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Twitter Reacts To "Open The Economy" Protests

By Kristy Puchko | Social Media | April 20, 2020 |

By Kristy Puchko | Social Media | April 20, 2020 |


The pandemic has driven Americans into the streets to protest. However, they are not protesting a federal government that has caused life-threatening delays in a response. They are protesting state governments that are requesting people stay home to help cut down on the spread of COVID-19, which could overwhelm the healthcare system causing a spike in death rates.

A bone-headed protest in Denver, Colorado, got a lot of attention because of a showdown between a caterwauling protester and a masked man in scrubs that Twitter users have described as a nurse. Hanging out of a pick-up truck window, she held a sign that read, “LAND FREE,” while yelling at the nurse to “Go back to China.” The nurse stood, blocking the path of the driving protest with a quiet dignity as the horns of the moron parade blared. He was backed by another healthcare worker, who was also dressed in green scrubs and a face mask.

Not everyone was Team Healthcare Workers.

There have been other protests too, just as stupid.

It’s easy to roll our eyes at these “open the economy” protesters. We might think, ‘Fine. Expose yourself to the deadly virus, dummy.’ But it’s not just their own health and lives they are putting at risk. By flagrantly ignoring the advice of health experts, these protesters will spread the disease to their family, friends, fellow protesters, and anyone they refuse to give the respect of social distance. They are all potential Typhoid Marys. They could get people killed because COVID-19 doesn’t care about your politics or your faith. Disease is not a meritocracy.

To that end, others have begged those protesting or considering breaking quarantine to remember those who have died already. Among them is five-year-old Skylar Herbert, the daughter of two first responders in Michigan. She is the first child to die of Coronavirus-related causes in the state.

But hey, Karen needs a haircut.

Kristy Puchko is the film editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.

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