The 10 Biggest Second-Week Film Grosses of All-Time

By Josh Kurp | Box Office Round-Ups | May 13, 2012 |

Marvel's The Avengers -- $103,163,000

avengers gif.gif

Avatar -- $75,617,183


The Dark Knight -- $75,166,466

dark knight.gif

Shrek 2 -- $72,170,363

shrek 2.gif

Spider-Man -- $71,417,527

spiderman kiss.gif

Alice in Wonderland -- $62,714,076

(This movie doesn't deserve a GIF)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest -- $62,345,264


Toy Story 3 -- $59,337,669

toy story 3.gif

The Hunger Games -- $58,551,063


Spider-Man 3 -- $58,166,256

spiderman 3.gif

So, yeah, The Avengers made a lot of money this weekend. A lot more money, actually, to the tune of over $1 billion worldwide. Oh man, with that kind of dough, I would buy SO much shawarma. Elsewhere, Tim Burton's Dark Shadows finished second with a disappointing $28.8 million. To be fair, that's only disappointing if you expected a good movie, which Dark Shadows was not -- I'm getting a perverse amount of pleasure from the fact that this $150 million (!) gothic turd will have a hard time making its budget back. When reached for comment, star Johnny Depp replied by making a dumb expression.

Think Like a Man and The Hunger Games finished third and fourth with $6.3 million and $4.4 million, respectively, while $4 million worth of people paid to see The Lucky One. Domestically speaking, it's only $320 million behind The Avengers. Get working, Sparks fans!

1. Marvel's The Avengers -- $103,163,000
2. Dark Shadows -- $28,805,000
3. Think Like a Man -- $6,300,000
4. The Hunger Games -- $4,400,000
5. The Lucky One -- $4,055,000
6. The Pirates! Band of Misfits -- $3,200,000
7. The Five-Year Engagement -- $3,100,000
8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel -- $2,650,000
9. Chimpanzee -- $1,624,000
10. Girl in Progress -- $1,350,000

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