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Twitter Users Ponder 'TV Couples That Made No Sense Whatsoever'

By Petr Knava | Social Media | May 20, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | May 20, 2020 |


Fiction is absolutely chock-full of contrived, half-baked romances that make no sense. Couples who seem to rub together about as well as nails and a blackboard. Pairings you look at and think, ‘No, see, I know both of those people, and I do not see how that’s meant to work.’ A lot of the time that’s simply down to bad writing and poor charactersiation. But then again, you see those kinds of couples in real life too. So, who knows? I saw a Twitter exchange the other day that touched on this. This was the initial tweet:

That tweet did get a significantly popular rejoinder which I can’t possibly comment on as I didn’t see enough of The Good Place to be familiar with the development mentioned within:

It did however also bring up a fair few interesting examples in response. I don’t watch enough TV, so I am unfamiliar with the vast majority of them, but the few that I did recognise I did agree with (Jane and Rafael; Annie and Jeff—though mostly I think that’s unfortunately just a bit of a gross relationship rather than one that doesn’t make sense. Also, Community S1-3 is still perfection). Here are some of the TV couples that Twitter thought made no sense. Just, you know, be warned: Due to the nature of this list there might be some spoilers relative to your viewing history.

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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