The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A Celebration of the Coolest, Sexiest Celebrities on the Planet (Page 1)
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The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A Celebration of the Coolest, Sexiest Celebrities on the Planet

By Pajiba Staff | Guides | July 31, 2012 | Comments ()


Welcome to the Sixth Annual Pajiba 10, a celebration of the coolest, sexiest, neatest celebrities in Hollywood (and the United Kingdom, clearly). For those of you who don't know how this works, the selection of who and who does not make the Pajiba 10 is made entirely by our readers. While we write the blurbs and compile the art, our illustrious Eloquents put a lot of thought and effort into the five people they would bang if given an opportunity, nuptials, promise rings, and virginity pledges be damned. We simply tabulate the votes and spend a lot of very hard hours searching the Internet for images to best represent the choices. You should probably also know that, once a member has been selected to the Pajiba 10 three times, they are retired and hung on the corkboards of our hearts permanently. If you don't see your favorite among this year's 10, just tell yourself that they were probably retired.

In this year's Pajiba 10, we have several new entrants, a new number one, and quite a bit of Avengers-inspired love. We've decked the place out with more images this year, and as a result, we've expanded the Pajiba 10 to two pages. Numbers 10 through six are below, and if you want to see the top five, you can click on this link (there's another link at the bottom of the page).

As always, enjoy, and please, tell all your friends, except the ones that suck!

10. Jeremy Renner -- Jeremy Renner, who makes his debut on the Pajiba 10 this year, has been around for much longer than most people know, dating back to a role in Angel, the lead in a Jeffrey Dahmer biopic and as Doyle in 28 Weeks Later. He first caught my eye in the brilliant but cancelled show, The Unusuals, one of the few network cop shows in recent years that was watchable. Of course, he shot into the mainstream with the lowest-grossing Oscar winner of all time, The Hurt Locker, took it to the next level in The Town, and then splattered all over our pop-culture conscience in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and as Hawkeye in The Avengers. Now he's set next week to take over the Bourne franchise, making him the franchisiest actor of the year. But what's so great about Jeremy Renner? How about pure ability, the fact that he can play bad ass and winsome. There's something gleeful and joyous about him in real life that he's not telling us. Those arms don't hurt, either. -- TK





9. Donald Glover -- He's chiseled like a track star, but that's just the icing (chocolate, if you will). It's the grin that catches you from across the room, lips exploding from within, all teeth and unbridled joy. Genuine emotion in an ironic age, he can mouth the somber words and go through the dramatic motions, but he's apt to laugh at himself before the thought finishes. He'll do a chicken dance or prance like a madman, but he's the jester not the trickster. The laughs tumble out with warmth not sharpness, love not cruelty. But he's neither simpleton nor fool; he's just himself through and through. He's not a brooding hero and he doesn't dwell on the darkness, not because he's naïve but because the laughter will drive it out. He'll scoop you up in powerful arms, dip you low, kiss you slowly, and stare deep into your eyes. And then he'll whisper something that makes you laugh so hard you cry. -- Steven Lloyd Wilson





8. Chris Hemsworth -- Known in his native Australia for a run on the popular soap Home and Away, we poor statesiders didn't get a good look at Chris Hemsworth until the actor played a baby-faced, twinkly-eyed George Kirk in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Some may not have paid attention until he laid on the extra muscle to play the the title role in Thor, but once we all got a good look, we were hooked. My initial instinct to ignore beefy, bulked up hunks was quickly set aside; there is a down-to-earth, nice-guy disposition that shines right through those piercing baby blues. Hemsworth has already proven he's not just another pretty Norse god; he's a damned good actor with great comic timing, and enough chemistry on his own to make up for what Natalie Portman or Kristen Stewart may lack (and they do). His affable charm made us root for Hemsworth's anti-cookie-cutter Curt to live (Cabin in the Woods), and we thrilled to his righteous brother act against Tom Hiddleston's misguided Loki (The Avengers). Clearly we're not the only ones who've noticed him (dammit!). While we've been drooling over those giant arms carrying around his newborn babe, Hemsworth filmed Rush with Ron Howard, and word on the street is, Spielberg wants him to star in Robopocalypse. Go ahead, you fancy director men, put him in your big name films. Me, I'll be in my bunk working out my version of Thor: The Dark and Dirty World. -- Cindy Davis





7. Jennifer Lawrence -- I think it's fair to state that, for everyone else on this list, there is a tangible quality or a few qualities that make them fit for inclusion. In the case of Jennifer Lawrence, however, there is not merely one or two obvious traits that stand out and make her so worthy. She is indefinable. She is so much, without being too much. She is unassuming, without the slightest hint of timidity. She does not bowl you over; she does not knock you down. She's more subtle than that. Because Jennifer Lawrence, like Katniss Everdeen herself, is not simply your standard beauty, though she is empirically lovely. She is not merely talented, though she has Oscar-caliber skill to spare. She doesn't need to be saved, but, gosh, it was sure nice of you to try. She's tough, without any danger of being fetishized as the ass-kicking hot girl. She's not in any danger of being fetishized at all. She's not here to turn you on, to be your hero, to make you like her, though she is fully capable of doing all these things. And, while you're trying to figure out just what it is about this girl, she's already got you hooked. And therein lies her definition. -- Courtney Enlow





6. Idris Elba -- Elba slouched into the American consciousness in 2002 as Stringer Bell on HBO's The Wire. And for all the magnetism and sexuality that oozed out of him in solid Baltimorean tones, it wasn't until his gruff and tender turn on BBC's Luther that I truly sat up and took notice. Maybe it was his naturally luscious East London accent or the incendiary screen chemistry he shared with his co-star Ruth Wilson, but Elba's take on the slightly rumpled and morally complex hero launched him right to the top of my list. And there he shall stay because he can do no wrong. The man looks elegant as Bond in a tux, sexy as a young Brando with his shirt off and can pull off even the most preposterous costume (ahem, Thor) with aplomb. Not even the sight of "DJ Big Driis" busting out some classic Boyz II Men moves in a frayed denim vest is enough to throw cold water on my ardor. He's a tall drink of Scotch whose dramatic chops are as impressive as his self-effacing sense of humor. He deserves more than he's been given so far. Here's hoping he takes it. -- Joanna Robinson






Here's 5 -1 of the Pajiba 10

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  • nice pics...thanks a lot for stuff which sounds really good

  • PerpetualIntern

    I watched the whole first season of Sherlock today and NOW I GET IT!!

  • kirbyjay

    OK people, leave Mila alone. How do you know that your friends don't like your significant other? Let's just call it a love her, hate him and get on with our day.

  • kirbyjay

    I'm totally on board even though I don't know what a Cumberbatch or a Hiddleston is.

  • Protoguy

    A bit too "who's hot now" and not enough "Cool and sexy".

  • WheresMrCookiepants?

    Any chance you could tell us the top 20? Did all the ladies fall into 11-20?

  • Abbey Road

    Every time I see a picture of Tom Hiddleston I automatically think "Shoot, I really oughta schedule that dentist appt." I only just now realized this correlation.

  • He has amazing teeth, doesn't he? As a straight guy, he's still blindingly attractive.

  • Arjuna

    Great list...I approve on every single choice (WOW!), that's got to be a first. Thanks for the photos of Jennifer Lawrence as my crush on this goddess grows stronger everyday.

  • ApocalypseCow

    There is noticeable dearth of Kristens, Bell and Wiig come to mind? J-Law seems like a fun, charming girl but she'slatino on the nubile end of the spectrum and is all dead in the eyes. Where is Alison Brie? And Jon Hamm surpasses Jeremy Renner for looks, talent and personality combined. I dare say this list is poorly compiled, and somewhat sexistly justified. Thank you for the Emma Stone shower gif. I love that for reasons.

  • Kirstini

    Alison Brie and Jon Hamm are already in the Hall of Fame.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Is the voting thread totally deleted? I'm only getting a 404 when I try to go back there. I understand closing comments but deleting it seems kinda unnecessary.

    Especially since I'm incredibly indecisive and I needed to go back and see who made the final cut of my list. As it is, I think only 2 of my 10 made it on here, and I'm a little sniffly about it.

  • Kate at June

    Yeah, weird. I can't find it either.

  • Wicked

    Jeremy Renner - I remember him playing a surfer idiot in National Lampoon's Senior Trip(1995). :3

  • TheAggroCraig

    I'm just thrilled to see that someone other than me watched The Unusuals.

  • kirbyjay

    I watched each ep twice, all 10 of them. Loved that show

  • TheEmpress

    I'm seriously underwhelmed by the men on this list. But at least you got the women right!

  • Groovy Violet

    I was underwhelmed by the men on the list too. With possible exception of Hemsorth because he's a giant, I wouldnt look twice at any of these guys on the street. Shit, there are hotter men in my office. The women were all beautiful though.

  • BAM

    I call BULLSH*T on this year's list. Only 3 chicks, 1 of which has now been Kutcherfied and 1 who is nothing special. (Stone deserves a spot here, but not #1). Pajiba, I'm so disappointed.

  • Strand

    Still not sold on Renner. I like the guy, it's just everything I've seen him in he's playing some variation of soldier or secret agent.

  • PerpetualIntern

    This list just made my day. The description of Donald Glover is perfection.

  • Bedewcrock

    and it rhymes!

  • maxpurr

    well you got renner on there, so i can't be too mad at you. i'm loving him so hard right now--that first picture actually took my breath away.

  • maxpurr

    and look at his body in that last picture. damn!

  • Colleeeeeeeen

    Fassy, Hiddles, CUMBERBATCH! (his name always has to be in caps since it's the best name ever.) I'm glad to see my trifecta made it!

  • ruby

    Or you could go with saying all four of his names in all caps?

  • Colleeeeeeeen

    Oh yes, I don't usually leave off the BENEDICT since it's part of the majesty of his name but I needed the brevity to fit in with my sentence. :) I should add his middle names from now on though and make people laugh even more than they already do when I say it my full volume, monotone British accent.

  • I still fail to see the appeal of Emma Stone. She is cute, and funny. But not sexy. More like a little sister. Someone to make fun of weird relatives on holidays with. Mila is dead to me now. And not much appeal in the first place. A little scrawny thing.

    How about some women? Grown up, curvy women.

  • Re Emma Stone. Deny.

    Super hot.

  • See, I don't feel it. Just too damn young. And skinny.

  • stump

    Mila seems like the type of girl absolutely no one would like in real life.

  • Hmmm...until she went back to Kutcher...I think she would be ok in real life. Not really much sex appeal to me, but might be fun to hang with.

  • Uriah_Creep

    MOAR LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8/10. Aweeee yeah. Consider my lions moistenened.

  • stardust


    That was my ovaries exploding. I love that Hiddleston topped Hemsworth and Cumberbatch. Because he's dreamier.

  • pepper

    way dreamier. and he can (and should) top anyone he wants, except for the Fassy.

  • Bedewcrock

    i'm just really interested in all this topping.

  • Pnnylne

    Also, where is Peter Dinklage?

  • Pnnylne

    I know I'm gonna get it for this one. I can't with Donald Glover. I've tried. Outside of Community, meh.

  • Pnnylne

    I take the above comment back. I've seen Wierdo and I'll admit I giggled. I still think Glover is grossly overrated though.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is not fucking boring.

    And yeah, the list contains too much penis.

  • Alex Kuhn

    Chris Hemsworth DID NOT PLAY CAPTAIN KIRK.

    That was Chris Pine. Eually swoon-worthy, but not the same person.

  • Um. They said he played George Kirk, as in father of Captain Kirk. Breathe!

  • Alex Kuhn

    Oh thank goodness! I misread and started to short circuit.

    Carry on, then!

  • Alex Kuhn


    I can't believe you missed this glaring error!

  • Danielle Pudding

    You can wrap for me the 3 Brits (even though Fassy is Irish/German) and the Donglover, thank you very much. You can keep the rest.

  • Devlin

    All hail the PAJIBA 10!. I love this list....particularly the inclusion of Jennifer Lawrence (who, I started crushing on after watching her amazing performance in Winter's Bone,) talented, so funny and cool and all wrapped up in that gorgeous figure with those BEAUTIFUL eyes. Michael Fassbender, oozes cool and, again, so talented (PLEASE keep the beard...I like you scruffy), Chris Hemsworth...his shirtless pic, with the jeans and no underwear...yeah, that's lovely. Jeremy's the puppy dog eyes that I love and, I've been a fan since The Assassination of Jesse James.

  • lonolove

    This list is spot on, with the exception of #10, Mr. Jeremy Renner. That blindsided me. How did I miss people singing his praises in the comments sections? Surely there are more deserving people? People that don't suffer from Fetal-Face syndrome... (Not to be confused with baby faced. Gary Sinise and Dave Matthews also exhibit faces that resemble babies and/or fetuses.)

  • John W

    Other than the dearth of females can't really argue with the list.

  • Bert_McGurt

    In fact, I think you've all missed what could very well be the FIRST appearance of Renner, well back in the olden days of '95 or so, on the god-awful (but strangely watchable) I'm-assuming-direct-to-video masterpiece National Lampoon's Senior Trip as Dags, the stoner attempting to seduce the hot, brainy girl on the class trip to Washington, DC. Also starring Max Headroom himself, Matt Frewer as the uptight school principal and Tommy Chong (the other stoner) as Red, the bus driver that takes horse tranquilizers. Oh, and I can't forget Kevin MacDonald of Kids in the Hall fame (and who apparently goes to the same concerts I do...) as the psycho crossing guard obsessed with Star Trek who chases Dags all the way to the capital alongside a blow-up doll dressed (and adressed) as Uhura.

    Welp, that concludes the first entry of "90's Movies Bert Knows Alarmingly Too Much About". Stay tuned for next week's entry, Hackers.

  • A. Smith

    I remember watching that as a kid and first glance at Renner I thought he was Cameron Diaz's brother.

  • I thought I was the only one who saw that movie. But have you seen his take on Dahmer? Could never watch Senior Trip again after that...

  • Bert_McGurt

    I have not. I suspect that would put a very uncomfortable spin on his relationship with the nerdy AV club dude.

  • tmoney

    I saw that movie on a a boy's basement...when I was in 8th grade...he got to second base. I'm not embarrassed.

  • melissa82

    Yay! Can't wait for next week!

  • DominaNefret

    That second picture of Hemsworth is SO Heath Ledger. It is eerie.

  • KatSings

    I have been saying this for AGES. There's so much reminiscent of Heath in Chris. Which I love.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    It is so rare that I totally agree with everything on any list, but I totally agree with this...all of it. Off to take a cold shower!

  • GwenBear

    While I LOVE this list, I'm going to agree with what some people have said below - I'd really like to see a five and five men and women list. This just doesn't seem right somehow.

    Also, way too many pasty-skinned people on this list. Granted, I know I voted for many of them, but if all these people were lined up outside, most of them would reflect the sun.

  • KatSings

    Actually, we pasty people don't reflect - the sun passes through us like we are transparent. This is how we burn faster than you people with melanin in your skin - the sun burns faster and more thoroughly when it passes through your whole body instead of just warming the surface. *The More You Know*

  • GwenBear

    Oh I'm pasty as hell, and I burn in approximately 2.3 minutes of unprotected sun exposure. I do kind of reflect though - obviously not actually (see burning) but I tend to glow in the sun. Must be a different brand of pasty.

  • Kate at June

    Mmmm Elba and Hemsworth. Glad two of my boys made the cut.

  • I know Pajiba is skewing (more) female and younger lately, but there are only 3 women here and the oldest one is 28. We voted for 5 and 5, why isn't that the way the list came down?

  • Milly

    Down to the number of votes for each individual person. There may be a greater correlation between the men being voted for, versus the breadth of women that had been suggested. If ten lists contained the same 5 men, then each man would have 10 points, but if there was a greater variety of women then their total votes would reduce.
    You can use these statistics in another way to say that there is limited choice to hot men but an increasing variety to the breadth of attractive women.

  • KatSings

    I actually had an easier time coming up with my ladies list than the men. And have a list almost as long as the original of alternates for that one. I don't know if this says something about the women people are ignoring, or about me...

  • valerie

    Agreed! I find it kinda disturbing there's no ladies over 28, and this is coming from a 25 yr old. I will concede that several have been all starred or hall of famed, whatever, but there's gotta be more out ain't all Rachel Weisz' job.

  • Kate at June

    Not everyone did dual lists, is my guess. It was never an official rule of list making, just encouraged as more of us couldn't keep our minds off our own sex over time. I did have trouble filling out my 5 lady freebies, I admit. Two were initially blank.

  • Skyler Durden cannot log in

    What is this SAS commercial of which you speak? Link no worky DON'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS.

  • I'm in a giving mood today:

  • mona_sterling

    Fassbender exists solely as my numbers 1-5, and even I must agree that this commercial does nothing for me. That GIF included in the post, though? Consider the panties melted.

  • Skyler Durden

    OMG ewwwwwwwwww. So young, so skinny! So hairless! I wish I could unsee that.

  • bizzybzz

    I was so excited to click on this story because I thought for sure I would have some Tom Hardy pics to ogle! Today has been a very disappointing day . . . .

  • scooter

    I feel your pain...I was so excited to see some hot pics of his luscious lips, but found none.

  • e jerry powell

    Jeremy Renner is a former-reality-tv-star douchenozzle.

  • superasente

    I guess Pajiba does rhyme with "vagina."

  • BarbadoSlim

    Hemsworth's sad involvement in a certain film will forever exclude him from any of my coolest "anything list"

  • Snow White? Aww, are you also sad that RPattz and Kristin broke up?


  • E-Money

    The brothers Hemsworth do nothing for me. Otherwise, a sexy a list as ever I've seen.

  • We don't talk about the Lesser Hemsworth in here. This is a happy place.

  • I am trib, and I approve of this list.

    Especially no's 10, 7, 5, 4, 3 and 1.

    Brought to you by an especially cold Canberra morning.

  • AudioSuede

    Also, we couldn't get Ewan McGregor on here again? That would have satisfied the ladies AND the guys.

  • I did my best but I am only one woman. Why in the how come is he not in the hall of fame?

  • AudioSuede

    I love how each woman has to be qualified so harshly. "Clearly, she's not here because of her looks." "She didn't have the best year professionally." "She only has one or two discernible traits that make her attractive."

    I'll just say it: The three women included on this list range from cute to hot. Talent is gravy.

  • Alwyn

    I actually cannot handle my crush on Donald Glover right now. I saw him in concert the other night and my heart still aches.

  • There'll Be Pancakes

    If I man DOESN'T say that he would step over my dying body to get a shot at Emma Stone, I'm leaving him.

    How much I adore her goes beyond jealousy. Like, she is so charming and genuine and fun and gorgeous that she's so far out of my league, it's not even a competition. So I am free to love her more than I love most men. What a rad chick.

    Otherside, it's a rare year for me. Not many of the 10 moistened my lion

  • valerie

    I completely get it. I read her Vogue interview at a salon and was swooning. It says she lives in New York City and I'm scared I'll run into her one day and be That person that instantly creeps you out by asking you to be their best friend...But EMMA!!! We WOULD be Best Friends!!!! ...she's that likable.

  • Bedewcrock

    *Easy A's Pocket Full of Sunshine bit

  • jM

    Just get me alone in a room with Donald Glover and a bottle of No-No juice. I WILL HANDLE THE REST.

    ("The rest" is his penis.)

  • Anna von Beav

    He has literally the best smile ever. Because you can tell he *means it*.

  • The Pink Hulk

    Fassbender and Cumberbatch? I just don't get it.

    I guess there's no Pajiba Love for anyone who isn't rail thin.

  • THIS. Give me some boys with some actual meat on them.

  • Except for Cumberbatch. His face looks like melted wax and he creeps me the fuck out.

  • Whoa. I've never agreed with a Pajiba 10 so much.

    I'm so happy Hemsworth is happening. I love it. And him. I want to climb him like a monkey up a candy tree.

  • Nice job on the guys. But Jennifer Lawrence does nothing for me. And while Mila Kunis and Emma Stone are nice, I'm almost over saturated with them. Stone is in everything, doing the cute sarcastic thing. Kunis is in every other slightly raunchy romcom who plays second fiddle as the girlfriend/object of desire.

  • Arran

    You underestimate the sheer power the cute sarcastic thing has on geek-types.

  • "You underestimate the sheer power the cute sarcastic thing has on geek-types."

    This. Times ALL THE NUMBERS,

  • Brown

    I know women don't do well in these polls here, but this is the worst group of women yet.

  • BWeaves

    It's amazing how unphotogenic half the men are. You really need to see them in action (i.e. the Cumberbatch gif).

  • James West

    Whoa, whoa, whoa... no Tom Hardy? But he was rapping... with a baby!

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    I agree. When Pajiba is in ashes, I give you permission to reconsider this list.

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