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Twitter Users Ponder Which On-Screen Pairing Had the Best Chemistry

By Petr Knava | Social Media | February 18, 2021 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | February 18, 2021 |


On-screen chemistry is just the most magical, vital thing. You can have the world’s most impressive script, the finest talent behind the camera, and the most captivating performers available working on your film—but if the latter don’t have that magical spark between them, you risk reducing the entire project to a soggy sponge. Chemistry. Such a powerful, ineffable thing. It’s a cliche to say you either have it or you don’t, but I think that’s near enough the truth to warrant its use. You can’t start a fire with the wrong ingredients. But when those sparks do fly, it’s majestic.

Sometimes it seems to me as if that potent, electric chemistry that cinema was build on is slowly being drained out of mainstream movies. I’m not here to moan about that, though. Not today. In fact I’m gonna use one counterexample! Netflix’s The Old Guard is a film that a lot of people liked, but one which I personally didn’t care much for. The action was technically well choreographed to some degree, but it felt weightless and toothless—a pale imitation of the John Wicks and Atomic Blonds that came before it. The less said about its woke imperialism angle the better. And the characters were flat and unengaging to me—except, that is, for one exception:

Marwan Kenzari’s Joe and Luca Marinelli’s Nicky eternal lovers had genuinely great chemistry. It crackled and felt real and it jumped right out of the rest of the 2D landscape of that film to me.

That tweet there was in response to a prompt that I want to explore more of here. It’s writer Brooke Obie asking the very important question:

Here are some of the best, most sizzling responses:

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