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Twitter Users Ponder Their Weird, Hyperspecific Celebrity Crushes, and Pajiba Has to Say: What the Hell Do You Mean 'Weird'??

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 7, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 7, 2020 |


It all started when writer Dana Schwartz pulled up on the corner of Thirsty and Esoteric. Grabbing her soap box and jumping up onto it she posed the question:

And for the most part, yes, the answers that came shooting back can quite comfortably fit into the ‘hyperspecific’ and/or ‘weird’ categories:

Then a clue came that things were about to take a turn into some odd territory, courtesy of Obvious Child star Jake Lacey, and perennial Pajiba favourite, Bill Hader:

And then the wheels just came off and the machine careered down the slope hell bent for leather into How In The Holy Hell Is This Weird?! territory:

(Fun fact no.1 : I’ve been meaning to write a Lucky Number Slevin appreciation post for years, but I’ve never gotten round to it because I’m the worst. Fun fact no.2: Despite fun fact no.1, an even funner fact is that Josh Hartnett isn’t a real person.)

But back to the list of crushes.

Have these people ever even read a Pajiba 10?!


Oh Diedrich, you cheeky scamp.

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