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Welcome to Our Boozehound Cinephile Archive

Before discussing our film today, let me plug my big radio debut this weekend. This Saturday at 5:03 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, I'll be interviewed by "Magic" Matt Alan of Outlaw Radio (, who enjoyed the Boozehound review of Beautiful...

Pop Culture Item Consumed: Internal Affairs, a nasty little suspense thriller from 1990 featuring Richard Gere in a rare villain role as a highly decorated but deeply corrupt cop. A fresh-faced Andy Garcia plays the Internal Affairs officer investigating Gere's...

Pop Culture Item Consumed: Backdraft and Ladder 49. Why would I do such a thing? As I hurriedly turned the channel one night to avoid being turned to stone by aggressively offensive I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, it...

Over the course of the years, I've converted my lair/lounge/superfortress into an Eden of boozing and film-watching. Regardless of whose fault it is, mine or Hollywood's, I've also come to enjoy fewer and fewer new film releases each year. As...

Pop Culture Item Consumed: Thanks to Prisco for today's column idea, focusing on a small film that holds a special place in my boozy heart. 2002's Igby Goes Down stars Kieran Culkin as the disconnected second son of a wealthy...

Pop Culture Item Consumed: Indiscreet, the brilliant Cary Grant-Ingrid Bergman comic romance directed by Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain, Arabesque). Indiscreet, released in 1958, features one of the most beautifully mature movie star pairings imaginable: 55-year-old Cary Grant, entering...

We're deviating slightly from form today to discuss a question of little practical value but of some esoteric interest to film enthusiasts: Tom Cruise's legacy. Cruise has carved out a unique place for himself in cinema, a mega-star niche in...

"During only one movie has the onscreen tippling been so inspiring that I actually stopped the DVD, made myself a really stiff drink (something with bourbon, I believe) AND had a smoke. Then I resumed watching, bourbon beverage in hand....

Pop Culture Item Consumed: The Lighthorsemen, a 1987 film about the Australian mounted infantry in World War I, dramatizing one of the last significant military charges, if not the last such charge, conducted on horseback. Anyone who loves movies has...

Not to Change the Past, But to Enlarge the Future I've Loved You So Long: Boozehound Cinephile / Ted Boynton...

Two Fingers of Macallan, Neat; Hold the Scat Fetish Salo (120 Days of Sodom): Boozehound Cinephile / Ted Boynton...

Conversation and Hennessy Beautiful Girls: Boozehound Cinephile / Ted Boynton...

I Hope There's a Good Movie on This Flight Executive Decision: Boozehound Cinephile / Ted Boynton...

I Don't Need Your Daddy Telling Us What We Should Do No Looking Back : Boozehound Cinephile / Ted Boynton...

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