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The Hottest Rapper In the Game Is A Gospel Legend Named Shirley Caesar

By Brian Richards | Social Media | November 18, 2016 |

By Brian Richards | Social Media | November 18, 2016 |

Thanksgiving is that time of year when family and friends and those wack-ass relatives who get on your very last nerve every time you cross paths but are still considered family come together to give thanks for every good thing they have experienced in their lives. And for many people, all of that comes second to the delicious homemade food they get to devour and enjoy. (The less said about the many #StrugglePlates that appear on social media every year when Thanksgiving comes around, the better).

One person decided to show his or her appreciation for all things Thanksgiving (particularly all things food-related about Thanksgiving) by imagining a scenario in which Grandma is asked what she plans to make for Thanksgiving dinner. And with the help of video footage showing legendary gospel singer Shirley Caesar performing her song “Hold My Mule” at her church (skip to the 5:40 mark)…

…Shirley, in the role of said Grandma, responds with this…

If you didn’t get up from your desk and immediately start doing the Harlem Shake/Running Man/Roger Rabbit/whatever dance move is hot in these streets with the youths right now, you either have a very strict workplace or you have no soul due to losing it as a result of experiencing true happiness in the arms of a Vampire Slayer. Either way, this video inspired others to do their own versions, including one focused on Beyonce…

…as well as another version focused on Black television sitcoms from back in the day, and all of the dance moves they had on display.

And of course, Twitter did its part to show their appreciation…

This soon led to the #UNameItChallenge, in which people submit YouTube videos of their best dance moves over Shirley’s vocals:

(Chris Brown participated in the U Name It Challenge and posted his dance moves on YouTube, but you won’t find a link for it here and he can fuck himself into unconsciousness for all I care.)

Shirley decided to share her thoughts on the #UNameItChallenge when she called in to The Willie Moore Jr. Show…

…and again when she shared her thoughts on camera with TMZ.

So if you suddenly find yourself with a really strong appetite for beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, chicken, turkey, lamb, and hog (and also busting a move more often than usual while having said appetite), you can blame/thank Shirley Caesar and the rest of the Internet for that.

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Brian Richards is a Staff Contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.