Andrew Garfield Didn't Bail on Batkid--He Took Him to Disneyland
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Andrew Garfield Didn't Bail on Batkid--He Took Him to Disneyland

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | March 6, 2014 | Comments ()

Not even a 5-year-old boy with cancer could persuade egotistical actor Andrew Garfield to be a presenter at the Academy Awards.

That’s the story being spread today, courtesy of the New York Post’s Page Six, those bastions of journalism, that Andrew Garfield was supposed to join with Make-a-Wish at the Oscars to make Batkid an official superhero, but threw a diva hissy and bailed. That would be terrible and evil. It also makes no sense because Garfield is famously charitable, especially with causes related to children.

It probably makes no sense because it didn’t happen. The Academy issued a statement saying “NO BITCH” (not a direct quote). They cancelled the segment due to time (tragically deceased crew members and kids with cancer—things the Oscars had no time for. Remember that as you think back on the terrible Kung Fu Panda-heavy mess of an animation montage).

“Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production. Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with 5-year-old Miles Scott (Batkid) and his family.”

Unfortunately, once a story goes big, no one ever cares as much about the response or retraction, especially when there’s no juice to it.

After the segment was cut, according to Garfield’s stylist, he and Emma Stone chose not attend for personal reasons (Stone was seen back home in Arizona and her mom has cancer so here’s hoping they’re not the awful kind of personal reasons). I may be and am definitely biased, but as stories go, Spider-Man pulling a dick move on a tiny child with cancer is as low as it gets. Impressive, Page Six. Your move, The Devil.

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  • erictan

    B-But, no pictures. No pictures = didn't happen. Publicists' day off?

  • Seth

    How about giving another kid a turn as BatKid? There are thousands of kids who need that.

  • manting

    Its not like they haven't this before -
    My buddy Stu Snodgrass is the green goblin and organizer. I helped a little.

  • JazzCat

    Respectfully, Sarah Jones was a 2nd AC, not a PA.

  • Nicholas

    and her passing was mentioned on the show. But keep on beating Mr. Ed.

  • JazzCat

    Not really sure why you felt the need for the sarcasm here, but whatever.

    I offered a correction about a fact. 2nd ACs do a job entirely different that that of a PA and being that I worked the same show Sarah did for at least three years, I felt obliged to offer the clarification.

    Further, I'm not exactly sure where you're getting the impression that that qualifies in any way as "beating Mr. Ed." Perhaps when you are able to dismount from your own high horse, you will be good enough to enlighten the rest of us.

  • Sara_Tonin00 I missing something? Why would Andrew Garfield be doing something Batman related anyway?

    (and when I ask "am I missing something?" what I mean is "tell me what I'm missing because I'm not clicking on any of those sources.")

  • Bert_McGurt

    My guess is the kid is also a huge Spiderman fan.

  • Maddy

    I don't have strong feelings about Andrew Garfield, but I don't understand how anyone believed this really happened

  • Davis

    This story shows how stupid people are, stop believing everything you read you gullible pricks. I bet everyone who jumped on his back feel like right prats now knowing he took batkid to disneyland and emma stones mother may have breast cancer.

  • James Thompson

    It works both ways. You are believing in what you are reading right now. I choose not to care, I only read this article because I figured there might be some mention of Spider-man.

  • Socrates_Johnson

    At this point I trust the NY Post for real news less than I trust the Onion.

  • Uriah_Creep

    So-Crates? Haven't seen you here in a while.

  • Socrates_Johnson

    I still chime in from time to time. Thanks for noticin' me.

  • Some Guy

    Dust. Wind. Dude.

  • Yocean

    Also left out from animation montage and winning Oscar? Hayao Miyazaki and Japanese animation. FUCK YOU ACADEMY!

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Let it go, man. Let it go!

    But really, I liked 'Frozen' but that Oscar belonged to Miyazaki.

  • Yocean

    Thank you! I feel the same way about Frozen. Loved it but it was no where close to being as good, in term of maturity, story and inspiration to Wind Rises. Disney keep robbing from Japanese animation :(

  • manting

    In so many ways (see Kimba the white lion vs Lion King) Disney is a thieving company that is highly overrated and possesses a near stranglehold on childrens entertainment. Miyazaki should win every year he has a movie out.

  • Jae

    Wind Rises is bland as hell.
    And, well, really problematic. A charming story of a guy living a dream thanks to everybody around him doing their best to make his life easier. Job? A noble and supportive friend and two mentors redy to risk their carreers over and over for you. Failure? No matter, just take a vacation and be welkomed back afterwards! Family? A sick wife, who sacrifises her well-being for you and has no problem whatsoever with you spending barely any time at all, because your work is more important than her dying, away from her family and friends. It's not like you'll remember her after she goes away to avoid inconveniencing you with her actual death. Oh, and the fact that your lovely wonderful planes are killing machines for a fascist-ally army first and foremost? That can be dealt with in a couple hand-wavy semi-melancholic sentences. Beacause a DREAM is what actually matters.

  • Yocean

    Maybe you got no one believing in you because you are such a dick, a talentless waste of a limp member.

  • foolsage

    Where the fuck did that come from? It seemed like you two were having a reasonable conversation until you pulled the insult out of nowhere.

  • Yocean

    Came from seeing something I love being degrade in such way.

  • foolsage

    Someone expressed a strong opinion about a piece of art, and you went off on him. That seems... uncalled-for. It's ok to have differences of opinion. We're mostly adults here, or at least can pass for them in public.

  • Yocean

    What's uncalled for was the lengthy and way harsh criticism of it after I just expressed a tremendous love for it, in just few words. I was not soliciting discussion in any way yet he felt he was in right to unleash all the ammunition on my way. i responded in kind.

  • foolsage

    I see a disconnect here though. Jae expressed an opinion about a work of art, not about you. You replied with an opinion about Jae, which isn't a response in kind.

    Posting your thoughts on an internet forum *IS* soliciting discussion, I fear, for that matter. Anyhow, I was just surprised to see a civil discussion suddenly turn very nasty, and was curious why. My curiosity is sated.

  • Adam

    Yes, the reason being that anyone who points out the flaws in a movie someone else likes must be a jerk...

  • Yocean

    The tone was pretty nasty too. And no. I don't accept that posting a few s tend warrants a lengthy criticism of something you love. Not a civil course of action.

  • The Macho King

    you can't really detect someones "tone" through the internet. After reading all the posts between you 2 it seems like you are a little overly sensitive.

  • Yocean

    Became personal when he used the tired anti Japanese rhetoric.

  • Jae

    So mentioning of Japan's allegiance in the war when talking about war-planes is "tired anti-Japanese rhethoric"? Okay.

  • Yocean

    Zero were not nazi planes. They were Japanese planes. And there are Japanese who helped Jewish people escap too becaus of Japanese policy at the time. It's easy to think the world is just good and evil but its more are so full of hate man.

  • Jae

    And where did I state that they were Nazi planes? Or that all Japanese were evil? Are you sure you're talking to me?

  • Yocean

    It's how you say it. You are really abrasive. Was my liking Wind Rises such an offense to you? Come on now.

  • Jae

    And how do I say it? Enlighten me, please?

    No, seriously. I'm an ESL, conveying the right tone is a task. And I would like to know which is the tone that justifies people straight-up hurling personal insults at you over a dislike of a movie.

  • Yocean

    Basic courtesy. Not the matter of language. I am an ESL as well. If we were at say a bus stop or cafe or a public lecture classroom and i said " Wind Rises got robbed" to a friend and some stranger agreed with me, I am in a happy mood, then all the sudden you, an another stranger, decided to rant on the movie just because you didn't like it, completely destroying whatever rapport or my good mood, I will take afront. Because it's rude.

  • Yocean

    Wow, you really hated that film huh? If you have paid attention they really did not have much choice but to design military planes because of the situation the world was in and their country was in. To say everyone on Japanese army side was evil during war time is pretty narrow minded. Not everyone went with the army that usurped government with coup. And most of the film was focused on the Kyushi, and we did not see Zero till the end (for the record he hated those) but no one can deny the skill and talent he had in creating those amazing machine. And as for his wife? That was her wish and choice. She loved to see him work. And he never remarried. It was one of the most romantic story I have seen for me. And for christ sake, what's so so wrong with following dream and having people who believe in you?! And it was god damn BEAUTIFUL. I really don't know what kind of darkness your soul is shrouded in to be so critical of something so inspiring but I feel sorry for you.

  • Jae

    Nope, didn't hate it at first. At first it was just "whatever". And then there was all that 'best thing ever' and 'amazing' and 'only people with no heart can dislike it' and oh, that's my favourite from now on 'maybe you got no one believing in you because you are such a dick, a talentless waste of a limp member' or 'I really don't know what kind of darkness your soul is shrouded in'. So yeah, I gave the 'whatever' some more thought.

    I didn't say that everyone on the Japanese side was evil. But Japan does have a neat history of WWII revisionism, and, I'm sorry, but the almost non-acknowlegement if the issue (and the 'almost' is all about how they do not return not about all those people they kill) fits into it all too well.

    Yeah, skill and talent. I'm sorry, but I currently live in an authoritarian-getting-more-and-more-evil-with-each-passing-day country, and, looking around me I can muster less and less adoration for those, who are skillful and artistic in ultimately facilitating bad things (myself included). Definitely not when a blind eye is turned to those bad things.

    Regarding his wife: yes, her wish and choise to be as comfortable to him as possible to her detriment. A woman willingly sacrifises herself so her man could live his dream. Totally romantic, totally not a yet another interation of glamorization of any problematic cultural norm with (just as with the war) no awareness at all.

    There is nothing wrong in following your dream and having people believe in you. Good for him, being so lucky. Doesn't make for an interesting story though.

  • Yocean

    I have had few Chinese friends tell me even though we are friends I am an enemy because I am Japanese though I am sure me nor anyone in my family had ever done anything to any person they know, even. I am half Japanese and half American so with that kind of hate logic i would have to be hating myself all the time. It's an exhausting existence.

  • Yocean

    Regarding revisionist history: you do realize histories are written by winners and whatever the evil of Japanese imperialism exactly what West did before the war, but they did not like it when yellow monkeys can play their game too. (oh yes they were fucking racists. There is ) Let's see, Japan got forced to open country by American (not well known fact in states) by cannon being pointed at their capitol, put efforts in military and economic strength to imitate and compete with the colonizing west, became one of the only country left uncolonized, then economically shut down for basically being better at white men's games than them (China was already torn apart by Russia, British and US - I think - and Japan had the British backing on Manchuria which Russian did take over afterword and killed many many many as well but white men can't be evil too right?), they had to expand knowing it's an unwinnable war (a lot of higher ups knew this) or die, then dropped A Bombs when the country was in absolute worst of poverty and after all major cities were burned down, which nobody ever deserves nor nothing makes necessary, occupied by American force and turned into a successful socialist country but if you say anything that might contradict the winning countries narratives it's revisionist. There could be many different truths. That's all I would like to express on that.

    Maybe I am a sucker but I was touched with their relationship. Sure, Japan has a still strong sexist sentiments and I abhor that but I did not see wheat was present in the film that way.

    It really seems like you are just unsatisfied with the situation you are in and the work (of evil by your account) you are doing and projecting on this film.

    So I just have to respectfully disagree with you. Sorry I was disparaging. I loved that film.

  • Adam

    If someone disliking your favourite movie makes you this heartbroken, you probably shouldn't say how much something you like is better than something else more people like.

  • Jae

    Look, this? This is good. This is an interesting conversation, as the history never is and never was black and white. From my side of things it is especially very interesting, because being Russian (so yeah, wrong person to impose blindly pro-American point of view in, and yes, we were and still are very, very racist) I didn't have much exposure to different sides to the story (US side included) infill adulthood. It is also much deeper in the awareness of the world than the flat "boy and his dream" narrative of the movie.

    Well, and to me it seems that you'be put a lot of words and opinions I have not expressed in my mouth. Also called me words!

    Hey, loving the movie is fine. It's just that the whole 'if you don't love it and question the message you're a HORRIBLE PERSON' thing has gotten to me and you have accidentally turned out to be the breaking point at which I couldn't not speak.

  • You should check out Cinema Blend's reporting on this. They've basically accepted Page Six's gossip mongering as fact.

    Oh, wait. It's being backed up by US Weekly. So it must be true!


  • Ryan Ambrose

    Apparently not having a publicist in Hollywood makes you vulnerable to sensationalistic accusations of telling kids with cancer to go f*ck themselves.

  • BendinIntheWind

    This story sounded fishy as hell, so I'm relieved to see it shut down.

    But don't you dare besmirch the good name of "Kung Fu Panda".

  • Repo

    Right? Hating on Kung Fu Panda here. Fat shaming at it's finest. Not a good look, Pajiba.

  • I thought it was funny, anyways.

  • RMH

    That's not even what fat shaming is. Fat shaming is making negative comments about people's bodies or implying they are somehow bad for being fat.

    Fat shaming is NOT implying that you don't like a movie with a fat main character without even mentioning the character's physical appearance.

  • RMH
  • Repo

    It was a shitty joke about a cartoon bear. Thank you for taking it so serious.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor


  • jollies

    As someone once said, "Why so seriously?"

  • Jamie Dello Stritto

    Repo's was definitely a shitty joke.

  • Kung Fu Panda is great, but that animation montage that used 1/3 Kung Fu Panda clips was a joke. There are no other animated heroes but Po and Pixar heroes in Animated Feature winners? Ok Academy, whatever you say.

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