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The Mystery of Geedis, the Michael Schoeffling of ‘80s Cartoon Characters

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | June 6, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | June 6, 2019 |


Yesterday, my friend Jason sent me the greatest article I’ve ever read in the history of the internet: Join the Search for Geedis

What is Geedis? Friends, I’m glad you asked. No one really knows or has any record of Geedis.

This Tweet kicked off the entire mystery, in 2017:

Yes, Geedis is some random cartoon character a random man on the internet bought in pin-form.

The plot thickened when it turns out that Geedis was part of a character sheet for “The Land of Ta.”

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SELECT YOUR FIGHTER #thelandofta #geedis #iggy

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There’s also “Women of Ta”

…and that’s where it ends.

Somewhere, someone decided that Geedis was important enough to be made into an enamel pin, and yet there is no trace on all of the internets for what Geedis is or any other information on The Land of Ta.

There are Reddit threads on it, of course, but it’s been two years since the mystery of Geedis was unleashed on the world and nothing. The most recent thread I could find is from this month (June 2019) and yet nothing new has been learned. How is it possible?!

In the age of instant information, how is it that no one has any intel on Geedis, The Land of Ta, any of it?! It’s maddening, and honestly, hard to believe when everything else on the internet gets solved within hours, this mystery can linger for almost 2 years.

So here’s my working theory: parallel universe. Somewhere out there, is a parallel universe where there’s a you, there’s a me, and there’s a Geedis and co — it’s a known entity, brand, and there’s even merchandise. Somehow, inexplicably, there was a brief overlap in these universes, and Geedis enamel pins and a few character sheets that appear to be stickers bled through. It’s a reverse Mandela effect as Jason pointed out. Somehow Geedis and crew bled into our reality, and none of us have any idea how or why they’re here.

I’d love to give you a more mundane explanation of this but there is none. Geedis is just the Michael Schoeffling of our universe—magically appeared in the ’80s, yet no one can find any record of why, in 2019, or any information on the current whereabouts of Geedis. There’s no record of a trademark, and if you don’t believe me, you can Google for yourself—nothing of value comes up with information on the weird, furry character.

Is Geedis Keyser Soze?
Is Geedis the key to understanding the meaning of life?
Why has it only been Geedis that got made into pin form? What about Sybil?

None of these questions have answers for now.

If you have any knowledge on Geedis, the Land of Ta, or even Michael Schoeffling’s whereabouts (although he’s probably a super private person, so maybe hold off on that last one) please share in the comments because this is a mystery I want solved.

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