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Welcome to Our Lost Recaps Archive

What do we want from a story? How do we experience them? A story is infinitely more than a series of narrative points strung together in order; if it weren't, there would be no difference between reading Romeo and Juliet...

"Lost" tends to have really strong penultimate episodes each season, in part because the show's natural ups and downs are best suited to the set-up, with the characters at their lowest, and the conclusion, as they band together to fight...

There's a feeling you get toward the end of a book, when major truths are being revealed and things are changing and the full picture is starting to be filled in. It's a bit disorienting, mainly because you've gone for...

Say this for "Lost": They really know how to bring the heat as the season -- or in this case, entire series -- winds down. Part of this is because the show's final three seasons feel much better plotted than...

"The Last Recruit" was the third straight episode of "Lost" to keep adding fuel to the fire, which just goes to show you how much I disliked the episode a few weeks back that was all about Jin and Sun....

Things are definitely cooking now. There are only a handful of episodes left now before "Lost" calls it quits, and the fact that this week's "Everybody Loves Hugo" (a twist on the second season's "Everybody Hates Hugo") was a strong...

This -- this -- is what I'm talking about. This week's "Lost," titled "Happily Ever After," was another one of the head-benders that opens up new avenues for stories and brings us one step closer to an understanding of the...

If nothing else, "Lost" has been reliable these past few weeks in alternating stronger and weaker episodes, and this week's "The Package" was the letdown after the compelling "Ab Aeterno." Part of it's because it was a Sun-and-Jin episode, and...

"Ab Aeterno" is one of the better episodes of this season of "Lost" for several reasons, chief among them that this show genuinely enjoys getting caught up in its own complicated backstory. At times, yes, the episode felt like a...

On "Lost," especially this season, there are episodes that act as stops on the journey and those that act as the path. "Recon" was the latter, a strictly transitional episode that didn't do much to forward the plot or, more...

Okay so I need to just say right here at the top that I didn't hate the Nikki and Paulo episode (Season Three's "Exposé") nearly as much as everyone else did, and in fact I kind of liked it. At...

It's weird to think that last night's "Lost" -- "Sundown" -- is the sixth hour of the season, and there are only I think 18 total. That means that we're one-third through with the final season, and as a result,...

This week's "Lost," entitled "Lighthouse," was about as solid as a transitional episode could be for this final season. Every episode will likely provide answers or clues about major mysteries (actually, every episode has answers, it's just that they raise...

Last week's "What Kate Did" was a decent enough episode that seemed to exist mainly for the final reveal that Claire is the new Rousseau or whatever, but last night's "The Substitute" was markedly better for several reasons. For one,...

I'd hoped going into this episode that the title -- "What Kate Does" -- would mean that we'd get to explore something different in Kate's past in the non-crash timeline, since the second season's "What Kate Did" was all about...

I've been thinking a lot about "Lost" since the previous season ended and this one began, mainly in terms of the types of questions the show raises and the ones that fans ask of the series. When I talk with...

Tonight is the season premiere of the sixth and final season of "Lost." I've had a great time writing weekly recaps of the show for its fourth and fifth seasons, and I'm looking forward to going out with a bang...

No sense wasting time. This is a long one, and a big episode. Let's get right back into it. The first half of the episode ended with Ben reconsidering the life he'd given serving Jacob, and Jack and Sawyer preparing...

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