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Final Standings and the Most Read Books for Last Year's Cannonball Read 8

By Mswas Sawsm | Book Reviews | January 26, 2017 | Comments ()

By Mswas Sawsm | Book Reviews | January 26, 2017 |


We know what books mean to President Obama, can you imagine how big his to-be-read pile is? Maybe we could convince him to register for a certain charitable book-reading challenge during his retirement … because even though 2016 might have been a dumpster fire in many (all?) regards, there’s one thing that didn’t go up in flames: Cannonball Read 8. 2016 was the most successful CBR ever! CBR8 participants reviewed 3,415 books, read over 1,000,000 pages, and raised $1,275 for the American Cancer Society, all in the name of a fierce Pajiban lost in the fight against cancer, AlabamaPink.

Last year, the most reviewers ever (111) reviewed one book or more, and one person READ 263 BOOKS!!! For the second year in a row one bad cat is at the top of the leaderboard: badkittyuno. She read three books more than a quintuple Cannonball. Yes, that’s right, five times the goal of the race.

Not only did badkittyuno read the most books, but she was the first to read a full Cannonball of 52 books. More hit the 52 mark and went farther as the year went on, and you can see the final standings below*. Two more people reached a triple Cannonball, narfna and bonnie, and four hit a double: Malin, ingres77, melanir, and Caitlin_D. That’s over 1,000 books between the top seven finishers!

Top 10 most reviewed books of 2016
Doomsday Book (18 reviews, 3.67 average star rating) - Sci Fi #CannonBookClub
Act Like It (16, 3.88)
The Girl on the Train (14, 3.81)
The Hating Game (14, 4.57)
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (12, 4.76) - YA #CannonBookClub
Eligible (11, 3.36)
Between the World and Me (10, 4.50)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (9, 3.63)
Kindred Spirits (9, 4.00)
Notorious RBG (9, 4.33)
Ready Player One (9, 4.00)
The Bollywood Bride (8, 2.00) - Romance #CannonBookClub
Modern Romance (8, 4.00)

Top 10 Authors of 2016
J. K. Rowling (37 reviews, 4.16 average rating)
Stephen King (34 reviews, 4.15 average)
Rainbow Rowell (29 reviews, 4.28 average)
Julia Quinn (26, 3.65)
Jim Butcher (25, 3.88)
Connie Willis (23, 3.78)
Courtney Milan (23, 3.91)
Sarina Bowen (23, 3.75)
Sarah J. Maas (21, 3.68)
Kristen Ashley (19, 1.06)

Author Interactions and Social Media
One of my favorite things about CBR is when our reviewers hear from authors. This year’s highlights include: author Julia Franks commenting right on ElCicco’s review of Over the Plain Houses; Lucy Parker tweeting thanks to everyone in Cannonball Read for all of the reviews of Act Like It; and Jim C. Hines quoting narfna’s review on his release day post for his latest novel, Revisionary.


Thanks to all of the volunteers who are helping with CBR social media and make many of those interactions happen. My neverending thanks to emmalita, teresaelectro, kdm, scootsa1000, ardaigle, The Mama, Bothari43 and Yesknopemaybe, who are the keepers of the Facebook page and CBR Book Chat Facebook Group, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram accounts, and the "Cannon Fodder" newsletter. I’d like to give a special thanks to another Cannonballer, ingres77, who stepped up and volunteered to crunch the Cannonball numbers for us. His monthly stats posts include a witty analysis of the previous month’s reviews and are filled with facts and statistics about reviewers, authors, genres, countries and more, and you can leave him a comment if there’s a statistic you’d like explored. His calculations made this wrap-up happen, so - thanks ingres77!!

Under the guidance of faintingviolet last year, CBR8 held four online book club discussions during the year: The Count of Monte Cristo (classic with film adaptation), The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (young adult), Doomsday Book (science fiction), and The Bollywood Bride (romance). The discussions were wide and ranging, and they were really popular. This year we are beginning with a discussion of The Devourers by Indra Das for the Fantasy book club on March 8, 2017. Read up, and join us! You don’t have to be registered for CBR9 to participate, just read and comment!

Donations and More Thanks
A very special, and teary thank you must go out to Eric and Tamara Yollick for their generous donation in September, which ensured that will be up and running through 2018 (that’s number ten, folks!). Thanks to the Yollicks, and all of the other donors and visitors to the site, Cannonball Read 8 made seven donations to the American Cancer Society totalling $975. Additional matches by donors at the ACS on New Year’s Eve brought our total for the year up to $1,275! I have to give a big shout out to all of the regular commenters and reviewers, the CBR Brain Trust, and even you lurkers - you’re helping kick cancer’s ass just by being there.

Here are the final standings of 2016’s Cannonball Read 8.

QUINTUPLE Cannonball (260 Books or more)
badkittyuno 263

Triple Cannonball (156+)
narfna 172
bonnie 156

Double Cannonball (104+)
Malin 135
ingres77 110
melanir 108
Caitlin_D 106

Whole Cannonball (52+) - 22 people
alwaysanswerb 101
faintingviolet 84
yesknopemaybe 83
Lollygagger 73
expandingbookshelf 70
Mrs. Julien 66
Beth Ellen 62
Sophia 58
The Chancellor 58
ElCicco 56
borisanne 54
Ellepkay 54
The Mama 54
scootsa1000 53
emmalita 52
Ellesfena 52
kfishgirl 52
Andrea Krieter 52
baxlala 52
Blingle Bells 52
NTE 52
CoffeeShopReader 52

Half Cannonball (26+) - 14 people
jeverett15 48
Bea Pants 44
Melina 41
Halbs 37
Jenny S 37
maydays 36
Lisa Bee 30
Caitlin 28
Belphebe 27
Mikki Blu 26
ardaigle 26
Ale 26
xoxoxoe 26
crystalclear 26

Quarter Cannonball (13+ ) - 9 people
ChainedVase 25
Orleanas 21
Even Stevens 19
mathildehoeg 18
Dome’Loki 18
Jak 18
Captain Tuttle 17
ModernLove 17
PattyKates 15

And the 59 Cannonballers who wrote between one and twelve reviews, listed alphabetically
Elora D
Fabius Maximus
Gord Reid
Jayne Fury
KM Bezner
Lorst Vegas
Red Panda Kitty

*If you have different numbers from CBR8, please get in touch with me. Don’t forget, you still have to update your own total!

There’s still a little more time to register for Cannonball Read 9, so join us, won’t you? Whether you read a lot or a little, you are most welcome in our corner of the internet. You can also help Cannonball Read’s fundraising efforts by clicking, our Amazon affiliate link, any time you go to shop on Amazon. Then a percentage of your purchase is donated to CBR, with no extra cost to you. The more visits you make to the blog, the more ad revenue we generate too. So stop on over, and help us stick it to cancer, one book at a time.


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