'SNL' Finally Reveals Who Is Under Steve Bannon's Grim Reaper Mask

Dustin Rowles | Saturday Night Live | January 13, 2018

The Sam Rockwell hosted SNL kicks off with a fairly fun Morning Joe cold open, and in a case where Twitter ends up casting SNL, they fetched Fred Armisen to play Michael Wollff, per the Internet’s suggestion. He’s perfect: “Even the stuff [in the book] that’s not true? It’s true.” Basically.

Steve Bannon also appears in his Grim Reaper get-up, pulls it off, and viola: It’s Bill motherf—ing Murray.

It is funny? SHUT UP. DOES IT MATTER? It’s Bill Murray. We finally know who has been under the Grim Reaper mask all this time (I am imagining that it was always Murray). Bannon, far from dead, is already working on his next campaign: Logan Paul 2020!

Oprah (Leslie Jones) also shows up and yells Oprah a couple of times because SNL wants to squeeze all the week’s political headlines into the Cold Open. Well played.

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