum, and this is another drop in the bucket of flamboyantly questionable (if not outright asshole-ish) behavior.

  • zeke_the_pig

    The tiny jizz stain he left on that mattress in Brazil probably made a more acceptable and artistically worthwhile shape than this irredeemable abomination.

  • jblinco86

    The worst part is, that I guarantee if you go to the original photo on Instagram you will find thousands of impressionable young girls praising him for his 'totally like OMG awesome artistic skills!'

  • Berry

    I beliebe the proper pluralization is skillz. Possibly skilzz. Scholars are divided on this.

  • Ben

    I just checked his instagram account and hte picture is mostly full of people telling him to go fuck himself.

    So there's a little hope for the world.

  • jblinco86

    I think it's been deleted now.

  • Basement Boy

    Would've been even more hilarious/ridiculous if he'd spewed his "art" onto The Great Wall!!

  • Sassy Pikachu

    Then he can officially get arrested! That should add to his "gangster cred"

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    You guys! Didn't you look at the picture? Biebs is totes surrounded by, like, people of color. They're his friends so everything he does is okay. Sillies.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I'm sure he's an "honorary black guy". They probably gave him a certificate and everything!

  • Repo

    It makes me wonder if in between giving him props and hanging onto that teat, they are rolling their eyes.

  • jblinco86

    I think the answer is unquestionably yes. They sold their soul to the tween devil when they signed onto working with him.

  • Mrs. Julien

    That's his "escape"? That woman he paid to service him is going to feel kind of insulted.

  • It's not racist if you're Canadian.

  • mograph

    Um … what?

  • Zen

    /sarcasm (I'm hoping)

  • Hopes confirmed.

  • mograph

    Ah. Needed the font.

  • $3647259

    And yet I'm not at all surprised -- not by him behaving like an idiot nor by the 942,731 likes his picture got. It's sad, but not surprising.

    ETA: And so the countdown to his "I'm sorry you were offended by my graffiti" apology begins...

  • emmalita

    Well now you've pissed off the Beliebers. They're sending the bots after you.

  • Gloria J. Johnson

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  • Jezzer

    I hope the terrible grammar of whoever wrote this spam is the sign of an impending cerebral hemorrhage.

  • bastich

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