The 30 Most Rewatchable Movies of the Modern Era (Page 2)

There are great films — classics and Oscar winners — and then there are the movies you watch the most, and the two don’t necessarily mix. Great award-winning films have complex themes, dense plots, fully-realized characters, and stellar performances. The best rewatchable movies tend to be simple comedies or action films, light on message and heavy on satisfaction. Subversion and originality is generally eschewed in favor of formula and comfort.

These movies are our friends during hangovers, after bad days, or break ups. Often, they act as simple mood picker-uppers. They are the films we own on DVD, and yet, the same films we will watch edited for TV, even though our unspoiled copies sit on the shelf next to that television. Some of them fared well at the box office, many of them did not. Many contain actors we once loved, but no longer care for. They are our comfort movies. Our pals on a Saturday afternoon or our companions on a snowy Friday night with a bottle of wine. Great movies come and go, but these are the movies we always return to, like a lover we can never quite get out of our system.

Here are the 30 Most Rewatchable Movies of the Modern Era as suggested by our own readership.

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15. Stand By Me

14. Dirty Dancing

13. Groundhog Day

12. Happy Gilmore

11. Tommy Boy

10. Shaun of the Dead

9. The Breakfast Club

8. The Big Lebowski

7. Raiders of the Lost Ark

6. Office Space

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

4. Back to the Future

3. Ghostbusters

2. Die Hard

1. The Princess Bride

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