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The 'Parks and Recreation' Intro Deepfaked so that Everyone is Ron Makes Me Forget All the Annoying Parts of the Show

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 17, 2020 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | April 17, 2020 |


Parks and Recreation was a lovely, heartwarming, very funny show—for a few seasons. From season two, right up until sort of season four, five? That was good stuff right there. It started to decline pretty quickly in quality after that though, and the myriad of problems with it—outlined deftly in a Dissent Mag piece Ursula linked to in a Pajiba Love a little while back—that had previously been easier to ignore thanks to the top notch writing become, well, un-ignorable. Despite my abiding love for the best of Parks and Rec, Showrunner Mike Schur’s work in general rubs me up the wrong way, what with the avalanche of cloying optimism and ‘belief in humanity, and, by proxy, America’ that always comes with it. Like, Brooklyn Nine-Nine can be pretty funny—Captain Holt remains one of the best new TV characters out there—but there’s something about watching a show about a wacky, harmonious, harmless American police department that just doesn’t sit that well. As for the Good Place? Well, there’s a few scattered chuckles here and there, but it does seem a little bit too in love with itself and its own apparent cleverness. Certainly its placement in this most exalted of rankings left me genuinely baffled. Fair play to you if you like it, but I couldn’t get through season 2. Similarly, Parks and Rec. No way that should be that high.

But anyway. Here’s a fun deepfake, courtesy of DeepFaker, of the Parks and Rec intro, but with Ron Swanson taking on all the roles. The results vary from the hilarious to the disquieting.

Parks and rec intro but everyone is Ron from r/PandR

And here it is on DeepFaker’s Insta:

Seriously, though? A John McCain cameo.

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