Chris Pratt Stole Guardians Costume to Visit Sick Kids, Is Flaw-Free
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Chris Pratt Stole Guardians Costume to Visit Sick Kids, Is Flaw-Free

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | July 30, 2014 | Comments ()


News flash you already know: Chris Pratt is human perfection. And he continued to prove this by telling Panzer TV that he stole his Star-Lord jacket so he can go visit kids in the hospital if the movie is a hit.

“I stole the jacket and some of the wardrobe so that, if this movie comes out and does what everyone hopes it can, I can follow the example of someone — say, like, a Russell Wilson — and go visit kids. If it was a big enough movie to where it would mean something to a kid who’s sick in the hospital for Peter Quill or Star-Lord to come visit them, I’ll do that. I think that’s awesome, man. That would give me real meaning for this movie, you know?

Right now, it means high profile, cool jobs coming up, big press tour, and all the excitement of it all. But none of that really means anything. The coolest things would be that my son can one day see this, and that maybe I can go affect some kids in a positive way; be a good role model for them.”

Chris Pratt, yet again, over and over, you continue to make my heart throw confetti, Andy Dwyer-style. You glorious man you.

Source: MTV News

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  • Deluxe Bumblebee Costume

  • RobynRobotron

    He's such a gem. If only he had an Emmett costume, he could do this now.

  • carrie

    Whay wait that it's a success?

  • Batman

    Do kids even know who Star Lord is? They should get someone more recognisable and brooding.

  • Guest

    Like this guy? Morose MotherFvcker that he is, all he ever talks about is how he lost his parents as a child.

  • RobynRobotron

    Did you even look at who you replied to?

  • He looks like someone shit in his cereal.

  • carrie

    It's always cool to trash an orphan

  • e jerry powell

    At this rate, he's going to have to divorce Faris and marry everyone.

  • elirt
  • andrewjwilliam

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