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Woman Breaks Up Planned Parenthood Protest By Chanting 'Yeast Infection'

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | October 27, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Social Media | October 27, 2015 |

Please don’t turn out to be fake. Please don’t turn out to be fake. Please don’t turn out to be fake.

And with that hopeful chant, let’s move to another. Specifically the one said said by Mary Numair outside of a Portland, OR Planned Parenthood on Sunday. Numair had gotten really tired of the protesters just outside of her office, and tried to approach them to clarify a few things about Planned Parenthood and their services. Specifically that only a small portion of the services Planned Parenthood provides are abortions. Like a really small percentage. But like many people before her, including Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richardson testifying in front of Congress (autoplay video warning), these protesters didn’t want to hear Numair’s arguments based on “facts” and “statistics.”

So Numair used a slightly new tactic. Instead of telling the protesters what kinds of services she personally had received at Planned Parenthood, she began shouting it at them.

Yep. Like a lot of women, Numair was treated at a Planned Parenthood in her early 20’s not for a growing fetus insider her, but an overgrowing yeast infection. And while the protesters felt totally cool with shouting at women about what they should be doing with their bodies, they were not cool with hearing about what actually happens inside women’s bodies. After they realized they’d be unable to move far enough away from Numair, the protest broke up.

One particularly hysterical tidbit includes Numair’s interaction with one of the protesters who almost, almost interacted with her.

“One woman turned around during their prayer to shake her head at me, to which I responded: ‘OMG do you have a yeast infection? I know who can help you!’ She covered her kid’s ears,” she said.

She covered her kid’s ears.

Because signs displaying fetus parts, shouts that the women visiting Planned Parenthood are going to hell, and chants of “babykiller” and “whore,” those are totally cool for a child to witness. But talking about the medical and physiological facts of having a vagina? That’s just offensive.

Via: Buzzfeed