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Twitter Users Ponder the Best Films That Take Place Within 24 Hours

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | July 13, 2022 |

By Petr Navovy | Social Media | July 13, 2022 |


Way back it the mists of time, I wrote about some of my favourite films that take place over the course of one night. I’ve wanted to write a similar piece a number of times since then, covering other films that take place over a condensed period of time. There’s just something magical about it to me. Something irresistible about the heightened stakes and emotional immediacy that the format seems to lend itself particularly well to. Now don’t get me wrong; I love a big, sprawling, epoch-spanning epic as much as the next guy. I adore Boyhood. A lot. But sometimes you just need those pressurised thrills/chills/existential wanderings. Twitter had these on its mind recently when it pondered the best films that take place within 24 hours. Here’s the original prompt (from an account that does a hell of a lot of them):

Reading it, I was reminded of Frédéric Jardin’s film, Nuit blanche, which I caught recently and would recommend to anyone who fancies the ‘guy caught up in the ever-tightening web of his rapidly collapsing criminal schemes’ style of film. I was also reminded of the complete and utter brilliance of Michael Mann’s Collateral. But, well, here were some of Twitter’s ideas:

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